She Loves Thrills

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

 She loves thrills.  Thrills of getting caught.  I’ve had her do different things where she has barely had the time to escape.  We’ve done this before where she cuffs herself to the computer desk so she can still be seen by me.  *giggle*  It’s always worked out fine. But!………yes there’s a but this time. It was near time for her roommate to come home from work and she knew it.  Planned for it. *giggle*  But….didn’t plan on leaving the bottle with the cuff key in it; in the freezer!  LMAO, I could hear her breath…short and so excited.  Kept repeating….” the roommate will be here soon”…..”no key; what the fuck am I gonna do?”  LMAO  All I could think of was she was trapped and the hunter was coming. Suddenly I heard this loud clash; she had somehow pulled the leg of the desk up enough that she could slide the cuff from under!

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