Forced Feminization Is The Only Way Phonesex

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Sadie      1-844-332-2639 ext 222

“You can’t force me to dress like a woman!” You say in protest as I fasten the bra behind your back.

“The Hell I can’t! Whose fault is it that we even have to have this meeting with Mr. Johnson?” I pull the sleeves up your arms and forced the zipper up squeezing your rib cage tightly.

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Sissy Bitch Forced Feminization Phonesex

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262

I do so adore seeing my Sissy Bitch doing exactly as I demand! I love dressing you up in so much more than just a pair of panties. Your sad little cocklette NEEDS the ultimate in forced feminization phone sex.

Let us get that lacy push up bra and these satin panties and oh darling–just slip on this garter belt for me! Ha, the more dolled up you get, the more swollen those little balls become. Oh you did not think this was about you looking hot like me, did you? No, not at all. This is about me humiliating the fuck out of your fat clitty. It is about me pulling on your nipples and pimping out all your sissy holes for huge cocks of my choosing! Let us see what that hot mouth of yours can do to a big delicious alpha cock! Let me see if you are worthy of even a minute of my time. Apply for Mistress Jasmine’s Sissy Bitch Classes today and let’s see if you are–WORTHY.

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Ivana Danger Sissy Superstar Phonesex

 JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262

“Oh, yes, looking good, sexy girl!” “Show us those tits!” “Nice assIVANA!

He was clad in panties, a padded bra, short skirt, low cut blouse and high heels. Clinging to his long toned legs were sheer pantyhose under which every single hair had been ripped out out by the waxing treatment given to him by the prison guards. Now they were leading him in chains down the concrete corridor of Cellblock D, maximum security prison in Belarus, Eastern Europe. A makeshift runway had been erected and the intensely masculine, hardened criminals were getting the show of their life as Ivan Denosovitch–now known as Ivana Danger– was putting on a sexy sissy fashion show for their amusement –and arousal.

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The Feminization of Todd Stanwick-The Final Chapter

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

He was silent as the women stood about him laughing and talking, making plans for the future of the person named Tara Stanwick. That person was him. He knew this on some level but again it was all a blur of sight and sound, as though his life was a movie on television and the reception kept going in and out.

“We are all nervous when we have new girls in the office,” Grace was saying. “You never know how they will fit in and measure up but Tara has developed and blossomed in so many more ways than we could ever have hoped.”

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The Feminization of Todd Stanwick Phonesex-Part 5

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

It was the day before the end of summer vacation and Todd Stanwick was elated. His summer job would end tomorrow and along with it the mad charade that he had maintained for the last two and a half months–the charade that he was a girl named Tara. He could barely contain himself when he thought of tomorrow and how he would then be able to leave the office, go home and finally and forever wash off the makeup, remove the pantyhose and heels and dispose forever of all the feminine accoutrements that had been part of his disguise and return to some semblance of normalcy, to try to recover from the humiliating mindfuck of this summer, to attempt to mend his masculinity which, after his mother’s efforts to feminize him, had been left in shreds.

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The Feminization of Todd Stanwick Phonesex Part 3

JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

Todd could hardly believe that he was standing in his father’s office, made up to perfection, with acrylic nails glued to his fingertips, flowing long hair extensions glued to his scalp and a padded bra and matching lace panties beneath a short skirt and a blouse which was unbuttoned just a hint so that the bodice of that white lacy bra showed. And the pantyhose of course. And the high heels that his mother had insisted he wear. His mother, who was looking triumphantly at his father, whom he had not seen in months and saying, “You no longer have a son! Meet your daughter, darling. Meet–TARA! She is transgender!”

She spat the word out with contempt. Through the mad blur Todd was able to perceive the look of shock and horror on his father’s face as he looked at him. “That,” said his mother, waving her elegant, perfectly French manicured hand toward Todd, “is what comes of you having the temerity to leave ME. ME of all women! And then you didn’t bother do be around for your son, did you? This is what comes from being absent from our lives. You have done this. Are you happy?”

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The Feminization of Todd Stanwick Phonesex-Part Two

JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262

Todd Stanwick awoke and immediately regretted it. He had made plans to go out with his friends on a fishing trip that day so it was an unpleasant surprise when his beautiful mother shook him awake and with a cruel smile upon her crimson lips and said “Today is the day, Todd!” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes groggily. “What do you mean, Mom? Today is what day?” His mother narrowed her eyes as her smile, which did not reach those flint-like eyes  broadened.

“Why today Todd–today is the day you are going to realize–your– dream,” she spat the last word out contemptuously. “Today is the day you are going to find out what it feels like to become a woman!”

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The Feminization of Todd Stanwick

JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262

It began casually enough. Todd was sitting with his mother, yes, his beautiful mother….  Her features were patrician and perfect with just that touch of strangeness about the slant of her eyes that changes mere prettiness to beauty. Her hair was long and lush, her makeup exquisite. Even lounging on the divan, watching television with her son, she wore a designer dress that clung to her slim but luscious bodysoft, silky pantyhose and high heels. Beneath this, though Todd could not, of course see,  he knew from his furtive searches of her lingerie drawer, that she wore one of her many gorgeous matching bra and pantie sets. His mother always dressed to perfection, from the top of her head to the tips of her pedicured toes.

When the commercial for pantyhose came on the television, Todd didn’t realize the intensity of his gaze until he noticed his mother watching him with raised eyebrows and the vague disdain which was almost always part of her expression deepened into something very closely resembling contempt. “Son,” she said sternly, “why are you watching that commercial that way? It almost seems as though you want to wear pantyhose.”

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Not Quite the Phone Sex Date He Had Planned

He was persistent, like a buzzing fly in my ear every time I would see him. “Please Sadie, just go out with me one time, please Sadie, I will treat you like a queen, please Sadie I will do ANYthing  please just one time let me take you out.”  I refused him a thousand times but I finally realized that it was going to take a more direct approach. I told him I would go out with him but he had to do everything I said. He would dress, speak, act and do everything as I said when I said or it was off. I told him at the first sign of rebellion I would never speak to him again. He more than eagerly agreed.

I sent him a beautiful red satin and lace cami and panties and told him to wear it beneath his suit. When he picked me up I told him to drive me to my real date’s home where I introduced him as my clean up cuck boy and he started to object but when I raised my eyebrow he just bowed his head and mumbled his agreement. While Cliff and I had dinner the cuck changed out of his suit and ate on his knees off the floor. Then while Cliff shared his lovely 8” cock with me the cuck boy sat in the corner listening until it was time for him to suck Cliff’s cum from my pussy.  On the way home cuckboy was already asking me for a 2nd date.



Erotic Transformation Phone Sex

You wake up slowly, your mind still filled with sexy erotic dreams.  Something is different, something is wrong!  You feel a strange weight on your chest and the silky strands of your hair around your shoulders.  Your fingers find smooth soft skin instead of the rough hairy texture that you are used to.

Perhaps you should have listened when I told you that you need to understand the way a woman feels.  Now the spell has been cast and there is no turning back.

Don’t open your eyes yet, run those fingers down your new curvy body until they reach that soft moist spot between your legs.  I can hear your moans as you discover the pleasures of your secret folds.  Our adventure has just started my newly feminized pet.

Mistress Taryn


My Bedroom