Spring Time Always Brings Me Horny Sissies!

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Every spring I notice my horny sissies get kinkier and kinkier. Now they need to let loose! Did you keep up with your training all winter or do need a refresher? You probably need a dick refresher and need to go ahead and start calling me for sissy training phone sex.

You don’t want to get to the kind of weather that you wear skimpy clothes in and not be ready for that, do you? Firstly, I need you to be looking your best while you’re out and about or you’re not going to attract any hot dudes. Secondly, if you call me and let me help you work on your transformation I promise that you’ll have guys all over you and more dick than you know what to do with.

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Tranny Tease Phonesex

Shemale alexus looks so pretty in a white blouse and grey jeans

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He said he was shopping for his girlfriend, but the sales clerk and I knew the truth. He was just another wanna-be tranny too scared to be herself! She looked him up and down and asked what size his girlfriend was. “Oh, um. I don’t know.” He blushed a deep red. “Kinda…my size. I guess.” The clerk looked at me, and we both nodded.

“I’m also shopping for my …girlfriend.” I teased and touched his elbow. “Why don’t I show you some things my girl likes, and maybe we can pick out some things that will be just right for you. I mean your girl.” He thanked me with a stutter and looked at me in awe.

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