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You want to be like me yes? A proud confident woman. Though you know you can not. You are stuck as you are a sissy prissy. You will never be like I am but something we do share is our love of heels. When you come to me you always take great care in the heels you have picked out.

I have noticed that you care more about them then you do what else you are wearing. I always notice the way you look at mine when I walk in. Your eyes always go right to them. You almost drool for them as your clitty gets hard.

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Such A Beautiful Phone Sex Sissy

Looking at his face as he stepped out of the bedroom in his body hugging teddy, the garter belt stretched tightly around his hips and fastened to his stocking, I knew that I had made the right choice. I could tell by the way his hips began to sway as he became more confident in wearing the heels I had given him that this was going to be a fun evening. His hands were restless as they moved over the satin and lace clinging to his otherwise very masculine body. There is something so erotic about that contrast don’t you think?

I stood up and he not so gracefully went to his knees and kissed my stomach, telling me how beautiful I am and how he had never felt so sexy. I stroked his hair and knelt down with him kissing him deeply and telling him how sexy he looked and that I wanted to make all his fantasies come true. He blushed and asked if I would do his make up and get him a wig so that he could look as girly as possible. Of course I would. He thanked me by using his tongue and fingers to bring me to a thigh trembling orgasm just before he exploded in his own panties. It was a beautiful thing.



Phonesex Mommy & Phonesex Daughter

How cute , I think I love you like that with my panties all up on you stroking your cock with the nice feeling of the silk on your clit. ~giggles~ Yes you know what Me and my very best friend’s Mommy Muffy would love for you to be dressed up in her purple panties and my black and white corset with some stockings and some sexy stilettos. Then Mommy Muffy will force you to suck her wonderful strap on while I fuck you with my strap-on.. ~giggles~ want to be sissified with Mommy Muffy and her daughter Brandi well then you better call us.

Daughter Brandi


Mommy Muffy


Kristin Pimps Out Her Phonesex Sluts

If I’m going to dress you up and pimp you out, you better have a closet full of slutty outfits! Here’s what a good slut always has available to wear:

*thigh-hi fishnet stockings
*short micro-mini skirt
*lacey thong/g-string panties
*tank tops/tube tops
*garter belt
*crimson red lipstick
*4″ stilhetto fuck-me pumps
*false lashes
*push-up bra and push-up cookies
*hoop earrings

These are the things I will require for when you’re on your knees, doing everything I tell you to do 😉


Sissy Phone Sex Fashion Show

   Calling all  sissy boys out there, tonight we are going to have a fashion show. I want to see your cutest, girliest outfit. I want to see lots of lace and ruffles, frilly panties and stockings. I want to see heels and satin. Put on your girliest outfit and give me a call. I know how much you love to play dress up, so why not show it off to someone who appreciates seeing a sissy in all her glory, all dolled up and ready for a night on the town.

  Give me a call tonight and let’s set up our fashion show, I will tell you how nice of a girl you make and also what improvements if any need done. So give in to the desire and let’s play dress up together sissy, I know we will have a blast and who knows maybe you will even get some helpful advice from a real woman?

  What are you waiting for sweet sissy, call now.



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Phone Sex Mistress Hosts A Sissy Tea Party


All these little sissies and so little time, we need to hurry sissy boy and get dressed before our guests arrive.  Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you? We are having a little tea party with some friends. *giggles* I want you to put on this super cute pink frilly dress, white pantyhose (make sure everything is tucked in where it should be), and these white mary jane heels.

I hope you saved me some time and shaved those hairy masculine legs before you came over? Good girl, now come on we have so much to do before the guests arrive. Once we get into the living room you see I set up the table already and there is a special spot marked just for you with a beautiful little tiara. *giggles*

I know how much you enjoy feeling girlie so I thought a little sissy princess you shall be today. *giggles* We get all the desserts and tea supplies out and just as we are setting the table the doorbell rings…come find out how our tea party went.

Mistress Laylene


Phone Sex Sissy Goes Shopping For Sexy High Heels


I sent my little sissy, Courtney out today for some high heels. She asked me how she should dress and how she should ask the saleswoman for help. *sigh* “Oh, Courtney” I told her “you must wear nylons you don’t want to try on sexy high heels with socks on do you?”

“No, but I do not want people to know what I am doing.” was her reply. Silly girl that is half the fun! You need heels and you need to buy them from a store NO online purchases! Finally, Courtney was ready to go she had on pair of jeans and under those a sexy pair of nude nylons. “Courtney my dear do you have your girlie wallet with your money in it?” I asked on the way out of the door.

When we arrived at Payless, they were packed with ladies, gents, and kiddos all looking for some new shoes. In walks little sissy Courtney, she went to the counter and asked the woman if she would be able to help her find shoes. Well, the woman immediately took her to the men’s department. *giggles*

“Oh no I need to find high heels” Courtney told the woman. With a look of shock and embarrassment the woman took her to the ladies department. I don’t know who’s face was redder sissy Courtney or the sales woman’s. *giggles*

Courtney took a seat on the bench and allowed the woman to measure her feet and find her the correct size. When she went to put the heels on Courtney her face grew redder because she saw sissy Courtney had on a pair of stockings. The woman finally asked Courtney what was going on at this point, and little sissy Courtney had to explain how her Mistress has instructed her to get a pair of sexy high heels today.

With a shake of her head the saleswoman went and got a pair of 3 inch red high heels with an ankle strap, and placed them on Courtney’s feet. When Courtney got up to try and walk in them and see how they fit, she just about fell over. *giggles* I suppose Courtney will need lots of practice in her new heels.

Teen Mistress Laylene



Fuckable Sissy Slut Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

I just love inviting my neighbor over and rummaging through the closet to find all the naughty lingerie I have to dress him up with. We have a girls day and do our nails, makeup, hair, and then we get dressed up really sexy. Slips, garters, panties, and heels. Silky and elegant girly girls hanging out together.

The thing is, once he’s all dressed up like that he just looks so fuckable I have to put on my strap-on. I like to see my sissy sluts lips wrapped around it, leaving lipstick rings showing his horny mouth was there. I turn his ass into a cunt too, popping the tip of my toy in and out opening it up.

I make her beg for it, my sissy whore. Beg to be fucked as I pull those panties tight up through her crack, making that clitty all snug like a bug against her pelvis. Then I slowly push my cock deep into that sissy pussy and fill it up, I love to hear her moan like a slut. I make her cum inside those panties, and then suck on them to taste it.

Are you ready to be my sissy bitch? I’m ready to show you how to take a cock properly. Give me a call.

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Sissy Slut’s Trip to the Naughty Book Store Phonesex

I sent my favorite sissy on an excursion, I was quite specific in what and where and how this excursion was to proceed.

 To start with he was to get all dressed up in the matching lingerie, with the garter belt and thigh highs, the cute little denim skirt, and the pink off the shoulder shirt, the white wedge heels.

Then he was to go to the naughty bookstore down the road and take his camcorder with him. He was to meet me there, when he arrived I held my hand out for the camcorder, smiling my wicked smile. Are you ready my sissy slut?

We went into the bookstore and I walked to the back of the store where they have the private viewing rooms. Sissy was instructed to follow after I was already in the room and to come to the same one.

There are these holes on the walls, where men can get their cocks sucked . Pretty soon there was a big black cock poking through the wall, the camcorder was set up and I nodded for sissy to get on his knees and start sucking and licking……..I would love to tell you the rest of what happened so call me. Don’t play alone when we can play together.

Miss Addison



Teasing my Sissy’s Boyclit Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


I want you to put on your sluttiest outfit and stand in front of the mirror. Look at your girlish body and slide your hands all over yourself. Rub that boyclit on the outside of your panties and feel it grow bigger and get all swollen just for Lily.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet.

Slide your hands up your tummy and over your breasts, up your neck and over your face. Watch yourself and visualize yourself being fucked and filled by huge masculine cocks. Being treated like a little slut girl while Lily watches you.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet.

Turn around slowly in the mirror, bending over all the way to touch your high heels, looking at yourself in the mirror between your legs. Slide your hands up the backs of your calves all the way up your thighs and over your curvy ass. Lick your lips and turn around, rubbing your boyclit through your panties.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet… call me and I’ll allow you to do so.

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