Olivia’s Darlings

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Olivia’s Darlings is a group of well-trained ladies who have taken extra steps to exceed in feminism.  I bet you would be a great candidate for one of my Darlings.  The most important aspect of being one of my Darlings is to just be yourself.  You know if it’s in you to be a Darling already.  Do you like the feel of smooth fine material next to your hairless body? What about fitted or frilly outerwear?  Is it important to you to look your best when you get the opportunity to shine? Can you choose the perfect color for your cheeks, lips, and nails? How long have you enjoyed being who you really are or are you still working on that?  This is a sisterhood you will enjoy being in. I’m looking forward to our first connection be it chat or phone. 

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Put On My Panties

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

I was changing in the boys’ locker room. Some places are still so behind in their mindset, and because I have a cock, they force me in here. They don’t care about my personal choices or how I identify. They see things in black and white. Cock or no cock. No in between, so there I was, drying off my body after a shower and forced to feel insecure in a place I should feel safe and confident.

Something caught my eye, and I turned to find you watching me as I pulled my panties up over my ass. Only you were really looking at me; you were lusting after the material I was tugging over my ass. Do you want to put on my panties?

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I Wanted A Man Phonesex

Pretty redhead wanted a real man.

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

 I wanted a man but you fooled me, good. I really believed what you presented. When we met, I thought you were a man. I guess you are used to fooling everyone with your fake life. It probably isn’t even a struggle for you to puff out your chest and beat on it like the Alpha man you wish you actually were. It’s a shame really because I thought we would be good together. Maybe even grow old together but now I know that will never happen because you are not really a man.

You are a sissy in disguise! How could I ever love a sissy who doesn’t own his truth?

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Sissy Boy Under The Mistletoe Phonesex with Felicity


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Mistletoe is a weird tradition. Did you know you are supposed to pluck a berry before taking a kiss, and when there are no more berries on the sprig, then there can not be anymore kissing! I know that would be so very hard for my horny sissy boys.

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Teasing Into My Panties Phonesex

Madison (bratty Maddi) 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

This naughty brat looooooooooves have you as my boyfriend and most importantly she LOOOOOOOVES teasing you with your dirty little secret.  Inviting you over to my dorm room, and giving you a glimmer of hope that you will get into my panties leaves you stoopid.  Oh I can promise you something, you will get into my panties….giggle.  But I can’t quite promise you that you will fuck me.

You’re a smart man, but when it comes to dealing with a brat like me, you lose it all.  You hand over your wallet and pretty much let me run the show, even if that means I make you into my sissy panty boy….giggle. 

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Namby-pamby Panty Boy Phonesex with Feisty Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Namby-pamby panty boy is such a great way to describe you. There’s no strength in your form. In fact, just looking at your silhouette would have me thinking you were a young, prepubescent girl. You just kind of flail about like a wisp in the wind. You were born to be my sissy, panty-boy.

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Panty Boy Sissy Maid Phonesex

Panty Boy Sissy Maid Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

My house slaves wear panties while they’re on duty. Cotton, silk, nylon, and lace panties are worn by all my sissy maids. There are sissies cleaning everywhere you look. You can see their tushies shaking from side to side as they scrub and clean my home. I appreciate a panty boy that’s also a good sissy maid.

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Pantyboi Sissy Phonesex

Mistress Lyric ===> 1-844-332-2639 ext 247

Hey slut, how does your ass look in a pair of panties?  Which cut?  Did you answer these two questions, then you must be a panty lover.

Some naughty fuckers love the feel of satin and sexy lace-up against their cocks. Some naughty fuckers like to jerk their cocks into a pair of dirty panties and then spill their load into them.  Some guys use panties to embrace their inner femme.  Which one are you???

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Sister Gives Good Head Phonesex

Sweet lovin Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Kayla was lying across her bed, on her belly flipping through a SEXY teen magazine when she noticed her BROTHER walking past. “Hey! I wanted to talk to you for a minute. Can you come to hang out, in my room for a bit?” She called to him.

He was two years younger than his sister and growing into such a handsome young man. His long, lanky body was something all of Kayla’s girlfriends were starting to take notice of. This morning he was just in a pair of loose boxers. He ran his hand through his shaggy hair as he joined Kayla on her bed.

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It’s Spring, so Let’s go Lingerie Shopping Phonesex

Collette — 1-844-332-2639  ext 383

It is March and it is the month of Spring Break.  I want to take you shopping with me.  The mall is crowded, so I hold your hand as we walk to Victoria Secret.

You are absolutely breathless with all this sexy lingerie around you.  Of course, out of the corner of my eye, I watch you.  You are nervous but very anxious as you touch the soft, silky fabrics.  The sexy store manager asks if she can help you pick out something.  You then blush, look down at the floor and shake your head no. Watching your reaction, with a wicked smile on my face, I am certain it is time to begin your sissification.

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