Sissy For All Seasons Phone Sex

Most little girls have played with dolls when they were growing up, I was no different. I loved dressing my dolls to go with the seasons…and now is no different I like to have my sissy boys dress for the seasons.

New Years: Lots of color and sequins, ruby red lips made for  cock sucking

Valentine’s Day: Sexy red lingerie and a desire to be rammed hard

Easter: Little bunny ears, white leotard and a little fuzzy tail.

The Fourth: Red lips, White stockings, Blue panties

Halloween: A slutty little number and ready for lots of tricks

Thanksgiving: A little indian whore on her knees ready to please and give thanks for the cock about to fuck her

Christmas: The cute little sissy clit all tied in a bow

Are you the type of sissy who can entertain me for the seasons? Let’s see how entertaining you are!

*Divine Laylene*


Let’s Play Dress Up

Playing Barbies With Phone Sex Sissies

I am often asked why I enjoy playing with sissies and panty boys so much? Well, the answer is simple, when I was little I loved dressing my dolls up, mostly the Ken dolls and Barbie‘s clothes never fit so I always had to fix them to make them work for sissified Ken, but by the time I was finished with him he looked like a pretty girl not like a sad drag queen.

I have always had a fascination with men wearing women’s clothing especially undergarments, like panties, bra, stockings, that sorta thing. In fact most of my boyfriends have been exposed to women’s lingerie and not only when I was wearing it. *giggles* As I got older though the Ken dolls became a but boring and I needed new ways to stimulate my growing desire for men in ladies attire. That is when I started working as a PSO. I absolutely loved it from the very first call.

I love when these little sissies call me Princess, how they tell me what they are wearing, or ask me to dress them, I love fucking them with a strap on or even making them please my current boyfriend. I just get so wet watching that pretty sissy mouth devour a thick cock. Maybe that is why I am so inclined to writing all about sissies all the time.

So, after all that being said I can never have too many “dolls” to play dress up and house with, care to play with me today?

*Divine Laylene*


My Barbie Dream House

Want Free Phone Sex – Cum Play Our Game

That’s right all you sexy boys and girls out there, your favorite little hottie is going to be hosting this week’s game night…Here’s the details…

Place: Anyone of our site chatrooms

Time: 9:00pm EST

Date: Tuesday – October 25, 2011

Attire: Nude of course. *giggles*

Topic: Hmmm….”Man Laws & Women Rules”

Prize: One free 15 minute call to the winner of the game.

Entrance Fee: 1 vote submission

So bring your thinking caps and let’s have some fun! There will be tons of hotties there and don’t forget we will also be having our 2 girl Tuesday special running! So, cum on by and let’s have a good time together!

*Divine Laylene*


My Place Of Pleasure

Free Phonesex at our Summer’s End Phonesex Party

Want to win some FREE PHONESEX?

Cum to our party on Friday, September 4th at 9 PM est and win!!

We’re giving away lots of prizes, and there will be tons of hot phonesex Mistresses there, being their sexy selves, as usual!

Can you resist?

Cum on out to the chatroom and see for yourself! You never know, you might walk away with a free session!

Mistress Kristin