Chubby Cottontail Challenge

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Have you ever partaken in the chubby cottontail challenge? It’s a silly game coeds play during slumber parties, but I have two fun ways you and I can play. The object of chubby cottontail is to see how many large marshmallows you can fit inside your mouth. Make sure they are the big ones made for s’more, or you’ll be packing the mini ones in all night long. After each marshmallow is slipped between your lips, you have to say “Chubby Cottontail” clearly.

You’ve hit your max if it’s garbled, or you can’t even say it. Next, spit them all out and count how many you’ve fit in your gob. Typically, the player with the highest count wins. Everyone knows a good cock sucker needs to have a big, flexible mouth, so the more you can stuff in that trap of yours, the better. Are you curious about the other, dirtier way we can play?

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