As my sissy phonesex

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As my sissy in training it is up to me to make sure that you get the best experience that you can get. For you to learn to love everything that you can about being a sissy. We have been working on grooming your sissy body. Shaving as you should. Hairless all over. I am sure you thought this was just for grooming reasons but this is not the case. Lift your arms above your head.

Do you see the smooth skin there now? Your armpits have been prepared for something much more fun than simply grooming. There are more ways to fuck then you know. One being with the newly shaved pits of yours. I have for you a gift. Another sissy in training here for the same reason you are. You will both be taking turns getting your clittys hard together.

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Anal Stretching Phonesex

Anal Stretching Phonesex

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You need to relax and learn how to properly take a cock in your tight boy pussy if you want to be a good sissy slut. Some of you are not cut out for my feminization etiquette training. That’s because you’re destined to be used for sex like the whore you are. The only thing you’re good at is deepthroating cock and licking it clean. You seem to need more practice with anal sex. This is why we’ll be doing some anal stretching exercises when you come to see me tonight.

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Meet My New BFF Phonesex

XXX Collette XXX 1-844-332-2639 ext 383

Time has come for me to reveal something.  It is definately time that I reveal with whom I have been spending so much time with.  Yes you are probably thinking he is just my type.  Tall, dark and handsome with all the fuckable qualities I want and crave.  But I don’t want to burst your bubble, the one whom I want to reveal and expose is my new bimbo BFF.

You see, my new bimbo BFF was once a man named….well it doesn’t really matter what that old name was, does it?  Her name is Savannah.  It just happens to be that I get to drag her to all my girlie outings. It’s funny how she TRIES to resist, but it doesn’t really work.  She tries to point out that she is still a man.  But all I see is….

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He Loved Being Forced To Suck Cock Phonesex

forced to suck cockMONA * YOUR EROTIC PHONE SEX OBSESSION * 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

Forced to suck cock for Mistress Mona

He was nervous. Mistress said he would be forced to suck cock tonight. He had been in sissy training with Miss Mona for only a few short months. But he had come so far. And he even told Mistress he wasn’t gay. He just liked the panties and serving her. But she’d been whispering in his ear for weeks that soon he’d be a good little cocksucker too. He’d laughed it off but it also sent a shiver of sexual excitement down his spine whenever she mentioned it.

Perhaps he knew when asked for sissification that this is how it would end up. He felt his own cock begin to stir in his silky panties. His heart beat faster when he heard her knock on his door. He was dressed in the lingerie Miss Mona had bought him and he applied his red lipstick expertly. He opened the door and found his Mistress standing there. And behind her, a tall, effeminate-looking young man with a bulge already visible in his tight pants.

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Miss Mona’s Forced Feminization of Crystal

forced feminizationMONA * YOUR EROTIC PHONE SEX OBSESSION * 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

“Forced” feminization

When Crystal first approached me, she did it under the guise of “forced bisexuality.” However, let me be clear. Crystal was born to suck cock. And to be fucked by cock. Whether it is from my strap-on or from a real, stud of a man, this forced feminization phone sex is in name only.

Perhaps it’s because men who also love cock are one of my personal favorite kinks? But Crystal sought me out and we clicked immediately. And I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to have a little slut so committed to cock. She does everything I tell her to do. And our phonesex chat sessions are intense.

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CYO Phonesex Adventure: Slave In Chastity-Pink Box

create your own adventure phone sex chastity forced bi

Sadie           1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I reached down and wrapped my warm hand around the soft silicone cage. The little bumps of hard flesh trying to find any escape that it may, rubbed against my thumb. My slave’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Thank you Mistress” he sighed.

I whispered against his ear. “You are my toy aren’t you slave?” A silent nod was my reply. I looked down and could see the precum drops trickling from the oblong slit of his cage. I removed my hand from the compressed little captive and stood up, walking towards the door. “You will obey.” I stated the fact knowing that it was unnecessary but I just liked to be clear. I opened the door and through it walked a gorgeous male specimen.

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Sucking That First Cock Phone Sex


Now that you serve me on a regular basis, there is no turning back. The tasks I’ve had you complete have been part of my master plan and each task builds from the last one.  First, I got you addicted to our sessions so you would only be able to cum under my direction. (As if your wife cares…..she’s fucking around anyway lol) Then I made you wear panties every time you wanted to masturbate. They started out, pretty but not too feminine.

Now they are always pink with a lot of lace and you have to wear them all the time…..even to work.  Soon, you were wearing a butt plug every time you stroked and I sent you on humiliating shopping sprees to buy penis enlargement devices, tampons, and even some women’s magazines. I got you addicted to the Cosmo sex quizzes!

Long story, short (no, not your cock, lol), I got you addicted to me and now I have you addicted to cock.  You never thought I’d make you cross so many boundaries and today you wanted to know if you could just go back to wearing panties. Well, you tell me. Can you un-ring a bell? Can you un-suck that first cock?


Sissy For All Seasons Phone Sex

Most little girls have played with dolls when they were growing up, I was no different. I loved dressing my dolls to go with the seasons…and now is no different I like to have my sissy boys dress for the seasons.

New Years: Lots of color and sequins, ruby red lips made for  cock sucking

Valentine’s Day: Sexy red lingerie and a desire to be rammed hard

Easter: Little bunny ears, white leotard and a little fuzzy tail.

The Fourth: Red lips, White stockings, Blue panties

Halloween: A slutty little number and ready for lots of tricks

Thanksgiving: A little indian whore on her knees ready to please and give thanks for the cock about to fuck her

Christmas: The cute little sissy clit all tied in a bow

Are you the type of sissy who can entertain me for the seasons? Let’s see how entertaining you are!

*Divine Laylene*


Let’s Play Dress Up

Taylor Cheers For The Phone Sex Sissy Slut

You better be at my house tonight at 7 pm sharp!! I have a super hot date scheduled for you!!! I want you to show up wearing a trench coat with absolutely NOTHING on underneath it!!! Once you get here, you are to crawl up to my bed room, on all fours, and sit in the corner facing the wall waiting for me.

Once I return from the mall with your new outfit, and items that you will need, we will have some REAL fun!! I push you down on the bed, and force you into a matching hot pink bra and panty set. Lacey with little pink slutty bows. Then of course I put on some bubble gum pink cock sucking lipstick, and pink glittery eyeshadow. Dont forget about this cute little garter slip and sheer pink fishnet thigh highs!!!

Once all dressed up, I put on your pink SLUT embroidered collar, and leash, and lead you downstairs where my hot stud friend, aka your date awaits. I’m going to sit in the corner with my legs crossed, cheering you on to be my little slut with him.  Want the full, juicy, slutty details? Call me, or lets do a chat!

~Princess Taylor


Cassandra the Pump Slut Phone Sex

Cassandra the Pump Slut is such a proud little whore.  You see, Cassandra loves Big Black Cock. He would never admit this of course, but I know what he needs and what he craves with every inch of his being.  He always starts off resisting and he puts up such a brave fight at first. But after I dress him his nasty little thongs and a micro mini skirt so tight his little clitty pokes through, the slut in him just takes over! I make him park 3 blocks away from the local glory hole, so he has to make the humiliating walk of shame in his slutty little outfit and 5 inch heels.

By the time he arrives, his nipples are hard from the cool night air and his clitty is drooling precum from the anticipation.  The real men line up waiting to use and abuse that famous boypussy, as their personal cum dumpster.  Cock after cock he sucks and fucks,  gags and chokes. After he is nasty, sweaty,  sticky and covered in so many different loads of cum, he is kicked out back into the streets like the filthy trash that he is. The walk back to his car is slow and embarrassing as all the cum from his used sissy hole runs down his legs onto his heels. He tries to think of ways to back out next week’s assignment at the adult movie theater, but he can never say no to me!