Feminization Letter for Miss Kathy Phone Sex!


Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Dear Kathy, I think it’s time to take your feminization more seriously. Your beautiful legs should no longer be covered up by male trousers. It’s time for you to enhance them with pantyhose on a daily basis. I’ve been disappointed with some of my girlfriends in the past so you’re going to move in with me so I can make you into the perfect feminine woman… 

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Floral Shop Surprise Phone Sex!

Floral Shop

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Aaron has been secretly working at my Aunt’s floral shop for a while now. He works some weeknights and weekends to give him a chance to be more feminine in his downtime. Aaron goes by the name Kathy while he works at the shop. My Aunt expects him to dress classy and beautifully for every shift. This means a fitted dress, nice jewelry, pantyhose, and sensible heels. Kathy’s hair and make-up had to be flawless too. All of this made her totally unrecognizable in case someone she knew came to the shop. Thank goodness for this because out of all the people she knew, Kathy’s mother walked in one Saturday afternoon.

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My Son’s Feminizing Phonesex Awakening Ch 2

Come now darling, you were always meant to be my girl

Click here for Ch. 1 of my son’s feminizing awakening

“But Mommy, I’m not a girl! What are you talking about.”

I don’t know if Chucky was still in denial, or if he really thought that I was crazy. A part of him had to know that he was born into the wrong body. I just had to help him see that mommy always knows best. He needed to say the words. They needed to come from him.

“Remember last Thursday when you came home and said the boys were making fun of you in the locker room?”

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A New Adventure In Phone Sex

So, my little Brandy and I have been talking about putting him on birth control pills for about a month or so now. I ordered him a 3 month supply and have shipped them out to him. But this is a little more then just popping them each day to be more feminine. Oh no no you know me, I have to up the stakes.

I made Brandy a bet…I bet that he could not go 3 months taking his pill every day for the entire 3 months. Now, he has to take a picture each day and prove the time and date that he is taking them and he has to email me the picture proof within 30 minutes of taking the pill, NO MATTER WHAT!

If Brandy fails…then he has to go on the pills for 3 more months, wear pantyhose everyday for 6 months, wear panties daily for 6 months, mail me every pair of male undies that he has, pay me $200 cash, and let his hair grow for 6 months. Now, if he would happen to win he gets $100 cash from me, and a break from being a girl for 6 months. I have no doubts that he is going to lose though! Haha

Make sure to keep up to date on the blogs so you can see if he wins or looses.

*Divine Laylene*


More About Sissies

Weak Pathetic Phonesex fool

Look at you pathetic fool your weakness is showing!   There’s no denying your defect!  Can’t hide it either since it screams out loud! It’s so obvious when you can’t help but display your feeble fem body and your swishy lady like gate and let’s top it off with that high pitched girlie whine!

It’s time to face the facts… you’re nothing but a faggy femme boy a gay little girlie man! Let me drive it deeper sissy boy you’re not even a man!

Goddess Eve

Phonesex sissy Caught red-handed

I caught him face down in My panty drawer!  What could he say he was caught red-handed!

Well come on and show Me how they look.  Mmmm…My favorite red lacy thongs.  Why don’t you put on the matching red lacy push up bra too.  Now go prance over to the mirror and tell Me what you see.  What speak up I didn’t catch that.  Ah you feel so what come on you can say it… you feel so feminine all dressed up in My panties and bra.

How special, someone has found his feminine side!

Do you have a feminine side you need to find too phonesex sissy?

Goddess Eve

Welcome to your Phonesex Twilight Zone!

Alex’s Project!

The objective: to build the perfect Girl from an imperfect man.

Finding the right male specimen to participate in My project was crucial!  So many of them exist in society yet very few meet My stringent specifications.

What are those desired specifications needed to qualify?

First and foremost the subject must have proven submissive traits. He must possess continuous feminine thoughts and the desire to wear woman’s lingerie. Finally the subject must exhibit a lack of male assets that do not measure up to normal masculine specifications.  

After much consideration and reviewing the options, I found the perfect candidate to fulfill My objective!  Yes he was extremely qualified and easily captured since he was already under My spell, addicted to My power.

The plan was flawlessly executed!  A minor measure of seduction and sedation had to be taken to insure safe passage and delivery of My imperfect male specimen. The abduction was a complete success! 

Welcome My dear sweet pantysue; you must wondering where you are and why you are there?  No worries My dear it will become quite clear very soon; meanwhile relax and enjoy your new surroundings. 

What’s that?  Where are your clothes? Oh I disposed of them along with all your other personal belongings, you don’t need them anymore! My dear pantysue you have entered your twilight zone.

My project continues!

Lady Alexandra


Phone sex…To be feminine is divine!

Lady Alex loves all her sissyboys!

Pathetic sweet sissys it’s time to enter a new dimension and find your true sexual identity!

Lady Alex cares and loves to teach sissy boys to except and explore those girlie thoughts!
It’s time to stop the vicious cycle of binge and purge.
It’s time to rejoice sissy boys and except who you are!
Imagine the possibilities!

To be feminine is oh so divine!

Lady Alex


Friday Night Diva Phone Sex

Hi there beautiful sissy sluts! It’s Friday night and time for a hot night out in the city! I would love to know what gorgeous outfit you’re putting on tonight. Is it something tight, shiny, low cut, slutty, ultra feminine? Give me a call and tell me how you’re going to do your hair. It’s time to let our inner divas come out as we party it up.

Maybe you’ll even pick a nice hot stud up with a big fat cock for sucking later on *giggles*

Don’t forget that from now until Halloween you can enter a photo of yourself and if you’re the winner of the best Halloween Sissy Photo, you could win up to an hour of free phone sex time! There are 3 prizes!

You must send your photo along with permission to use it on our site to:Randit@phonesexcandy.com



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Halloween Contest for a Phone Sex Sissy!

Attention to all of you gorgeous Sissy’s out there! Halloween is coming up and we’re having a BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST! From now until the end of October, you may submit a photo of you in your costume along with permission to use the photos on our sites to…


Prizes are as follows:

  • 1rst place – 1 hour worth of FREE calls
  • 2nd place – 30 minutes
  • 3rd place – 10 minutes

So get your most convincing outfit on and those camera’s ready. It’s time to strike a pose and show us just how much you love dressing up!



Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise