Panty Slut Phonesex

blonde teen standing in kitchen facing forward playful and alluring expression wearing an unbottoned flannel she is holding open showing off her pink lace bra and white panties with pink hearts denim shorts are around her feet which have clear high heels

Spencer 844-332-2639 x 401

Are you a panty slut? If so, you should be giving me a call! I too am a panty slut and want more sluts to play with. Does that sound silly? LOL I sure hope not! Sure, I could get some of my girlfriends to play dress up with me. But this is my secret life, and I don’t quite feel like letting them in on my secrets.

Here’s another secret. Sissy panty sluts turn me on! That’s right, I love to see those big sissy clits straining against the fabric, willing to break free, no matter how small. Straining under silky black fabric made to seduce!

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Bottom Beta Bitch Slut Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

On a daily basis you try so hard to be an alpha male.  But you do all this while craving the feel of panties on your dick.  Although you have a decent sized dick, you still fantasize about shrinking it and making sure you do not fool women into thinking that you are an alpha male.  At this point women expect you to be the alpha bull, but it is just not in you.  You crave the humiliation of being the bottom bitch, the bottom beta bitch slut

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You Would Look Hot In My Panties Phonesex

Madison (a.k.a. bratty Maddi)  1-844-332-2639  ext 359

I love my panties and I love shopping for sexy, comfy and skanky panties especially for my sissies.  As a hot chick, nobody ever questions when I splurge and buy myself a dozen of sexy panties.  But with you on the other hand, you may have to do some work any hide yours.  It may have to be our lil secret.  I love gifting my sissies with a pair of my worn panties, it makes them feel super duper special.

One of my favorite sissies, I took him home and straight to my bedroom.  Right away I told him to strip and get naked….giggle.  I want him turned into my sissy.  I went straight to my panty drawer and pulled out a a cute pink pair of my lace boy booty shorts and as soon as I held them right in front of him, his eyes lit up with excitement. 

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Teasing Into My Panties Phonesex

Madison (bratty Maddi) 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

This naughty brat looooooooooves have you as my boyfriend and most importantly she LOOOOOOOVES teasing you with your dirty little secret.  Inviting you over to my dorm room, and giving you a glimmer of hope that you will get into my panties leaves you stoopid.  Oh I can promise you something, you will get into my panties….giggle.  But I can’t quite promise you that you will fuck me.

You’re a smart man, but when it comes to dealing with a brat like me, you lose it all.  You hand over your wallet and pretty much let me run the show, even if that means I make you into my sissy panty boy….giggle. 

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~ Cock sucking whore phonesex~

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

Just found me a sissy who just loves to be a cock sucking whore. Just loves for men to own him and for him to be forced into being their own personal cock sucker. This sissy just loves the feel of lingerie on his skin. The way the silky fabric feels as it falls over his body. The way the silky panties cradle his clitty.

It makes him really want a stud man to come in and take control over him. Make him want to suck that cock and swallow all the cum that he can manage. That’s not all though; there is a lot more to this sissy I’ve met. To finish off his sissy vibe he needs one more thing. The lipstick. Cock sucking red.

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Sissy Panty Shopping Spree Phone Sex

sissy panty shopping

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

Ok my darling Sissy, I want to have some simple fun today.  I know you like feeling silky smooth panties against your skin.  And I know you love to shop.  Well there are some things that I am craving, also.  So we’re going to help each other out.  I’m taking you on a Sissy Panty Shopping Spree today!  I’ll buy you any panties you want, but there’s a catch… I need you to model them for me.  And I’m going to take pictures of them.  And I’m going to put them up on my Twitter.

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Little Boys Belong in Panties Phonesex

Lyric 844-332-2639 x247

We both know you that you’re a little boy and I’m not talking about age.  I’m talking about your penis size.  You’re on the small side and you can’t help it.  It’s not your fault.  It’s how you were made and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Lots of boys have little cocks.  I don’t think it should be called a cock.  Something that size is much to small to be referred to as a dick.  Let’s call it your little clit stick.

This isn’t about humiliating you or degrading you.  THAT is your CLIT STICK and you should be proud of it.  You have to stop pretending to be someone whom you are not.  You are not a man.  You’re a little boy with a little boy clit stick

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I’m a Little Disappointed Phonesex

Sex Kitten Lyric ===> 1-844-332-2639  EXT 247

Hey you naughty fucker, I absolutely loved it when you were super courageous to model your sexy panties for me the other night.  I was thrilled to have you begging and on your knees to spend time with you.  You may have not noticed, but I surely did, those panties transformed you into my little pantie bitch.

You became weak for me and of course you became emasculated.  You are like putty in my sexy hands. The more time we spent together, the more you fell for me, under my hypnotic spell.  My every command you followed right through.  We even went pantie shopping because my little pantie bitch needs MORE panties in his life.

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Panty Boy Lover Phonesex With Mistress Lyric

Mistress Lyric ===> 1-844-332-2639 ext 247

Hey slut, how does your ass look in a pair of panties?  Which cut?  Did you answer these two questions, then you must be a panty lover.

Some naughty fuckers love the feel of satin and sexy lace-up against their cocks. Some naughty fuckers like to jerk their cocks into a pair of dirty panties and then spill their load into them.  Some guys use panties to embrace their inner femme.  Which one are you???

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Mistress Vanessa’s Sissy Training Academy Phone Sex

MISTRESS VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232
You sit there with your frilly little frock, shyly perusing my pictures, wishing you could be me. I know darling – I know you are feeling conflicted and unsure of yourself. You need my guidance. You need my acceptance and my protection. Let me mold you and shape you into the beautiful and gorgeous creature you long to become.