Secret Fetish Phonesex

Hello darling I see you got my message!  Cum on in I was just getting dressed.  I need your help upstairs so follow me.

Oh I see you looking…do you like my silky panties?  It’s alright I know your little secret!  Now cum on don’t be shy I know you want to join me so here put these black silky panties on.  Milf Maggie is going to show you a new game we are going to play!

Do you have your own little silky secret? 

Milf Maggie

Wearing Your Mother/Sisters Panties Phone Sex

Hey all you slutty, kinky sissies!! I have something super nasty that

I want you to do for me during our next call!! I want you to go through

one of your female family members panty drawers, and find the sluttiest

pair you can, and put them on!!! Then you will call me, and I’m going to make

you sit in front of the mirror with them on, and massage your little clitty in them

until you explode all inside of them, making a big creamy cum filled mess!! Then

I’m going to make you walk around in them for a couple of hours, so you can see what

it feels like for a woman to be fucked, and then drip cum all day!!! What you do with them

next is my little dirty secret. Call me to find out!!!!

~Princess Taylor


Pathetic pantyboy Phonesex

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Hey pantyboy you can’t resist My tantalizing hot wet little panties!

Do you want to hold them and smell them?  Then beg for them pantyboy! Not good enough on your knees and convince Me!

Oh you are so pathetic pantyboy look at you sucking and licking My panties.  Ok I want to have a good laugh so put them on!

Oh no they are to tight, your ass is to wide you need to lose a few pounds pantyboy! 

 Maybe a citywide marathon of cocksucking with help you shed that unwanted fat.

Cum back when you’re done pantyboy!

Mistress Danni

Neighbor is a Sissy Slut Phone Sex


I came home from school to find you, my naughty neighbor stealing from my mother’s closet! I can’t
believe my parents trusted you with looking after the house while they are out of town, and you do something like this…I catch you red-handed with my mother’s panties in your hand, sniffing them. Well you know what’s going to happen now, don’t you? You’re going to put those panties on for me like a good little sissy bitch and model them. That’s right…Oh.. and you know what? Mother has all sorts of hot things in here doesn’t she? Mmm, I might just make you get totally dressed up then. Sheer lacey stockings, high heels, and you’re not going to complain one bit about it are you? No.. because I’ll tell them what a dirty panty boy you are.

Never thought someone as young as me would be so devious, but I definitely am this devious. I happen to know of all the toys Mother keeps in her room, including the big strap-on she uses on my Father when he’s being a sissy slut like you. So get all dressed up for me and then get on the bed with your ass up in the air. Lily is going to put that big fat dick right in your ass and fuck you while you’re all dressed up for me. I’m going to turn that asshole into a wet pussyhole and you’re going to love every minute of it.



Phonesex sissy party

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

There’s going to be a sissy panty party at Danni’s house.

All panty loving sissy boys are invited.

And there’s going to be prizes!

First prize will go to…The best dressed pantyboy!
The winner will receive a shopping spree at every pantyboys favorite store Victoria’s Secret…yum yum!
you will get to choose your own pair of panties, try them on and of course pay for them.  The whole time Mistress Danni, the sales girls and all the lady shoppers will get to watch the sissy…laughing at the pathetic site.
Oh the humiliation!

Second prize will be awarded to…The smallest clitty!
The winner will be the honored guess at your very own Bukkake Party.
Imagine the excitement of all those cocks jacking off an your face!
Oh the humiliation and degradation!

Third prize will be handed out for…The best girlie girl wiggle!
The winner will get the job of cleaning up the nasty mess created by the second prize winner’s Bukkake Party.
The ultimate humiliation and degradation prize!

To qualify pick up and dial!!!

Mistress Danni