~ Cock sucking whore phonesex~

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Just found me a sissy who just loves to be a cock sucking whore. Just loves for men to own him and for him to be forced into being their own personal cock sucker. This sissy just loves the feel of lingerie on his skin. The way the silky fabric feels as it falls over his body. The way the silky panties cradle his clitty.

It makes him really want a stud man to come in and take control over him. Make him want to suck that cock and swallow all the cum that he can manage. That’s not all though; there is a lot more to this sissy I’ve met. To finish off his sissy vibe he needs one more thing. The lipstick. Cock sucking red.

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Cross Dressing Makeover Phone Sex Fun

Do you like to look pretty and sexy? I can help you do just that. I love to have a girl friend to get all made up with from head to toe. I will spend the time to teach you how to look as hot as me and we can go out together to a bar and dazzle those men with our sexiness.

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My Cock Sucking Sissy Slut Phone Sex

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You think I don’t know who you are and what you want? I can hear it in your voice baby.  You are my Cock Sucking Sissy Phone Sex slut. It’s ok baby, that’s my favorite part about you those big dick sucking lips. I can imagine them wrapped around my pretty shecock urging me to fill you up with my sweet sweet cream. I love the feel of you sucking on my big fat ladycock cock trying to get to the very essence of me. Soon sexy girl it will be shooting right down your warm mouth and lining your belly with it…..

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My Double Stuffed Cupcake Bimbo Cheerleader Phone Sex Dolly

She loves to be Mommy’s Cupcake Bimbo Dolly. So obedient and pretty. I love to feminize her from head to toe. Always in pink, so frilly and girly. She makes Mommy so proud, I can’t wait until I show her off to all my friends. Big blonde hair with sparkles and ribbons, and her tight sexy body…..

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex Training Classes With Mistress Alexus

Look at you, you obviously need my help.  You call yourself a cross dresser but you are nowhere near passable. I totally understand that everyone starts out somewhere in their transformation. I mean, look at me! Do you think I morphed into this Hot Transexual Phone Sex Mistress overnight? Of course not. It’s taken years of hormones, mastering the art of mimicry with my voice and a couple surgeries to make all of this happen. Lucky for you, I’ve been there, done that and I make an exceptional trainer for those who are interested in becoming the best sissy they can be! We will get you all dressed up and one thing’s for sure, you’ll need hair and makeup help. One very important sissy rule to live by, never, ever leave the house without your lipgloss!

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Making My Bimbo Phone Sex Sissy Slut

Elaine 844-332-2639 ext 250

You come on over to my place as you have many times before.  I offer you a drink I have blended especially for you. As you drink it you begin to feel light headed and somewhat ditsy. You become totally under my control as you tell me you feel like your brains are being sucked out of your head, lol…….

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The Ultimate Sissy Phone Sex Experience

                Sissy Mistress Elaine   844-332-2639 ext 250

No matter what kind of Sissy you are, a Sissy Slut, a Feminine Sissy,  Sissy Maid, Cuckold Sissy let me take control of you. I will emasculate you and make your phone sex call one you will never forget…….

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Good Sissys Swallow.. Home Wrecking Phone Sex

With Dragon in the next room.. there you are with a nice big hard Cock in your mouth. You and I both know that you would do anything I asked of you.. Because you’re a good little sissy girl, and you love making me happy!

I love making you admit secrets with her in hearing distance… Making sure your SUPER submissive. You need this. You know you do.

Phase one of our home wrecking call has been completed… Phase 2 is going to be even MORE intense….

Get Ready Sissy. Its almost time!




Late Night Phone Sex


Are you sitting there all alone, wondering what you are going to do for the rest of the night? Contemplating about having some fun. Maybe even trying something new.. Well.. Come try phone sex with me, guaranteed to be a one in a million experience! I will blow your mind, and your load before you even know what hit you. Why not try something new? Im completely discrete so no one will ever know that you rendezvoused with a Tranny. Come take a walk on the wild side, don’t keep me waiting any longer.






Virgin Hole Phone sex

 Guess what!! I know you have never had a cock of any size in your tight little asshole! Aren’t you kinda nervous to have one penetrate your tight little bum! Would you be interested in having a big strong black man be the first guy to have a taste of your never before fucked asshole? Its never even seen a toy! Although I have lots of them for u to try out, I know you have just never worked up the nerve to use them! You have just been waiting for some nice gentle… man to come take advantage of your tight little hole!

I won’t be too mean… unless you feel its really necessary!