Mistress Jasmine’s Feminization Hypnosis Phone Sex

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Through the power of feminization hypnosis, I can transform you and help you attain whatever feminine attributes you desire from the inside out. Whether you wish for specific things–for instance, to speak with more feminine voice, walk with seductive, feminine gait, sculpt a more feminine figure, lose body or facial hair or simply to look and sound more like a woman, feminization hypnosis is an important part of any feminization process.

You know more than anyone else what you really want and need. So take a moment and think about what it is you desire.  What traits do you wish me to help you attain? The true process of feminization works from the inside out. I can help you become the person that you naturally feel that you are and that you so fervently wish to be. Call me tonight and let us get this process started.

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Mistress Jasmine’s Hardcore Sissy Slut Training Phonesex

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 x 262

There are as many different forms of feminization and/or sissification as there are those who are interested in this process. With some of my sissies, while I am always very strict, I am also nurturing and supportive. I like to help them embrace the sexy, beautiful woman that lies within and make her shine like a star.

But there are those whose sissy training involves me being very hardcore, treating them like sex toys, just whorish sex objects with few rights and little or no dignity. These sissy sluts I use as my playthings,  pimping them out for my amusement and often using my skill with erotic hypnosis in order to prepare them to live the rest of their lives as brainwashed fuck toys. During the course of their training with me, I will get them to perform many tasks in order to keep them on their girlish little toes. I begin by having them fluff the big cocks of my husband and lovers for me and then progress to stretching out their sissy holes, first with dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons and other toys and then, as we progress, we will move on to getting their boy pussies filled with a plethora of cocks.

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♥ Sissy Phone Sex Mind Control ♥

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Relax for me and let your mind float as you stare deeply and let your mind free.  You are vulnerable and ripe and it’s time to trance.  You are mine now.  Mine to control.  Mine to use.  Mine to transform.  I will bring those feminine feelings to the surface and you will never be the same.  When you are deep in forced feminization hypnosis I will plant my triggers to keep you sissified and mine.

Crawl to me and beg my little sissy girl, you know you already want to give in.

HypnoMistress Taryn


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Entranced Sissy Phone Sex

I took you to my boudoir and made you strip down, lay back and relax.  Within minutes of listening to my sultry smooth voice you slipped deep into trance and became mine to manipulate and transform.  I already knew your deepest desires so it was so very easy for me to take control.

I watched you with a smile as your body started to transform, you could feel your skin becoming smoother and silky.  You whimpered with pleasure as your breasts started to grow and your hips became curvy.  It was everything you wanted and more.  Your hair grew into luxurious strands of gold and your lips became fuller and ripe for kissing.  Every inch of you became a feminine delight.

When at last your slipped your hands between your legs and felt your very own moist pussy you felt the cravings begin.  You were complete and it was time to finally experience the pleasure of being a woman in ways that you had only dreamed of before.

The men are hard and waiting for us, are you ready?

Hypnotic Sissy Mistress Taryn Quinn


Enjoy my Hypnosis FAQ

Sissification Phone Sex Hypnosis

Your body may not be there yet, but your mind can be. Come with me and let me guide you deep into a hypnotic trance where you will feel your body transforming. You will become the woman you are meant to be.

You will feel your skin becoming soft and silky, the ugly man hair just falling away. The hair on your head growing and becoming lush and thick. Your curves will start to form and your breasts start to grow. Even your penis will shrink and your very own pussy will start to form.

Schedule a session today and learn how sissification hypnosis phone sex will work for you.

Mistress Taryn


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Mesmerized Sissy Phone Sex

Her heart was beating fast under all that satin and lace, excited and frightened by the possibilities.  My liquid silk voice flowed over her body as I helped guide her into a deeply relaxed and suggestive state.  I love that point where they drop all resistance and just fall under my spell, it’s like taking a big bite of sweet delicious power.

Now that my little sissy is fully in my control I’ll be able to push back those fears and help her give into her desire.  I paint a sensual picture inside her mind and the bulge of her panties show me that she is experiencing every detail as I create it.  Nothing else will allow her to break past that last bit of fear and give into the pleasures she craves.

Phone Sex Hypnosis, where fantasy feels exactly like reality.

Mistress Taryn


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Forced to be my Phone Sex Sissy Slut

My newest little sissy slut tried to pretend that wasn’t what he wanted when he first called me, but I could see the signs. He wanted one of my erotic hypnosis sessions and made no mention of the panties he was wearing and the cock he was craving.

It wasn’t very long after I got him under that the truth came out. I planted some suggestions and triggers deep in his little sissy mind and from then on he was my little sissy slut.

He was no longer able to deny that it was sexy silky lingerie that he wanted to wear and big thick cocks that made his little clitty hard as a rock. What was once a secret dream is now a full blown obsession and you won’t believe the things I have gotten my new little slut to do!

Your Hypnotic Phone Sex Sissy Mistress Taryn.


Enter my Lair

Hypnotized Sissy Phone Sex

I saw you at a bar, sitting by yourself all alone. You were eyeing me up, but I knew that it wasn’t for the same reason that most men look at me. You were admiring my hair, my clothes, wishing that you could look like me.

I convinced you to come back to my house, and to have a drink. The last thing you remember after drinking it, is dozing off into a peaceful sleep, with my voice lightly dancing around your mind, telling you that I was going to transform you into the women you have always wanted to be.

As you slept, you experienced the life of being a woman. I dressed you up, showed you what a vaginal orgasm felt like, and treated you like one of the girls. You finally felt like yourself!!

You woke up, dazed, dressed in a pink dress, with a matching bra and panty set. You had full makeup and nails done, and your voice was much more feminine and soft. You reached down and felt your large breasts, and hastily reached between your legs, and felt your wet pussy. You smiled, and looked around for me, and I was no where to be found. The only thing left of me, was a note saying ” you’re welcome”.

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Feminine Christmas Indulgence Phone Sex

Why not treat yourself to something special this holiday season? You deserve it. I know how tough it has to feel, feeling like you are trapped inside a mans body, with a woman’s body being your TRUE self. I can help you at least experience what it would be like to be a gorgeous, feminine woman.

Treat yourself to my gender transformation hypnosis. Where you can lay back, relax..close your eyes, and let me take you to a place where you feel your body transforming from a man, into a soft, feminine woman’s body. You will watch yourself model several outfits, and feel your pussy getting wet.

I will bring you to an amazing orgasm, and can bring you back to this special feminine place over and over again, as much as youd like. Don’t pass this up, treat yourself.. you will not be disappointed!

If you are feeling even more indulgent, you can do a 2 girl hypno session with my sister Cory and I. Either way, with one, or both, it is a feeling unlike any other. I look forward to speaking with you. Email or message me if you have any questions.