A phonesex sissy’s Wonderland

Goddess Eve loves to torment little sissy boys

There once was a pathetic little man who dreamt of becoming a feminine sissy boy! 

 He was so obsessed with his desire that he spend many hours with his nose buried in Victoria’s Secret Catalogues.  The pathetic little man so wanted to transform himself into the most perfect pretty sissy boy…the only problem was he didn’t know how!

One afternoon while knee deep in his transformation fantasy there was a knock at his door. To his delight his neighbor Goddess Eve had come to visit.  Oh how he envied Her beauty and so wanted to be like Her however he was afraid to tell Her his secret.

He was so excited to see Goddess Eve that he forgot to hide his obsession and now his secret was all over the living room floor for Her to discover.  She smiled and said come on lets go shopping.  It’s time we made you over and turned you into a perfect feminine sissy boy.

So off to Victoria’s Secret they went.

The pathetic little man was shaking from head to toe as they walked across the threshold into the sissy wonderland! 

Ah…did you want it hear how of Goddess Eve’s sissy phonesex fantasy ends? you will have to pick up the phone won’t you sissy boy!

Goddess Eve

Phone Sex Rules For slutty sissy’s

Its time to make a change. You have always wanted to be well…a sexy girl, haven’t you?  Well I will take your mind and body and mold it into the slutty woman I desire for You. Feel My soothing voice cover you completely, making you feel that whore inside you.

I will teach you how a pathetic creature like you has to obey  My every command and make you the most submissive sissy.  Come to Miss Tessa, She know how to play with dirty bitches like you.

And I will teach you the rules that a sissy whore like you has to submit to. Don’t cry and beg…I am nice enough to waste my time already with a pathetic sissy like you .

Call Miss Tessa tonight and be ready for a change!


Is hora de un cambio. Tu siempres has querido estar bien, una sexy chica, no es asi? Bueno tomare tu mente y tu cuerpo para transformarte en la putona mujer que siempre has querido ser. Siente mi suave voz que te cubre por completo y siente como sale dentro de ti la puta que siempre has querido ser .

Te ensenare como las creaturas pateticas como tu tinen que obedecer mis ordenes y ser uina mascota ovediente. Ven con la Senorita Tessa ella sabe como tratar a las perritas como la que tu eras.

Te ensenare unas regals que mariquitas a rrastaradas como tu deve de asumir y no me llores y me pides que sea buena… Que demasiado buena ya soy para perder mi tiempo intentado moldearte a mi gusto .


866 672 5536