Forced Cocksucking Phone Sex

Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

Forced cocksucking with Mistress Pandora. You were born to be on your knees. Why do you fight the urges to be a come guzzling cockwhore? What makes you think they’re just going to disappear? I’m lining up my basement wall with real cocks and sticky dongs. Practice makes pervert, so I’ll push your head onto a dick, and make you suck it balls deep.

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Sucking That First Cock Phone Sex


Now that you serve me on a regular basis, there is no turning back. The tasks I’ve had you complete have been part of my master plan and each task builds from the last one.  First, I got you addicted to our sessions so you would only be able to cum under my direction. (As if your wife cares…..she’s fucking around anyway lol) Then I made you wear panties every time you wanted to masturbate. They started out, pretty but not too feminine.

Now they are always pink with a lot of lace and you have to wear them all the time…..even to work.  Soon, you were wearing a butt plug every time you stroked and I sent you on humiliating shopping sprees to buy penis enlargement devices, tampons, and even some women’s magazines. I got you addicted to the Cosmo sex quizzes!

Long story, short (no, not your cock, lol), I got you addicted to me and now I have you addicted to cock.  You never thought I’d make you cross so many boundaries and today you wanted to know if you could just go back to wearing panties. Well, you tell me. Can you un-ring a bell? Can you un-suck that first cock?