Entertain Me Phonesex

you are such a little slut aren’t you? I can practically smell the big wads of cum that you tried to swallow down earlier today. Or was that your own? Either way I will be adding more. you and your dirty whore mouth and puckered little fuck hole will become My dumpster. All My Friends will be serviced by you, entertained by you, amused by your pathetically wanton behaviour. you are such a fucking nasty whore.

Don’t resist,





Little Stephanie Loves Being A Phone Sex Slut



My favorite little sissy slut called me today to get her weekly dose of strap on. *giggles* After she told me how sexy she looked I knew we had to show her little ass off to my friends. So we got ready and went over to Anna’s house. Once we got there I made little Slut Stephanie work her magic and modeled that sexy outfit.

It didn’t take that little slut long before she was sucking on all our strap ons, deep throating them like a pro, there was one time I saw her double stuff that painted red mouth of hers. *giggles* Watching her cheeks bulge out was so exciting, I went over smacked her ass and told her what a good slut she was.

The next thing Miss Anna, and I and the other girls had slutty Stephanie do was get on her hands and knees, we ripped off those little pink panties of hers and began to toy with her tight little sissy pussy.  Oh how she begged and begged for it hard. What a good little slut she was today I was so proud of her. *giggles*

Princess Laylene




Miss Tessa Sissy Slut Phone Sex… Dirty Job *laugh*

*me rio*…*me rio*… Bueno me has llamado para decirme que voy a estoy muy orgullosa de tener una Mariquita  como tu, que eres la major Puta que yo pueda tener y que trabajaras muy duro para mi, bueno deja ver… Yo quiero saber si esa panocha tracera puede culear a mas de dos vergas a las vez;  y deja veo esa voquita, sera que puedas mamas bien profundo; Y tambien requiero de un atuendo bien reverlador y agustado al cuerpo como toda una puta callejera, deja te veo ese sexy cuerpo, mm! oh si, ya veo tu no teienes buen cuerpo loces pathetica,  *me carcajeo*

 Pero no importa te usare ya que puedo sacer mucho duinero y bueno tengo muchos hombres que cojen lo que sea … despues de todo eres una puta

Si quieres trabajar para mi Mariquita Putona…

Llamame esta noche ..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  (  *  )  (  *  )  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*laughs*…*laughs*… Well you’re calling me just to tell me that I’ll be so proud at you that I never going to have a better Sissy Whore then you; Well, well first a I need to know if that pussy hole can take more than one cock at the time and how deep that mouth can deep troth, I request a Slutty out fit, something very tight that allowed to see your nice sexy body let me see…. Huh!!  Oh yeah you don’t have a sexy body…*laughs* *laughs*

You look so cheap and pathetic but I don’t really care I will used you just as my personal money machine; you will hook for me and please me and all my horny boys. I will have you walking by my side ready to fuck and suck no matter what.

So cum to work tonight and bring that tight pussy hole ready ….

Call me little Whore…Tonight

 Miss Tessa




Cock Worshipping Phone Sex For All You Sissy Girls


Tonight, my little sissy Miss Laylene is going to teach you all about cock worship…My friend has agreed to help us. *giggles*

First, we need to get you all dressed and looking sexy…how about this tight black mini skirt, a very low v cut shirt, that way this red lace bra will peek out of it. Don’t forget your stockings and stilettos little sissy girl. Now, when he comes I want you to have him come in and sit in the living room.

Get on your knees sissy girl, and watch patiently as I unbutton his pants letting that huge cock spring out. Shocked aren’t you, it is a big fat cock! *giggles* Now, the most important part of cock worshipping is your pretty red lips, so come here and let me help you put some lipstick on.

Now, you are all set, start by caressing his cock and balls gently. Tease that cock a bit before you bring it pleasure. Now sissy girl take your tongue and run it slowly up the shaft of that cock and when you get to the head gently wrap your pretty red lips around it. That is great!

Good girl sissy now take your hand and place it around the base of the cock like so and begin to slide the cock into your mouth. Those red lips wrapped around that cock look amazing!

Now if you would like to worship this big cock some more, give me a call and let me teach you how.

Naughty Mistress Laylene



Phone Sex Sissy Cunt Gets Fucked



I knew you wanted a dick in that slut sissy cunt the minute I layed eyes on you. When I saw the look in your eye when I pulled out that 12 inch black dildo I thought you were going to cum right there. Ahhh but Princess Lily doesn’t just have one 12 inch black dildo, but two.

That’s right, one for your whore ass and one for your mouth that is so hungry. Then I’m going to tease you with them and make you beg me for them. Beg to be filled up completely the way a skanky bitch like you should be.

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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Calling All Phone Sex Sissy Girls


I want to have a contest sissy girl, to see which one of you can suck on the biggest cock. I want you all to get dressed real sexy for me. Put on your cutest lingerie and pretty red lipstick then come on over to my house. We will have 5 or 6 different sized cocks to experiment on.

I have invited all my sissy girls so let’s hope they all show up. A few of my girlfriends will be coming too so we can enjoy the show. Just watching as all you sissy girls try and take each and every cock deeper and deeper into your mouths. It is a hard decision…you all sucked those cocks so good!

Give me a call and find out who won my little cock sucking contest. *giggles*

Mistress Laylene





Cock Sucking Lesson Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


How is that slutty little sissy pussy of yours? I think you need more lessons on cock sucking, to be the very best cock sucker for Lily. I’ve got my toys here all ready for your mouth, but first we have to paint it a bright pink or red.

Make that smacker all glossy and fuckable. Then you’re going to get on your knees like a good slut and open up that mouth nice and wide. Come on, good sluts always know how to suck dick. What makes you think you can be a girly girl like me without having to use that mouth?

Gag on it, choke on it, open those big eyes and look up at me while you blow that big thick dick. I bet that little boyclit is getting all hard isn’t it? You want to rub it through your pretty pink panties? Well maybe if you suck me good enough I’ll let you. ~giggles~

More About Lily

Sample Lily

Open Wide! Phonesex

My sissyboy was complaining that he couldn’t open his jaw wide enough to accommodate the O-ring gag I like to use on him to keep his mouth gaping and drooling while I slam into his ass with my strap-on.

His first mistake was the whining and complaining….but I’m always willing to let my sissies dig themselves just a little bit deeper.

He said his jaw locked up painfully after only a few minutes of wearing the ring gag, and explained that his pretty lipsticked mouth just wasn’t used to being stretched that wide.

Well – that sounded like a challenge, to me!  I put my panty boy on his knees in front of the bathroom door, and tied him so that the doorknob was jammed between his stretched jaws.  He couldn’t pull away – was unable to do anything except gurgle around the thick round doorknob.

I left him like that while my girlfriends and I went shoe shopping.  No sissyboy uses the word “can’t” with me.

Miss Erica



Voice Clip – Erica

Phone Sex Forced Strap On For The Good Little Panty Boys

Attention all you pretty little sissy boys who enjoy wearing panties, I have a big surprise for you…



Tonight, you will learn how to be a good little cock sucking slut for your Mistress. Oh, please don’t give me that look, sissy boy…I have watched you eye up cocks for the past few months and I know exactly what you want. Come here pretty panty boy…get on your knees…pucker those lips, while I put on this pretty red lipstick.

Oh, wow what a darling little cock sucker you shall be for Me tonight.

Open your mouth real wide, close your eyes..1…2…3…

Feel that stiff strap on slide easily in between those sexy lips all painted in red. I see you wrapping that tongue around the shaft. I told you that you would enjoy this sissy boy…Don’t you feel like a good little sissy slut now?

Mistress Laylene