Phone Sex is what you need, Delicate Princess

I just got home from shopping and have all kinds of beautiful things for my sweet and delicate princess to try on for me.  I know you love to parade around for me, twirling and showing off your little frilly dresses, your creamy buttocks flashing when you bend over to tie your little pink ribbon shoelaces.
I love to see you smile when you skip around in a new dress – the lavender and cotton candy pink satin material shimmers when you curtsy for me – I know you love to make me proud, and you beam when you bring me a bouquet of flowers.
Why don’t you call and tell me what else you want to do together…


Kristin’s Phonesex Sissy Pantysue

Poor little pantysue… such a sad little sissy who will never have nice big perky titties like me.

She is stuck wearing falsies all her life, knowing that my nice perky titties are so beautiful and feminine– something she only dreams about!

She wrote me this nice little poem the other day, expressing to me her feelings about being my little sissy, and how she will forever be a falsies-wearing wannabe girl.

“As i write wearing panties so pink
Of MsKristin is all i can think
Such breasts to behold
Tight pussy i’m told
Then She smiles and gives me a wink

But a prissy sissy of course am i
Training bra wearing sort of a guy
At Her pictures i stare
That magnificent pair
i can’t help but ask myself why

i wish i had boobs just like hers
And a pussy that not only purrs
No way to compare
So falsies I’ll wear
Second best tits, MsKristin ensures

Then back to those pictures i go
And my clitty does once again grow
Those gorgeous tits
Just give me fits
And MsKristin laughs and says no

But it’s so hard to keep my hands off
Looking at Your nipples so soft
I’m your Mistress tonight
So don’t put up a fight
Or I will have to chop that thing off

A good prissy will always obey
So i take my sissy hands away
For denial is good
At stacking wood
And i live to stoke another day”


Mistress Kristin

Phonesex Sexpert Cory Teaches You About Dildos

When it cums to dildos and vibrators, why not ask Mistress Cory.

I am a sex toy expert, and have much experience with all the different kinds of toys out there!

What are you looking for? Soemthing realistic, that looks just like that cock and balls that you think about when you rub your clitty?

Or how about something that vibrates, because why not- it feels so good in our pussies and you know it!

Or how about something nice and big and chocolate coloured!? You know you love to suck on that cock and make it nice and wet before sliding it into that little pussy of yours!

So why not ask Mistress Cory, the sexpert, and she will teach you all there is to know about toys, and anything else you have questions about.

Mistress Cory

Phonesex Girl Time With Kristin

Mmmm summer‘s here and what a better time to dress my sissies up in cute skimpy outfits and take them out!

We need to make sure we go to the salon and get our pedicures done, so we look super cute in sandals! We’ll do our nails, get our eyebrows shaped and maybe even go tanning… Don’t want any tan lines when we’re wearing different bathing suits on the beach!

Let’s get all dolled up and make the boys go crazy over us… and maybe we’ll do some naughty things to them 😉

What do you think, sissy girlfriend? Let’s have some girl time!


What Kind Of Phone Sex Sissy Are You


Do you enjoy playing dress up? Sliding on those satin panties with the lace edging, or those black sexy thigh highs?

Are you a sissy who loves to be humiliated because you dress like a lady or even because you have a small cock?

Maybe you are the type of sissy girl who loves to have the little pussy played with, using a big fat strap on? *giggles*

No matter what kind of sissy you are give me a call because I just love to play with each and every one of you.

Mistress Laylene



Sissy Boy Phone Sex Make-Up Session

   Today my sweet little sissy boy, we are going to give you a makeup make over. We will be going to the local mall where we can use the makeup counter. I am so excited, come on sissy get in the car. Once, we get to the mall we stop by Boscov’s first. This store is a very high end store and they have the best makeup.

   Sit on the chair sissy boy and close your eyes. First, I begin by finding a nice liquid foundation, that will bring out the inner beauty you have. Next it is time for the powder foundation, we want all those blemishes covered, sissy you can not be seen with blemishes! Taking a step back I look at your face, ok sissy open those eyes and let me take a look at you. Hmmm…I got it, ok close those eyes again. I watch as the bypassers glance and sometimes stare. I know they are asking themselves what the hell is she doing to that man? If they only knew that you enjoy this sissy boy, wouldn’t they be shocked. *laughs* Who cares what they think you are beautiful to me. *smiles*

  I have chosen a very nice white stick eyeshadow, now as I apply it I tell you do not open those eyes because the eyeshadow needs a second to dry. As we wait for your white eyeshadow to dry I apply a rose colored blush to give your cheeks that hint of color, which they lack! Sissy boy I must admit you are making a very nice girl so far. We have a long way to go though. Open those eyes little girlie boy, as I apply the black eyeliner, you get your first glimpse of the bypassers and their stares. I see your cheeks getting red and that is not the blush. *laughs* The truly funny thing is you enjoy the humiliation of it all!

   Ok, girlie boy we need one more thing to complete your makeup then it will be off to the lady’s department for some skirt and blouse fittings. Pucker your lips like so, I apply a bright red lipstick to your lips. Now, sissy blow an air kiss. Perfect!! Come on now let’s pay for your make-up and go find some girl clothes for you!

  Are you a lonely little sissy boy who would love a shopping trip? Give Mistress Laylene a call!



Cock Worshipping Phone Sex For All You Sissy Girls


Tonight, my little sissy Miss Laylene is going to teach you all about cock worship…My friend has agreed to help us. *giggles*

First, we need to get you all dressed and looking sexy…how about this tight black mini skirt, a very low v cut shirt, that way this red lace bra will peek out of it. Don’t forget your stockings and stilettos little sissy girl. Now, when he comes I want you to have him come in and sit in the living room.

Get on your knees sissy girl, and watch patiently as I unbutton his pants letting that huge cock spring out. Shocked aren’t you, it is a big fat cock! *giggles* Now, the most important part of cock worshipping is your pretty red lips, so come here and let me help you put some lipstick on.

Now, you are all set, start by caressing his cock and balls gently. Tease that cock a bit before you bring it pleasure. Now sissy girl take your tongue and run it slowly up the shaft of that cock and when you get to the head gently wrap your pretty red lips around it. That is great!

Good girl sissy now take your hand and place it around the base of the cock like so and begin to slide the cock into your mouth. Those red lips wrapped around that cock look amazing!

Now if you would like to worship this big cock some more, give me a call and let me teach you how.

Naughty Mistress Laylene


Phone Sex Mistress Hosts A Sissy Tea Party


All these little sissies and so little time, we need to hurry sissy boy and get dressed before our guests arrive.  Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you? We are having a little tea party with some friends. *giggles* I want you to put on this super cute pink frilly dress, white pantyhose (make sure everything is tucked in where it should be), and these white mary jane heels.

I hope you saved me some time and shaved those hairy masculine legs before you came over? Good girl, now come on we have so much to do before the guests arrive. Once we get into the living room you see I set up the table already and there is a special spot marked just for you with a beautiful little tiara. *giggles*

I know how much you enjoy feeling girlie so I thought a little sissy princess you shall be today. *giggles* We get all the desserts and tea supplies out and just as we are setting the table the doorbell rings…come find out how our tea party went.

Mistress Laylene


Phone Sex Tease For A Sissy



I want you to put on your sluttiest outfit and stand in front of the mirror. Look at your girlish body and slide your hands all over yourself. Rub that boyclit on the outside of your panties and feel it grow bigger and get all swollen just for Lily.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet.

Slide your hands up your tummy and over your breasts, up your neck and over your face. Watch yourself and visualize yourself being fucked and filled by huge masculine cocks. Being treated like a little slut girl while Lily watches you.

You are not allowed to slide your hands inside your panties yet.

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!

Schedule: mornings/afternoons/some late nights



My Website – Click Here

Calling All Phone Sex Sissy Girls


I want to have a contest sissy girl, to see which one of you can suck on the biggest cock. I want you all to get dressed real sexy for me. Put on your cutest lingerie and pretty red lipstick then come on over to my house. We will have 5 or 6 different sized cocks to experiment on.

I have invited all my sissy girls so let’s hope they all show up. A few of my girlfriends will be coming too so we can enjoy the show. Just watching as all you sissy girls try and take each and every cock deeper and deeper into your mouths. It is a hard decision…you all sucked those cocks so good!

Give me a call and find out who won my little cock sucking contest. *giggles*

Mistress Laylene