Military Sissy Phone Sex!

Military Sissy Phone Sex!

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

A sissy like you isn’t cut out for war. I’m not even sure why you’re in the military anyways! You can’t mess up that pretty little face of mine. The draft is coming which means your pathetic soft tush is going to be thrown in a plane and sent overseas! You’re terrified, aren’t you? A girly boy like you is useless out on the battlefield. Don’t worry, I have a fail-proof plan concocted for you!

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Time For Lessons Phonesex

844-332-2639 ext 257

We need to have a bit of a conversation about how you’re going to be impressing me. I want you to make sure that you have everything that you’re going to need.

So the two of us are going to sit down and have a conversation about what you’re going to need for all of your lessons. Don’t be nervous.

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Be Like Me Phone Sex

Poor little sissy was born with a tiny little clitty and body hair. Forced to wear yucky boys clothes and be so masculine. Look at me the pretty long haired Princess you long to be like. I know how bad you want to be able to wear a pretty skirt and blouse out in public instead of your jeans and plain ole’ t-shirt.

I know how you fantasize about combing your long flowing hair right before bed, pulling it back in a pretty feminine braid your bangs falling around your face making you look so pretty. Oh how you long to be a real girl, just like Pinocchio longed to be a real boy. I am here to make your fantasies come true dear little sissy.

I will dress you up and teach you how to be a real girl. Just give me a call.

*Divine Laylene*


Give In To It Sissy

Sissy Boy Learns How To Find A Bra Phone Sex


My little sissy and I went shopping last night, we had to find that silly sissy some bras. Once we got to the store though my little sissy told me she didn’t know how to pick out her size. 🙁 Oh dear that is no good I told her, time to find the sales lady! *giggles*

Once we had the sales lady I asked her to please measure my little sissy here for a bra size. After looking my sissy over with a disgusted look she finally began. Wow little sissy wears a 38C. What will we fill that bra cup with once we get home? Hmm…tissues, paper towels, silicon inserts, socks, panties…The possibilities are endless. I suppose the first step would be to purchase our bras first.

We bougth two from that store and proceeded to the next store. I felt my little sissy needed some more humiliation so at the next store I again asked the sales lady to help us find the right size for my little sissy! *giggles* We went to 4 different stores that day! What a great shopping trip!

Sissy Shopping Guide Laylene


Lesson One Phone Sex How To Be The Perfect Sissy Slut


  So, you want to be a good slut for your Mistress? Well, little sissy bitch you have come to the right place. Miss Laylene will teach you all you need to know about being a good little whore! I will show you how to dress, do your make-up, talk and act. I will also make you a master in the art of sucking cock and getting your little boy pussy fucked!

  You dream of being a hot woman everyday of your life and just know you will never be a woman, but you can be a great little whore if you so choose. So I ask you little sissy bitch…Are you ready? This journey will be long and difficult, but with time and perseverence you will succeed!

  I know you have it in you, sometimes you just do not want to admit it. Afraid of what people will think. Afraid of what people will say. Well, why the fuck do you care. The only person’s opinions you should worry about are mine. I am the one that matters not everyone else. You want to be a good little whore then come to Mistess Laylene’s lessons.

  As the Army says….Be all that you can be…dirty sissy slut! Why waste any more time give me a call tonight and let’s start this process now!




Sissy Training Classes Now In Session Phone Sex


Hello again sissy boys and girls. Time for round two of your training. Today, we are going to focus on dressing. You will learn the basics, such as…

* Learning how to shave that unwanted hair, no matter how many times you cut yourself, you must learn this.

* How to tuck that tiny clitty back in your panties.

* How to put on a bra

* How to do make up

* Finding the perfect wig for your outfit

* Finding the perfect outfit

* Painting nails and doing hair

There are so many things to learn sissy boys and girls, you better come over right away so we can begin our lessons. Oh, I want you all to wear a little school girl outfit when you show up for class. 🙂 See you soon sissies.

Teacher Rayne


Phone Sex Pussy Lessons


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

You dream of having a pretty pussy like mine don’t you? With a pink swollen clit, a warm wet pussy hole to be filled up deeply. You know if you are going to want a pussy, you’re going to need to take care of it properly. Make sure you keep that hair trimmed and neat, or shaved completely. Once a month you’ll have to put a tampon in that sissy ass just like a real girl.

Then slide those sexy panties up over your sissy pussy and make sure to cover that beautiful clit up until it’s play time. Ladies don’t rub their clits whenever they feel like it either, so you’re going to need to learn some manners and etiquette.

I think Lily needs to teach you some lessons on having a pussy, doesn’t she?

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