Phone Sex Sissies

Do you like to wear panties? Or maybe you find yourself feeling more comfortable being girlie, because being masculine is just to much pressure?  Or maybe you enjoy being treated badly, by a beautiful woman. If so, then  I am your dream come true!  I love sissies and I can’t wait to have my way with you! Lol, it’s going to be so much fun ( for me anyway). I know some of you are reluctant, but I have special ways of persuasion!  I hope you are ready for me!



Let Me Introduce You To… Phonesex

Well miss sissy, you’re all dressed up, with nowhere to go!

Let’s see if we can take you out on the town and introduce you to some of my friends…

This is Johnny– he has a huuuuge fat cock, and knows how to use it

This is Tyrone, and he has a nice thick piece of meat too! Can you believe it!?

And this is Jeremy. His cock is nice and long, with a nice big mushroom head on it…

Hmmm they all have something in common, don’t they. Well, sissy– what are you waiting for? Get down on your knees and introduce yourself. Show these boys the skills I taught you, and try not to smudge that lipstick.

Keep sucking until I say so…

Mistress Cory

Kristin’s Phonesex Sissy Maid Sucks Cock


Once upon a time, there was a little sissy who I dressed in a pretty little french maid outfit!

I brought her some nice big chocolate cocks to suck on and teach her to be a really good little cum slut.

She bent over and sucked that cock, getting crimson red lipstick on the head. From behind, she took another big cock into her boi-pussy, but was told she would only get it all if she deep throated that cock.

She could taste the precum dripping down the back of her throat, which made her little clitty hard.

My good little cum slut has only seen the beginning… What will I make her do next? Would you like to be my little cum slut?

Mistress Kristin

Sissy Boy Learns How To Find A Bra Phone Sex


My little sissy and I went shopping last night, we had to find that silly sissy some bras. Once we got to the store though my little sissy told me she didn’t know how to pick out her size. 🙁 Oh dear that is no good I told her, time to find the sales lady! *giggles*

Once we had the sales lady I asked her to please measure my little sissy here for a bra size. After looking my sissy over with a disgusted look she finally began. Wow little sissy wears a 38C. What will we fill that bra cup with once we get home? Hmm…tissues, paper towels, silicon inserts, socks, panties…The possibilities are endless. I suppose the first step would be to purchase our bras first.

We bougth two from that store and proceeded to the next store. I felt my little sissy needed some more humiliation so at the next store I again asked the sales lady to help us find the right size for my little sissy! *giggles* We went to 4 different stores that day! What a great shopping trip!

Sissy Shopping Guide Laylene