Girlie Lessons For My New Sissy Slut


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

A sexy boy toy called me today. Only he didn’t actually wanna be my toy; he wanted to be my sissy, girlie, little dress-up doll. That’s right; this sexy six-foot-tall man wanted me to teach him how to be the best kind of girl. A pretty pampered, super girlie girl.

While we talked, he was wearing a pretty blonde wig and a sexy sports bar. His thong was feeling really good on his sissy cock, and he begged for me to spoil him in the ways of being a girl.

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Crossdressing Sissies

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

Crossdressing sissies are so interesting to me.  I have a few who have been with me for a long time even after training is over.  Girls, you know how we shop for that special outfit. Every thread is to be inspected.  The color has to be a certain hue, and the shape has to be just so therefore has to have all accessories matching. The newest photo I received shows her walking her dog early morning in full dress.  Her navy blue leggings with a matching hoody pulled over her head. The face is in full makeup and the wig is brushed, the nail polish to match, Ugg’s shoes round out her outfit.  You would never believe it is the same sissy I started out with. For one thing, I couldn’t get her to go out even at the night.

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Sissy Hissy Fit

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

Sissy Hissy Fit today. Our live-in sissy housekeeper is such a cum slut.  She came in with cum dried on her face and clothing.  She couldn’t wait to tell me what went on at the glory hole.  Sissies love being the first one to suck new cock.  Her other sissy friends dress up to impress but she didn’t.  She decided to go the raw slut way.  Showing up at the glory hole to claim what she wanted.  She went in there waited to meet her man and took him.  The real problem began when her sisters seemed to turn on her.  They are saying she put some kind of spell on him.  When these sissies get over-excited it edges on funny.  She is ready to take them all on over a new dick.  They should know she didn’t put a spell on anyone.

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Felicity Shows You How to Be a Cock-Loving Girl Phonesex

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

You’ve come to me, knowing I can help you channel that feminine vein coursing through you. I know how to nurture it and make it blossom. Together we’ll find the perfect LINGERIE to make you feel like a goddess. You’ve wondered and longed for too long if you could be this ideal feminine figure you see in your dreams, and Princess, I’m here to make those dreams a reality.

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Shaving My Pussy Phonesex

Nude Kayla cumsalot cups her breasts and looks down at her slender body.

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

For the last month, he hasn’t allowed me to shave or trim my pubic hair. It’s been tough for me because I love the feeling of my smooth, freshly shaven pussy lips. However, I promised him I wouldn’t touch it when he requested I leave it alone. Now that it’s grown out a little, I can’t keep my fingers off it. I find myself putting my hands in my pants while watching tv or scrolling on my phone to tease my fingers through the swatch of soft hair.

He came over today with a wicked gleam in his eyes. I knew I was in for something fun when he lifted a spreader bar and instructed me to get undressed. I got naked quickly, and he placed a towel down on the bed. He positioned me on top of the towel and then opened my eyes and secured the spreader bar between my ankles. I knew it was past time for some fun shaving play.

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Now’s The Time Phonesex

the time

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349 

Now’s the time you crossdressing, sissy girl wannabes! Get out the wigs, haul out the makeup, unravel the pantyhose! Dress your manly ass up and transform into the slutty bitch you long to be. Everyone will assume you are a jokester. A happy little prankster who’s better at blending than they would have guessed, but for you! Oh, you’ll be the belle of the ball!

All decked out and pretty with everyone’s attention zeroed in on you.

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If Only You Were Me Phonesex

Blue lingerie displayed over two BBC dildos

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-332-2639 x 357

If only you were me, you could receive gifts like this too. I know you cock-hungry, faggot sluts are drooling over this picture. A wonderful caller sent me this sexy as fuck lingerie set and two big, black dildos to practice with. These are the things every girl needs.

When you call and tell me to train you and make you more like me, these are the things I expect you to have ready—one thick and long dildo for you to suck on. I want to hear you deep throating that big old dick, so I know you’ll be a good girl for me when I pimp you out.

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Boys Love Boobs Almost as Much As Sissies Do Phonesex

Pretty, blonde, MILF felicity cups her bar covered tits while kneeling.

Phonesex With Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Boobs, tits, flesh bags, no matter how you identify them, you sissies are more obsessed with those mounds of jello than real boys are. Sure, maybe you are so crazy about them because you ache to have a sexy set of your own, but lately, that is all I have heard from my girls.

“I can’t wait to have breasts! Big, big ones!” What is it about those heavy breast forms that finally trigger your sissy senses into believing you’re a real girl?

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Are You Man Enough To Be My Sissy Phonesex


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

Are you man enough to be my sissy? It takes real balls to get on your knees and be a slutty bimbo. Think about all the humiliating, terrible tasks I’ll ask you to perform. Do you think you can handle all of those dirty details? Like knowing I’ll make you suck off any man we see?

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Embracing Who We Are Phonesex with MILF Felicity

Pretty blonde Felicity posing in a white dress

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Sometimes we aren’t lucky enough to be born into the body we feel fits us best. The worst thing we can do when that happens is LIE to ourselves and continue trying to fit into a mold that isn’t meant for us. You know what I mean, don’t you? My words ring true in your soul as you read them.

You’re a man. A big, strong man. Who probably provides for a family and runs a mega, super, important company…but that mold is too tight. It’s not the one that fits your true self, is it?

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