Bitch Better Have My Money And My Birkin

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Bitch Better Have My Money And My Birkin – So, a little sissy bitch thinks she can just “borrow” one of my handbags and not bother to return it to me? And to top it all off she “borrows” my money to pay her stupid rent. Then she has the nerve to avoid me? I don’t think so. If I have to slap a ho down, I will. It’s all about how she wants this to play out. See, she came to me with this sob story about how she just needed a Birkin but didn’t have the money for one.

The reason bitch doesn’t have the cash is that she lacks hustle. All she would have to do is suck some dick and she could buy her own. Instead, she wants to be a needy bitch and borrow, beg and steal.

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