Hypnosis Helps

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Hypnosis Helps. Sitting and watching across the room as he entered the party in a maid’s uniform. A faint smile crossed my lips as I remembered our conversation during his hypnotic session last evening. He had expressed his secret life as a cross-dresser and wanted to come “out”. After putting him into a very relaxed hypnotic trance I had him visualize himself attending and serving as a maid at my party. I had him feel the outfit; how the ruffle felt on the underskirt and how the bra pushed his boobs up. At our next session, I asked him if he had enjoyed his time as a maid. He said he knew what he was doing but he felt it was something that made him do it. I smiled again. He then asked how he could experience pleasuring a man.

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Mistress Jasmine’s Hardcore Sissy Slut Training Phonesex

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There are as many different forms of feminization and/or sissification as there are those who are interested in this process. With some of my sissies, while I am always very strict, I am also nurturing and supportive. I like to help them embrace the sexy, beautiful woman that lies within and make her shine like a star.

But there are those whose sissy training involves me being very hardcore, treating them like sex toys, just whorish sex objects with few rights and little or no dignity. These sissy sluts I use as my playthings,  pimping them out for my amusement and often using my skill with erotic hypnosis in order to prepare them to live the rest of their lives as brainwashed fuck toys. During the course of their training with me, I will get them to perform many tasks in order to keep them on their girlish little toes. I begin by having them fluff the big cocks of my husband and lovers for me and then progress to stretching out their sissy holes, first with dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons and other toys and then, as we progress, we will move on to getting their boy pussies filled with a plethora of cocks.

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Shopping with the sissy phone sex


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Aren’t these darling?  And if you need those locks to make sure you stay in those heels; they are perfect.  Sometimes locks are needed to make sure the sissy is wearing what they are supposed to.  Just take the key with you or make sure the key is frozen in a bottle of water.  

A cute additive is to have sissy engrave your initials on the lock.  Can you just imagine taking into the store for engraving?  No fair using your own personal engraving tool.  

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