Magic Potion Phone Sex


I have been searching online for a long time, for a potion, or pill that would do magical things to my little sissy fuck toys!

Guess what!! I finally found one!! So you take this bottle of lotion, and you rub it all over your body, then watch the transformation slowly take place before your eyes… Wanna try it? Come play with me, and maybe if your really good I will share some of my special lotion with you!!

Theres just one catch.. If a man cums inside you the transformation will be permanent..

Are you ready for this?




Are you having troubles accepting the fact that you are a Sissy? Do you need some help accepting what you really are?

Come have a therapy session with me, we can discuss all of your problems, and I can help you embrace your inner sissy girl. Don’t be afraid im totally on your side, and I won’t judge you..

You will find that A therapy session with me is just what you have been needing to calm all those silly fears you have about your sexuality. I have my very own experiences  I can share with you..  Would you like to be able to relate to someone finally? To get some things off your chest?

Call me, lets talk.



Sissy Potion Phone Sex.. Warning Side Effects May Be Permanent

So, I was looking online late last night, and I found the perfect thing for you, its this Lotion, and on the bottle it says XXX Caution XXX.. Will transform you into a Sissy Girl.

Well, i thought i needed to read up on this a little more.. It seemed pretty interesting…

So, you take this lotion and you rub it ALL over your body, and then you slowly watch every trace of your manhood dissapear... You hair grows longer, you cock turns into a clitty and your balls invert themselves making you the prettiest little tight cunt imaginable… Then your titties begin to grow, now how much lotion you apply results in how long or big things get… keep that in mind.

Now, once you apply this lotion the effects last 24 hours.. UNLESS you have get or let a guy cum inside you.. then you will stay a woman for good.

Sound Fun?? Come Play with me we can try it out!


Teaching you to be just like me.. Phone Sex

Lets see if you have what it takes to be like me, I can teach you anything you want to know.. and i do mean ANYTHING… All you have to do is be serious about learning everything there is to know about being a perfect little sissy slut.
I cant promise that you will look as good as me ~*~GRINS~*~ BUT I can promise that i will make you into that perfect little sissy slut that you have always dreamed of being!

Amazing huh?

Call me, lets get started on fulfilling your dreams.



Sissy Training 101 Phone Sex

Do you want to learn everything there is to know about being a submissive little sissy bitch fuck toy? Do you want to learn exactly how to please a Mistress, like Mistress Danielle, Mistress Milan, or even Mistress Sylvia by being the best little slut you can be? Come enjoy some of my sissy-slut training classes.
Come let me teach you everything you need to know about making a mistress happy, and who knows you might even get a chance to be admitted to my submissive fuck toy collection..

IF you would like to learn everything there is to being a sissy, what panties to buy, how to keep your cock unnoticed, where to shop, what outfits to buy. Let me help you, i know everything there is to know about it..

Im a PRO




Removing Your Cock Phone Sex

Thats Right!! Your sooo pathetic, it is time for a FULL BLOWN PENECTOMY!!

You don’t need that pathetic thing between your legs anymore, so why not have it removed!! I can walk you through it step by step, to make it TOTALLY GONE!!!!!

You want to please me don’t you..

We can take care of that pathetic cock of yours once and for all.. All GONE!!! Giving you that little girlie pussy you have always dreamed of having!! It will be amazing, you will love it soo much once you finally get what you have always desired, for that pathetic piece of meat between your legs to vanish..




Teaching you how to play with your Girlie Pussy Phone Sex

Wouldn’t you like to learn from one of the BEST??

I just love playing with my sweet little pussy.. and we both know that you wish you had a sexy little pussy like mine.. Well, here’s your chance, i can teach you exactly what to do with that pathetic thing you call a pussy.. during our AMAZING phone sex session!!

Come explore endless pleasures with me, i will take you places you never imagined you would be able to go, making that little slutty pussy feel things you never thought possible!!!



Do you really think you can be just like me Phone Sex???

Can you even compare to my sexy little Barley Legal Ass?? I Just cant ever see you being as hot as I am, well at least not without some guidance from me. Maybe with the right Wig, and Make Up you can become a slightly less pretty version of me…  But im not promising you anything! I just don’t think you are cut out to be a sexy little slut like me.. I guess the big reason  is you have a big Dickie Where you should have a Clitty!! Maybe if we got rid of that stupid cock or yours, then you could be a sexy girl like me…

What Do U Think??



Entertain Me Phonesex

you are such a little slut aren’t you? I can practically smell the big wads of cum that you tried to swallow down earlier today. Or was that your own? Either way I will be adding more. you and your dirty whore mouth and puckered little fuck hole will become My dumpster. All My Friends will be serviced by you, entertained by you, amused by your pathetically wanton behaviour. you are such a fucking nasty whore.

Don’t resist,



Humiliation Phone Sex

My sissy slut just loves to make a fool of himself for me. Last night I made him dress in a bright hot pink bra top and a diaper with a pair of pink ruffled butt panties on top!  He danced this weird little humiliating dance for me. He shook his stuffed diaper so hard that it came completely off. He looked  like an idiot dress up so girlie and sissy like. I think he enjoyed hearing melaugh, the harder I laughed the harder he danced. His little dicklette bouncing up and down! I called some of my girlfriends over and we took turns spanking him with our sandals.  This little sissy slut is so pathetic, I can’t wait to come up with more crazy things for him to do.