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You dream of having a pretty pussy like mine don’t you? With a pink swollen clit, a warm wet pussy hole to be filled up deeply. You know if you are going to want a pussy, you’re going to need to take care of it properly. Make sure you keep that hair trimmed and neat, or shaved completely. Once a month you’ll have to put a tampon in that sissy ass just like a real girl.

Then slide those sexy panties up over your sissy pussy and make sure to cover that beautiful clit up until it’s play time. Ladies don’t rub their clits whenever they feel like it either, so you’re going to need to learn some manners and etiquette.

I think Lily needs to teach you some lessons on having a pussy, doesn’t she?

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Phone Sex Sissy Katie’s Date Night In

My sweet little sissy Katie and I made a nice little play date for her and one of my male friends. My friend was to arrive around 6:00pm so we had to get sissy Katie ready for her night in. We began with a hot bubble bath, to smell more feminine and shave those nasty legs of his. Of course I had to help since this was the first time sissy Katie had attempted it.

I must say for a little sissy he did well. Once the legs were all smooth I gave sissy Katie some lotion to rub on them. Wrapped in a towel sissy Katie sat on the edge of the bed and applied the lotion. Now, it was time to get dressed. I picked out  a pair of nude nylons, black panties, and a black lace bra, 3 inch heels, a pretty grey pencil skirt, and pink blouse.

Sissy Katie looked wonderful, next, was time for the hair and make up. We had a little time left but not too much. I could tell as the time drew near sissy Katie grew nervous. It was fun to watch her squirm about. Then it came 6:00pm and the knock at the door…

Give me a call and I will show you what sissy Katie did that night for my male friend.

Mistress Laylene



Phone Sex Something For My Sissy Boys


     Hello, my darling sissy boys, or shall I say girls? *giggles* I think tonight we need to play dress up and maybe order some food in. I can see it now you and I and maybe a few of my girlfriends playing dress up in our sexiest and sluttiest little outfits. You could borrow my favorite purple crushed velvet corset with purple silk panties. My black thigh highs would look great on you with a pair of 4 inch heels. MMM MM M You look like a pretty girl now, and I would say it is time to maybe order some pizza to celebrate.

   Let’s see a show of hands…(looking around) I think you may be outnumbered babe, we are ordering in tonight and I think it would only be proper for you to answer the door. Since you do look so good in those clothes I will let you wear my blonde wig. I am sure my friend Katrina would love to do your make up for you. Let’s see if we can make the delievery man think you are a woman. What do you say?

Miss Laylene



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All You Phone Sex Sissies Who Missed Game Night, The Winner Is

   Tonight, we played out weekly game if “dirty minds“, I am pleased to announce the winner was


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