Expose Your Sissy Ass Phone Sex!

Expose Your Sissy Ass Phone Sex!

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You sissies are so mischievous! Hiding a secret stash of panties and big black dildos in a place where your wife can’t find them! You go to great lengths to hide your secret sissy fantasies from everyone you know. The fact that you have to hide your sissy secrets probably drives you crazy. So crazy, that you come running to me so you can gush all about your love for cock and girly things. I know how badly you want me to expose you. No more hiding!

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There Is So Much More To Being A Sissy Phone Sex

There is just so much more to being a girly boi than most sissies even know. I know what goes on in that head of yours, what you fatasize about. I mean most of you gurls want to dress in your pretty feminine clothes and some like to take on feminine tasks. Some gurls think about doing this from time to time and others actually do it daily. Why not go the extra step, stop living a fantasy and live the life. There are breast forms, wigs, make up and clothes to purchase. Name change is a definite. You will use it temporairly but then have to make it legally permanent. Then we have chemicals that will change you physically and even castration for those who really want to go the extra mile. You will be a eunch but you will call it a clitty or a clitette and your ass will be your boi pussy. Not to mention that there are punishments and rewards as well, administered by me. Oh so many things to do and so little time.





My Boss Will Be A Great Sissy Phone Sex

I knew it. I just knew it. All this time I suspected you were jacking off to my picture and today I caught you. You prick. Only it wasn’t just my picture was it. I saw you close your desk drawer quickly when I came in. You just weren’t expecting to turn around while looking for that file in the bottom drawer were you? You didn’t even notice at first because your eyes were glued to the panties that were showing, licking your lips like a fool, stroking your crotch. When I confront you, you blame me for wearing slutty clothes and pushing myself on you. Well I will show you who is really the slut. I walk over to the door and lock it. Turning back, I watch as you shift uncomfortably in your chair. I sit on your desk, place my high heel into your thigh, just below your balls, and tell you, “take off your pants.” You refuse. I grab your tie, pulling you towards me and demand again that you remove your pants. I press my heel in to make my point. You get up, take your pants off and stand before me, cock erect. I look at your pathetic cock and laugh. I slip off my panties and throw them at you. “You need these more than I do.” You actually started to drool. I am going to have such fun with you.





Sissy’s Final Steps Phone Sex

There is nothing like watching your sissy go down on her first stranger. It is almost like being a proud parent. You teach them, school them, use punishment, discipline, and guidance. It all comes down to this one moment of truth. They dress themselves, showing off how pretty they are. Seeing how nervous they get when they open the door to the man I have invited over, is amusing. Manners are very important. She invites him in and asks him to stand in the middle of the room as she shows off her gurly charms. I watch as she goes to work to please this handsome, well hung stranger. By the time my sissy is done, her swollen lips and well used ass, both dripping with cum, have left her wanting more. Now maybe she can start earning her way for her mistress.





I Give My Sissy What He Needs Phone Sex

I know you think a lot about me, sissy. What am I planning? How will I use you this time? What draws you to me, can you stay away? I love teasing your senses, til you are ready to cry out and beg for mercy. I love testing your resistance, see how much you can take before you cave to me. I love touching the sweat on your skin from making you wait to achieve an orgasm. You tremble as excitement flows through your body, knowing that I never disappoint you. Sit back, relax and let me take you on that trip that you so desperately crave.





Disobedience Gets You No Where Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

Ahhh again little miss crinklepants sissy with the itty bitty clitty can’t follow directions. This little slut was told I wanted new pictures of him in his cute little diapers a few nights ago and I still have yet to get my pictures. So, due to his obvious disobedience I now have to punish him.

When I explained his punishment to him before this all began he agreed it was fair. I told him I would post his email and pictures in my blogs so that you fellow reader could email him and tell him what a naughty little diaper wearing bitch he is and how he should NEVER disobey Miss Laylene! Think you little sissies can handle that for me? I am sure you can.

*Divine Laylene*


Sissies Want To Play?

Panty Boy Discovers The Love Of Panties Phone Sex


So my sweet little panty boy you just realized how good your wife’s silk panties feel rubbing against your little man sausage all day. You sneak them on under your work pants and head out the door before she can catch you. You know she would have to punish you if she caught you. Men wearing panties just isn’t a popular thing…oh so little you know panty lover.

I personally find those men who wear silk panties to be a turn on. Watching as they model my dirty panties for me. Mmmm just something about that cute little ass in my panties that makes naughty thoughts fill my head. 🙂 So, my darling little panty boy what shall we do today? Talk about all the different styles and colors of panties or just go out and go shopping for some. I mean you can not expect to wear everyone else’s panties, you need your own. lol.

So what shall it be today panty boy?

Miss Rayne




She Who Found The Dildo Found The Free Phone Sex Call


That’s right sissy boys and girls, tonight we played a little game called “find the missing dildo” We took and hid a dildo on one of our sites and left all you sissy boys and girls loose to find it, we gave clues and hints and finally we had a winner. The winner of tonight’s sissy game was…*drum roll*


Congrats babygirl you will get a free 15 minute phone call with the lady of your choice.

Want to come and have some fun with us? Get on your sexy panties, your naughty lingerie and those super cute shoes and join us in the chat room every Wednesday at 10:00pm est.

I will be there and I can’t wait to see all your sexy little asses there playing with me. *giggles*







YAY!!! Congrats to you babygirl you will get a free 15 minute phone call with the lucky lady of your choice.

Phone Sex Sissy Slut Fucks and Sucks

I had the naughtiest phone sex sissy call me earlier tonight. He was all dressed up in panties, stockings and of course some slut lipstick. I humiliated and embarrassed my sissy slut in front of all of my girlfriends. They were giggling and pointing and watching him sucking and fucking

What was he sucking and fucking? Big fat long black cocks of course! I made sure he worked them really good right in front of me too. Stretching open his hot pussy hole, filling it over and over again.

Then all of my girlfriends used his face for a toilet while he got pounded ~giggles~ I so enjoyed making him my slut whore on the floor. I think he totally loved being degraded and humiliated like the sissy boy he really is deep down inside.

Maybe it’s your turn to be my sissy slut? Give me a call!



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Naughty Sissy Phone Sex Fun

I hope all of you gorgeous sissy’s had a fabulous Halloween!!! Have you seen the awesome sissy photos that were sent in for the contest? I can’t wait to find out who the winner is!! *grins*

I also can’t wait to hear from my favorite sissy girlfriends all about the night out they had. What they wore, who they danced with, how hot and sexy they acted. I wonder if some of my sissy sluts even got a nice hard dick deep in their naughty boy-pussy.

So give me a call, I’ll be up for awhile, maybe you’re just getting in. Tell me all about it sissy girl, let’s have some naughty phone sex fun!

Don’t forget to join us in the chatroom Tuesday night at 8pm eastern time for our Dirty Minds Trivia Game. I’ll be hosting and YOU could win! Can’t wait to see you there. *grins*

Saturdays: One hour special, pay for 50 minutes, get 60! *All day.*



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