Kayla Cumsalot’s The Birds and The Bees

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The birds and the bees, horny little things, are flying around all the time now that the weather is getting nicer. Flowers are blooming and everyone is looking for a mate. So what is it about warmer weather that makes everyone so horny?

I know I feel it. When I wake up, and the sun is already awake. Shining through my blinds, it just makes me feel so much happier than when I wake up in the dark. I love stretching my limbs out across my bed and looking down and seeing my sexy, naked body.

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Nylon Jerk Off Instruction Phonesex

A Topless Kayla looks into the camera

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Do you recall the first time you felt the silky touch of nylon against your cock? I’m sure you do. It was a turning point in your life. I would even wager you still remember what they smelled like. A client once told him his mother’s pantyhose always came smelling of sweet perfume. One that went straight to his cock every time he inhaled the scent.

Scents are a powerful way to trigger a memory, and memories can make the best masturbation fuel. So I want you to fish out your favorite pair of pantyhose and have them ready for when you call.

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Are You Playing In Mommy’s Panties Phonesex

Mommy panties caught masturbating son mom phonesex phone sex

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There was a silence in the house that sends every mother’s suspicion soaring. Things were just a little too quiet. Making my way through the house I listened for any hint of where my son might be playing. His room was empty. Maybe he had gone outside? Then I heard the sound of my dresser drawer opening. That little sneak!

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