Pretty Little Fishnets Phone Sex

collage of Kayla in fishnets

Sweet lovin’ Kayla 1844-332-2639 ext 357

Look at my LEGS, baby. Look how long and toned they are. You love them, don’t you? You want to touch them, MASSAGE them, and feel them rub against your skin. Watch as I roll up my pretty BLACK FISHNET STOCKINGS and glide them over my cute little, French-tipped toes.

Are you on your knees in front of me to get the best look? Hopefully, you are. That’s where my GOOD BOY would be. So I can press my PRINCESS toes against your nose as I slide the soft NYLON up over my ankle and along my calf. Mmm, you like that, don’t you, baby?

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Sissy Slut Strap On Training Phone Sex With My New Toy


Hello, little sissy sluts out in the cyber world tonight, just thought ya’ll would like to know about my newest investment…

Curious now, aren’t we. lol. Don’t worry silly sissy slut I won’t make you wait any longer!

My recent investment is about 9 inches in length and about 4 or 5 inches in thickness, It is black and has a sort of belt to it for easier hand free plugging. lol. It also look spectacular with a black lace bra and sexy nylons. Can you guess yet?

That’s right sissy slut it’s a brand spanking new strap on. I bought just for you and I and our special times together. I also bought you some pretty lipstick, I believe the color is called “cock sucking red.” lol.

So, what do you say sissy slut are you coming to try out our new toy or what?

Mistress Rayne


Phone Sex Sissy Goes Shopping For Sexy High Heels


I sent my little sissy, Courtney out today for some high heels. She asked me how she should dress and how she should ask the saleswoman for help. *sigh* “Oh, Courtney” I told her “you must wear nylons you don’t want to try on sexy high heels with socks on do you?”

“No, but I do not want people to know what I am doing.” was her reply. Silly girl that is half the fun! You need heels and you need to buy them from a store NO online purchases! Finally, Courtney was ready to go she had on pair of jeans and under those a sexy pair of nude nylons. “Courtney my dear do you have your girlie wallet with your money in it?” I asked on the way out of the door.

When we arrived at Payless, they were packed with ladies, gents, and kiddos all looking for some new shoes. In walks little sissy Courtney, she went to the counter and asked the woman if she would be able to help her find shoes. Well, the woman immediately took her to the men’s department. *giggles*

“Oh no I need to find high heels” Courtney told the woman. With a look of shock and embarrassment the woman took her to the ladies department. I don’t know who’s face was redder sissy Courtney or the sales woman’s. *giggles*

Courtney took a seat on the bench and allowed the woman to measure her feet and find her the correct size. When she went to put the heels on Courtney her face grew redder because she saw sissy Courtney had on a pair of stockings. The woman finally asked Courtney what was going on at this point, and little sissy Courtney had to explain how her Mistress has instructed her to get a pair of sexy high heels today.

With a shake of her head the saleswoman went and got a pair of 3 inch red high heels with an ankle strap, and placed them on Courtney’s feet. When Courtney got up to try and walk in them and see how they fit, she just about fell over. *giggles* I suppose Courtney will need lots of practice in her new heels.

Teen Mistress Laylene



What Are Little Panty Boys Made Of Phone Sex


   Lingerie, nylons, red lipstick

   Stilettos, panties, and hair styles,

   Shopping trips, Salon Days, and Flirtatious nights.

  These are the things women do, what do you do as a man? Wish and hope to be able to have a list such as this someday? Your wait is over panty boy and women want to be’s everywhere. Allow MissLaylene to show you how to put your best feminine foot forward and begin the journey of womanhood.

  Not sure you want to become a woman permanently, just like to dress in lingerie? Not a problem I have tons of ideas and clothes to make you feel more sexy and seductive. Come play at my lingerie playground and see what you have been missing.

Miss Laylene


Phone Sex Sissy Katie’s Date Night In

My sweet little sissy Katie and I made a nice little play date for her and one of my male friends. My friend was to arrive around 6:00pm so we had to get sissy Katie ready for her night in. We began with a hot bubble bath, to smell more feminine and shave those nasty legs of his. Of course I had to help since this was the first time sissy Katie had attempted it.

I must say for a little sissy he did well. Once the legs were all smooth I gave sissy Katie some lotion to rub on them. Wrapped in a towel sissy Katie sat on the edge of the bed and applied the lotion. Now, it was time to get dressed. I picked out  a pair of nude nylons, black panties, and a black lace bra, 3 inch heels, a pretty grey pencil skirt, and pink blouse.

Sissy Katie looked wonderful, next, was time for the hair and make up. We had a little time left but not too much. I could tell as the time drew near sissy Katie grew nervous. It was fun to watch her squirm about. Then it came 6:00pm and the knock at the door…

Give me a call and I will show you what sissy Katie did that night for my male friend.

Mistress Laylene



Shopping Fun And Party Time Phone Sex

Well, come on there little sissy boy, Let’s not waste any time. Today we shall go shopping for a nice outfit for you to wear to My party tonight. You will be the star of the show. 🙂 Where shall we go? I know the perfect place. We will need to get you a sexy dress for the night, along with some nylons, panties, a bra and heels.

We will also need to find you a wig and I can do your make up. I think that should just about do it. So when we get to the store, I send you to the sales woman to ask if she could help you find the right size of dress. I want you to explain to her why you need a dress (for our party tonight). 🙂 Her jaw drops and she just stares, however, she still helps you because it is her job.

We have about 8 dresses for you to try on, in the ladies changing room of course. Finally, after a long time of thinking I decide on the sexy navy blue mini dress with the rhinestone chains going across the back. So we head over to the nylon and shoe department for the remainder of our items.

Again, you must ask the saleswoman to help you find the size you will need. Again she gives you a look of disgust making your cheeks get pink.

Want to finish our shopping trip, then I can tell you all about our party.




Time For Summer Shopping Phone Sex Sissy Boy

   Spring will be here before we know it, and we must get you ready for it. You need a new spring wardrobe to wear for all the cocktail parties and such this year. Who better to go shopping with then you very own personal fashion critic? *giggles*

  Come on sissy boy don’t be afraid let’s hit the mall we can be like two best girlfriends shopping together on a Saturday afternoon. Who knows you may get a glimpse of my toned body as I change into some dress or skirt? *giggles*

   You are going to need the following items just to begin with…Skirts, Blouses, Nylons, Heels, Panties, and Bras not to mention some fresh new make-up in the newest shades for Spring.

 Give me a call tonight and let’s begin our shopping extravaganza!