Gay Annihilation Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 EXT 288

If I say to you “hey bitch“, it does not surprise you.  You have been craving cock and you cannot get it out of your mind.  All you can think about is FORCED BI.  I have been working very hard to make you crave cock.  I have been mindfucking you to think that you cannot live without cock.  You want to want to taste it in your mouth.  Your mouth to be filled with cock.  Your mouth to be fucked with cock.  Your mouth to be FUCKED HARD with cock.

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Been begging me phonesex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

You have been missing something from your sissy garb. Something that you have been begging me for that I told you that you must earn before I provide this to you. A collar. Not just any collar though no. A collar fit for a sissy like yourself. Today you have gotten your wish. For today your collar has arrived.

Pink leather studded with stones with the single word sissy on it. Fit just for you. Made just for you. This is now something you will wear always. Never able to hide it or take it off. Something the world will see and will know deep down who you truly are. No more hiding your sissy ways. You now belong to me.

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Sissy Slut For Sale Phonesex

Sissy Slut For Sale Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

You will always be a filthy sissy slut. You’re only purpose in life is to sell your body for me. You will suck, fuck, and pump any guy that comes through this door as long as he pays me. You’re not allowed to say no. So many guys are interested in trying out my newest sissy slut for sale. 

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Forced Sissy Phone Sex

Lyric    844-332-2639   x247

It should not be a surprise that secretly I have always loved the idea of turning a man into a woman, and doing it using force.  I would want him to know what it feels like for a girl.

Brings back memories… I remember when I was a little girl, my cousin and I made her brother come into our room and somehow forced him into makeup.  The fact that we could make him do it, the expressions on his face. It was nothing else but thrilling.

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Sissy Training Phonesex with Mistress Lyric

Mistress Lyric ===> 844-332-2639 x 247

First of all, you have never imagined in your wildest dreams, that you would start fantasizing about dick.  You never thought that you were the type to crave dick.  You always told yourself you are straight.

Second of all, you dated women your entire life.  But at some point you got curious and wanted to explore some new fetishes.  I bet you got tired of the same old boring jerk off stuff.  You wanted to expand your sexual horizons.  So curiosity got the best of you. 

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Sissy and JOI Humiliation Phonesex

Collette 1-844-332-2639 ext 383

You simply cannot stop thinking about it.  You can’t help it when you get horny.  You are always thinking about cock.  It’s ok, don’t be afraid.  It’s fun.

You still love women and you find them beautiful and attractive.  You wouldn’t want to marry a man and be in some domestic partnership.  But sometimes, when you’re horny, it just feels good to think about cock.

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He Loved Being Forced To Suck Cock Phonesex

forced to suck cockMONA * YOUR EROTIC PHONE SEX OBSESSION * 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

Forced to suck cock for Mistress Mona

He was nervous. Mistress said he would be forced to suck cock tonight. He had been in sissy training with Miss Mona for only a few short months. But he had come so far. And he even told Mistress he wasn’t gay. He just liked the panties and serving her. But she’d been whispering in his ear for weeks that soon he’d be a good little cocksucker too. He’d laughed it off but it also sent a shiver of sexual excitement down his spine whenever she mentioned it.

Perhaps he knew when asked for sissification that this is how it would end up. He felt his own cock begin to stir in his silky panties. His heart beat faster when he heard her knock on his door. He was dressed in the lingerie Miss Mona had bought him and he applied his red lipstick expertly. He opened the door and found his Mistress standing there. And behind her, a tall, effeminate-looking young man with a bulge already visible in his tight pants.

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Forced To Suck Cock Phonesex With Miss Mona

forced to suck cockMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2636 EXT 316

Open up slut!

So, the day has come. And, you will be forced to suck cock and you will like it. Just like the good little slut that you are. Seems like this is what you were destined for my little sissy slut. And nothing shows Miss Mona how dedicated you are to your sissy lifestyle than proving what a good little cocksucker you are.

Perhaps you’ve been fighting it for a long time. Maybe you just thought to yourself, I just like to dress up like a girl. I’m not a cocksucker. Oh, but you are. And I’m going to force you to take in a giant, hard, throbbing erection whether you like it or not!

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Vanessa’s Forced Face Fuck Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

On your knees, now. Yes, you, the simpering, shy little faggot cuck that you are. I want you to be the consummate cum guzzling whore that I know you are deep down inside. Begging for dick is what you do best. Big cock, little cock, medium-sized cock, it just doesn’t matter. You take them all on, don’t you?

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