Little Boys Belong in Panties Phonesex

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We both know you that you’re a little boy and I’m not talking about age.  I’m talking about your penis size.  You’re on the small side and you can’t help it.  It’s not your fault.  It’s how you were made and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Lots of boys have little cocks.  I don’t think it should be called a cock.  Something that size is much to small to be referred to as a dick.  Let’s call it your little clit stick.

This isn’t about humiliating you or degrading you.  THAT is your CLIT STICK and you should be proud of it.  You have to stop pretending to be someone whom you are not.  You are not a man.  You’re a little boy with a little boy clit stick

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Welcome to My Lingerie Closet, Sissy! Phonesex

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Hello and Welcome to my decadent lingerie closet, my sweet sissy darlings! Although really it is practically an entire room because my lingerie collection is so extravagant and ever-expanding. As you enter, you will discover a a veritable heaven of silk, lace and satin. I simply cannot resist buying lingerie and of course, when my lovers and other admirers buy it for me–well that is very very sexy and strongly encouraged!

Come with me and see. This is where I keep my panties. I have so many colours and styles. Vintage high waisted briefs, thongs, bikinis, and cheekies in every possible fabric and colour. Positively delicious, are they not? And even more so when I have worn them and they carry my fragrance.

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I Want to See You In My Panties Phonesex

panty wearing phone sex


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It began with one of those conversations. You know the type. When someone looks at you and says I really want to make one of your fantasies come true. What is your kinkiest fantasy? Those types of conversations. I often wondered how many people really mean it when they make you those offers. Tonight I had either had enough wine or enough of these conversations that I decided to just put it out there. One of the things that turns me on like crazy is to see a big hard manly cock in a pair of women’s panties. There I had said it. Just hearing the words spoken out loud was beginning to excite me.

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