Willow’s A Brand New Sissy Phone Sex

sissysiteWILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

You want to be made over. You want to be a brand new creature. I know it and you know it. I can help you accomplish that feat. All you have to do is trust me. Let me take you through the intricate steps necessary to molding you and shaping you into the ultimate sissy.

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Alyssa Says Hello Sissy Phone Sex


ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, ext. 202

Hello Sissy. How are you? I just love seeing you dressed up like a perfect little sissy slut. We can go out and cock tease all night long. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun? I love it. Head to toe, sissy perfection is what you will be. And I will do your nails and have you polished and ready to go.

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Pathetic Pansy Phonesex Sissy Slut Training

Pathetic Pansy Phonesex Sissy Slut Training

Phonesex Sissy Slut Mila
1-844-332-2639 ex 220

This pathetic pansy phonesex sissy slut called me the other day. At first I thought to myself.. “his voice is way to masculine” you know, if he was a real sissy he would not sound like a man. But then it slowly turned into what I had hoped it would. His pitch changed and we were on a roll. It started out calmly enough.. but once he started to sound like a “she” .. I went to town! I found his weakness you know.. I always do.. his weakness was of course cock. Now just for the record, I love cock as much as the rest of the faggots I talk to.. I think that is why they like to tell me about it.. if you have a nice juicy one.. I like to worship it till he cries.. giggle. But, if you are a pathetic sissy slut.. I love to torture your overgrown clit! I love cock and ball torture, or CBT if you will.. tie that flaccid useless excuse for a cocky up with your wife’s shoestring and yank! Better yet.. I love to fuck your little peepee hole with the spike heel of my shoes.. till you thank me for taking time out of my day to show you how insignificant you are!

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Be Like Me Phone Sex

Poor little sissy was born with a tiny little clitty and body hair. Forced to wear yucky boys clothes and be so masculine. Look at me the pretty long haired Princess you long to be like. I know how bad you want to be able to wear a pretty skirt and blouse out in public instead of your jeans and plain ole’ t-shirt.

I know how you fantasize about combing your long flowing hair right before bed, pulling it back in a pretty feminine braid your bangs falling around your face making you look so pretty. Oh how you long to be a real girl, just like Pinocchio longed to be a real boy. I am here to make your fantasies come true dear little sissy.

I will dress you up and teach you how to be a real girl. Just give me a call.

*Divine Laylene*


Give In To It Sissy

Thank You Little Slut Phone Sex Gift Giver

As most of you know I was traveling a lot this week, hence the reason I have not been around. My sweet little whore sent me some Christmas gifts and I thought it would be great to say thank you through a publicly read blog. My sweet little cock slut got me a pretty new apron, so when I am cooking int he kitchen I am not completely naked or messing up my pretty clothes. *hehe* This perfect little whore also bought me a nice little hanging pot rack for above my stove.

It’s so nice to be spoiled like a little Princess. *hehe* Next time I talk to my little slut I will have to make sure my little whore knows just how happy he made me the next time we talk, maybe I will fuck his little pussy extra hard and make him scream for more. *Hehe* I suppose you will have to wait and see what happens to my little fuck toy.

Want to surprise me and pamper me? Just click the little “Wishlist” button below.

*Divine Laylene*


Experience More Of Me

My New Purchase Needs Tested Out Phone Sex Sissy

I went to the adult store the other day with a girlfriend of mine and we picked up some nifty little things. I got a new 10″ strap on and a an 8″ strap on, some bottles of lube, you know the kind that heat up when you blow on them. I also picked up some edible panties.

Now, all I need is some little sissy who is willing to be my little tester. Of course you do, so what I want you to do it put on your sexiest pair of panties and lingerie and come on over, I will take care of the rest. I thought about putting you in a pair of edible panties and feeding you to the…well I am sure you know the saying. Haha

Don’t worry if your still a little sissy virgin I will be gentle….at first but I am sure before I am done with you, you will be begging for more of Princess‘ love. Hehe

*Divine Laylene*


Join Me For Some Fun Sissy

Princess Laylene Is Back Sissies For All Your Phone Sex Needs

Well, hello all my little sissies out there, I sure have missed you all. I am sure you have missed me too huh? Or maybe you just missed my big strap on, and the way I can get you to dress up in sexy lingerie for me. Tell me how good those panties feel pulled tightly around your excited little clitty?! Tell me the color and style of them, sissy boi?

Turn around and feel my soft hands caressing you as I grab your panties and pull them up, making the pressure on your clitty almost too much to bare. You love it, don’t you little sissy boi, maybe I should start calling you my little sissy girl. Would you like to be a good girl and everything Princess tells you? Of course you will.

Don’t wait any longer, it’s already been too long, give me a call and let’s get dressed up.

*Luscious Princess Laylene*


Cum Play Sissy

The Return of Princess Mandi Phone Sex

I had the pleasure of  watching to Princess Mandi dance for me again this week.  What a silly little sissy he is!  This time she was all dress up in a bright purple tutu and a diaper stuffed with toilet paper.  She looked even more ridiculous than last time!   I made her sit on a long purple dildo and fuck herself in tune to fast paced booty shaking music. Once again I laughed and laughed until tears rolled down my eyes.  You should have seen the way her tutu bounced up and down each time she bounced on that purple dildo. She made such a mess of herself! I wonder what humiliating things I will have her do next time





Personal Princess Shopper Phone Sex

I know that some of you little sissies have a hard time shopping for the perfect items to wear or use, and that is understandable..there is soooo many fun things out there!!!

Just by looking at me you can tell that I am a perfect little princess, and that my sense of style is fabulous! I think it would be a great idea for you to call me up while you are shopping, and let me help you pick out items to buy!! This can be for cute lil panties, lingerie, bra’s, sex toys, etc! This way you will get the absolute cutest, and sissiest things possible!! It will be like having your princess right there shopping with you!!! Omg this is going to be soooooooooo much fun!! Maybe you can even keep me on the phone while you are in the changing room trying things on!! I cant wait to do this!!!

~Princess Taylor




Training you to be a perfect princess like me phone sex

I’ve been having more and more of you sweet and slutty sissies coming to me daily, asking me exactly what you would have to do in order to become a perfect little princess just like me! There is no short simple answer! It took me 18 years to get this perfect, so don’t expect to do it over night! I am however willing to work with you, train you, and teach you everything you need to know in order to become the best lil sissy you can be. I will teach you my secrets and everything!!  I must warn you though..once you start training to be like me, it will become your next addiction!! You will be thinking what you could do to improve yourself, to make Taylor happy, to be the best lil sissy, etc. Everything will start to revolve around it! And as it should!!! So if you are a loyal, committed sissy, looking for training to become a perfect princess just like me…then you know where to find me!!!! You can email me with any questions or concerns as well.

Princess Taylor