Little Stephanie Loves Being A Phone Sex Slut



My favorite little sissy slut called me today to get her weekly dose of strap on. *giggles* After she told me how sexy she looked I knew we had to show her little ass off to my friends. So we got ready and went over to Anna’s house. Once we got there I made little Slut Stephanie work her magic and modeled that sexy outfit.

It didn’t take that little slut long before she was sucking on all our strap ons, deep throating them like a pro, there was one time I saw her double stuff that painted red mouth of hers. *giggles* Watching her cheeks bulge out was so exciting, I went over smacked her ass and told her what a good slut she was.

The next thing Miss Anna, and I and the other girls had slutty Stephanie do was get on her hands and knees, we ripped off those little pink panties of hers and began to toy with her tight little sissy pussy.  Oh how she begged and begged for it hard. What a good little slut she was today I was so proud of her. *giggles*

Princess Laylene


Are You My Type Of Phone Sex Sissy Slut


Are you the kind of sissy who loves to wear sexy and sometimes slutty lingerie and club wear? Do you enjoy having men brought over to the house just for you to serve, as entertainment to my friends and I? I need a little sissy slut that I can teach how to deep throat my strap on.

I love to watch you gag on it, right before pulling it out, having you flip over and pounding that tight little boy pussy of yours. Are you the type of sissy who screams like a girl when you have a huge strap on filling your boy pussy? I bet you are, aren’t you. lol.

Oh, little sissy slut you and I need to have some fun phone fucking time soon, because I know by now that tight little boy pussy is just beging to be fucked hard! Give me a call today.

Mistress Rayne


Naughty Sissy Phone Sex Fun

I hope all of you gorgeous sissy’s had a fabulous Halloween!!! Have you seen the awesome sissy photos that were sent in for the contest? I can’t wait to find out who the winner is!! *grins*

I also can’t wait to hear from my favorite sissy girlfriends all about the night out they had. What they wore, who they danced with, how hot and sexy they acted. I wonder if some of my sissy sluts even got a nice hard dick deep in their naughty boy-pussy.

So give me a call, I’ll be up for awhile, maybe you’re just getting in. Tell me all about it sissy girl, let’s have some naughty phone sex fun!

Don’t forget to join us in the chatroom Tuesday night at 8pm eastern time for our Dirty Minds Trivia Game. I’ll be hosting and YOU could win! Can’t wait to see you there. *grins*

Saturdays: One hour special, pay for 50 minutes, get 60! *All day.*



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Sissy Maid Get To Work Phone Sex



Well my sissy maid it’s the weekend here and that means it’s time to get Lily’s place into tip top shape so she can have parties and entertain guests. That means you have an assignment to do! You better make sure you do a great job for me, and of course be dressed up as pretty as possible while you do it.

Here is your list of chores:

wash windows
sweep and vacuum floors
wash the floors
dust and polish furniture
change the bedsheets
wipe out the bathroom sinks and counters

Of course you will wear an apron and sissy maids uniform, and work very very hard!

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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Phone Sex Sissy For Lily To Fuck


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


Are you ready to get all dressed up for me? Don’t forget those sexy pink panties and matching lace bra to go with it. Don’t worry if you don’t have real breasts like my gorgeous tits. We can fashion you some.

Don’t forget to put on that long blonde wig so you can look like me, and then we’ll need to do your makeup. I think you need some tips on how to put it on. Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and all the rest. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll look almost as sexy as I do.

Then once you’re all dressed up, I’m going to bend you over and turn you into my fuck slut with my big hard strap-on cock. I bet your little boypussy is soooo tight. I can’t wait to fuck it.

8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

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Sample Lily

Calling All Phone Sex Sissy Girls


I want to have a contest sissy girl, to see which one of you can suck on the biggest cock. I want you all to get dressed real sexy for me. Put on your cutest lingerie and pretty red lipstick then come on over to my house. We will have 5 or 6 different sized cocks to experiment on.

I have invited all my sissy girls so let’s hope they all show up. A few of my girlfriends will be coming too so we can enjoy the show. Just watching as all you sissy girls try and take each and every cock deeper and deeper into your mouths. It is a hard decision…you all sucked those cocks so good!

Give me a call and find out who won my little cock sucking contest. *giggles*

Mistress Laylene