Panty Sniffing Sissy Gets Caught Phone Sex

I got home from a sweaty gym workout tonight, only to find a naughty little bitch boy rummaging through my clothes hamper.

Laylene: “What do you think you are doing?”

Bitch Boy: “n…n….nothing Laylene” (as he tried to scoot past me in the doorway)

Laylene: (Grabs his arm) “Oh no you don’t panty sniffer, we have things to discuss”

Bitch Boy: (Hangs his head and whimpers)

As I stated before I had just returned home from long sweaty day at the gym. I made the panty sniffer sit in the chair in my bedroom, as I bent over slightly to pull off my tight bikers type shorts. My panties had wet marks from the sweat of my ass crack. My little panty slave sat there practically drooling over these highly used panties.

I made his get on the floor and kneel before me, bending over again I slowly pulled off my panties. The pink was now darker from being wet and they had a certain “aroma” to them. Leaning down right in front of his face I told him to sniff them. At first he tried to avoid it, but it didn’t take long for his desire to take control. He began taking long slow inhales, breathing in the scent of my pussy and ass. I watched as his cock got all excited. Hahaha what a little panty bitch.

*Divine Laylene*


Panty Bitches Enter Here

Foot slave Phone Sex


On My cold hard wood floor is where My foot slave resides. Wearing nothing but knee pads he performs his duties of massage, manicure and most importantly to worship perfection and flawless beauty! No feet can compare!

My foot slave begins by smelling their fragrance, that delicious musky bouquet of toe jam and sweat that radiates from every sensual pore.  When he’s done sniffing, he licks and sucks each digit massaging while he cleans.  Oh you missed a spot get your tongue deep in the crevices and remove all that delectable crusty toe jam.  

At the end of a long hard day of worship My foot slave is transformed into My human ottoman! You see the work is never done when one is a foot slave to My perfect flawless pair!

Sadistic Lady Alexandra