So You Want to Call Me Your Phonesex Mistress?

Too many of you sissy boys cum into our chat room and immediately address me as Mistress Erica.  You may think it’s some sort of compliment – but in fact, I find it rather insulting.  Do you think it’s so easy, to be my slave?  That all you need is an inclination to serve, and I will accept you and take responsibility for you on the spot?

Nooo, sweetie.  If you want to experience the divine pleasure of calling me Mistress and serving my every desire, I will need a sincere show of devotion from you.  My girly boys work very hard to satisfy my twisted whims, and I reward them generously for their efforts.

If you want to earn the privilege of calling me Mistress, you will of course have to call me.  I will select a pair of my prettiest panties with you in mind, and I’ll tell you what nasty things I’m going to do in them.  Then you must tell me what you will do with them, afterwards.  If your answer pleases me, I will consider your application as one of my slaves.

Until then, you’re just another pansy fapping in his panties…and it’s Miss Erica to you, babe.

Miss Erica


Voice Clip – Erica

Phone Sex Sissy Katie’s Date Night In

My sweet little sissy Katie and I made a nice little play date for her and one of my male friends. My friend was to arrive around 6:00pm so we had to get sissy Katie ready for her night in. We began with a hot bubble bath, to smell more feminine and shave those nasty legs of his. Of course I had to help since this was the first time sissy Katie had attempted it.

I must say for a little sissy he did well. Once the legs were all smooth I gave sissy Katie some lotion to rub on them. Wrapped in a towel sissy Katie sat on the edge of the bed and applied the lotion. Now, it was time to get dressed. I picked out  a pair of nude nylons, black panties, and a black lace bra, 3 inch heels, a pretty grey pencil skirt, and pink blouse.

Sissy Katie looked wonderful, next, was time for the hair and make up. We had a little time left but not too much. I could tell as the time drew near sissy Katie grew nervous. It was fun to watch her squirm about. Then it came 6:00pm and the knock at the door…

Give me a call and I will show you what sissy Katie did that night for my male friend.

Mistress Laylene



Shopping Fun And Party Time Phone Sex

Well, come on there little sissy boy, Let’s not waste any time. Today we shall go shopping for a nice outfit for you to wear to My party tonight. You will be the star of the show. 🙂 Where shall we go? I know the perfect place. We will need to get you a sexy dress for the night, along with some nylons, panties, a bra and heels.

We will also need to find you a wig and I can do your make up. I think that should just about do it. So when we get to the store, I send you to the sales woman to ask if she could help you find the right size of dress. I want you to explain to her why you need a dress (for our party tonight). 🙂 Her jaw drops and she just stares, however, she still helps you because it is her job.

We have about 8 dresses for you to try on, in the ladies changing room of course. Finally, after a long time of thinking I decide on the sexy navy blue mini dress with the rhinestone chains going across the back. So we head over to the nylon and shoe department for the remainder of our items.

Again, you must ask the saleswoman to help you find the size you will need. Again she gives you a look of disgust making your cheeks get pink.

Want to finish our shopping trip, then I can tell you all about our party.




Phone Sex Forced Strap On For The Good Little Panty Boys

Attention all you pretty little sissy boys who enjoy wearing panties, I have a big surprise for you…



Tonight, you will learn how to be a good little cock sucking slut for your Mistress. Oh, please don’t give me that look, sissy boy…I have watched you eye up cocks for the past few months and I know exactly what you want. Come here pretty panty boy…get on your knees…pucker those lips, while I put on this pretty red lipstick.

Oh, wow what a darling little cock sucker you shall be for Me tonight.

Open your mouth real wide, close your eyes..1…2…3…

Feel that stiff strap on slide easily in between those sexy lips all painted in red. I see you wrapping that tongue around the shaft. I told you that you would enjoy this sissy boy…Don’t you feel like a good little sissy slut now?

Mistress Laylene



Phonesex sissy boy’s it’s time to call

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Hey you yeah you sissy boy it’s time you called Mistress Danni!

That’s right…grab your panties some stutty red lipstick and oh don’t forget your biggest dildo!

Now crawl over to the phone!

Mistress Danni is waiting!

Mistress Danni

Phone Sex Girls Night Of Games


     Do you need an understanding woman who knows how you feel each and everytime you put on those sexy pink panties? Your girlfriend or wife just does not understand, or probably even know. It’s ok come to my little world, where panty wearing sissies are understood.

    I may even have a sexy little outfit you can wear just for me, we can dress you up real pretty. I can do your make up for you. Then you know what we have…A girls night of fun and games. *giggles* It sounds good to me, doesn’t it sound good to you? *smiles*




Phone Sex Something For My Sissy Boys


     Hello, my darling sissy boys, or shall I say girls? *giggles* I think tonight we need to play dress up and maybe order some food in. I can see it now you and I and maybe a few of my girlfriends playing dress up in our sexiest and sluttiest little outfits. You could borrow my favorite purple crushed velvet corset with purple silk panties. My black thigh highs would look great on you with a pair of 4 inch heels. MMM MM M You look like a pretty girl now, and I would say it is time to maybe order some pizza to celebrate.

   Let’s see a show of hands…(looking around) I think you may be outnumbered babe, we are ordering in tonight and I think it would only be proper for you to answer the door. Since you do look so good in those clothes I will let you wear my blonde wig. I am sure my friend Katrina would love to do your make up for you. Let’s see if we can make the delievery man think you are a woman. What do you say?

Miss Laylene



Time For Summer Shopping Phone Sex Sissy Boy

   Spring will be here before we know it, and we must get you ready for it. You need a new spring wardrobe to wear for all the cocktail parties and such this year. Who better to go shopping with then you very own personal fashion critic? *giggles*

  Come on sissy boy don’t be afraid let’s hit the mall we can be like two best girlfriends shopping together on a Saturday afternoon. Who knows you may get a glimpse of my toned body as I change into some dress or skirt? *giggles*

   You are going to need the following items just to begin with…Skirts, Blouses, Nylons, Heels, Panties, and Bras not to mention some fresh new make-up in the newest shades for Spring.

 Give me a call tonight and let’s begin our shopping extravaganza!



Let’s Have Some Sissy Phone Sex Fun

     I had the greatest idea today as I was cleaning my house. I thought to my self as I was mopping the floor, why not get a sissy to do this. So I have invited you into my home, when you first arrive you must have the perfect cleaning outfit and I have just the thing. Put on these white silk panties, so each time you move they rub the clitty just the right way to arouse you. Next, is your white lace bra with the silicon inserts, now you look like you have real tits.

   Here is your pink mini dress, I had the store put extra frills and ruffles on just for you. Taking a step back to look at you I see you need this white apron and maid hat, and what outfit would be complete without a pair of pink stockings. I know the stockings are a size smaller but you want to be a lady don’t you, and to do so you need to experience what we experience. Here are your pink platform shoes.

   Now, I have you all dressed and ready to go, first you need to clean my house then I have a surprise in store for you. After everything is spic and span we will go shopping for a few more girlie outfits for you. Who knows I may even allow you to go out tonight with me and some girlfriends. I know they would just love to see you all decked out and help you find some guys to dance with.

   What are you waiting for sissy boy give me a call.



Girlie Phone Sex Sleep Over!

   Hello all you sissy boys out there……. tonight is the night to come for a girlie sleep over at my house!

  Bring your girliest pj’s, and I will supply the makeup, manicure and pedicure supplies! 

  I am so excited for our sleep over!!

  Just think we will talk about boys, makeup and all those gorgeous clothes that are coming out for summer!!

   I have an array of frilly dresses……. We can even play dress up!!

  Once we are all dolled up, we can have a little fashion show, then head off to the mall. Maybe, we can even get some new outfits while we are at the mall!! 

  I know I could use some new bras and panties! 

  Give me a call tonight sissy boys and let the sleep over begin…. I know you will have the time of your life, since you like to be girlie!!  *Giggles*