Are You Playing In Mommy’s Panties Phonesex

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There was a silence in the house that sends every mother’s suspicion soaring. Things were just a little too quiet. Making my way through the house I listened for any hint of where my son might be playing. His room was empty. Maybe he had gone outside? Then I heard the sound of my dresser drawer opening. That little sneak!

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I Found Out About His Secret Club Phonesex

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At lunch with a friend, when he opens his wallet to pay the bill, and this eye-catching pink and blue card with big letters DSB club falls out on to the table. I, of course, pick it up and look at it and it says nothing more than that. He finishes handing his credit card to the waitress and takes the colorful card from my fingers. “What is that?” I asked. He only smiled as he placed it back into his wallet.

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I love a good Sissy Phone Sex Faggot

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Hey there all you Sissy’s! I know your looking for that wild Sissy Phone Sex woman to talk to and dress you up. I am your sissy dream girl Mistress here to take you thru the ruffles and the lace and all the pretty little things to make you feel like a real woman. The touch of satin on you is more than you could ever dream of. I will match your eyes with that pretty little skirt and curl your hair for you. You will look like the best woman on the block all the guys will be flying to you wanting you and needing you. Then when they know the truth they will laugh at you.

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Let Mommy Anna Peg The Sissy Phone Sex

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This angry mommy caught her sissy baby trying on her panties!  He will need to be punished in one of my many different ways. I sometimes spank him and scold him. Sometimes I need to tie him to the naughty bench and use my paddle on him or sometimes if he’s been really bad, mommy needs to use her bull whip.

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