Bound Little Sissy Phonesex

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

He was cruel when we met. He made fun of me and continuously referred to me as a “S-him.” I allowed him to continue abusing me verbally because I knew my time would come. I’d make him my bound sissy soon enough.  Even with disgust in his eyes, his cock would get hard whenever I was near. I knew he was curious and boldly invited him to my home for dinner.

He asked if I was hungry for a real man’s cock and I just grinned. He could think whatever he wanted so long as he came over.

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~ Horribly disappointing cock phonesex~

brown hair playing with it looking down layin on front bra only

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Back at the lounge, I was in last week where I had found that horribly disappointing cock waste of time. I put a curse on him in fact. I hadn’t planned on it but he tried to get me to keep letting him fuck me after I told him no. Said he was almost done he just needed a few more minutes. I cursed his balls to never have another nut again. Bwahahaha.

He would get so close but never reach the promise land. I hadn’t thought anything about him really. Until I walked into the bar and here he comes over to me. He falls to his knees in front of everyone. Begging me to undo what I had done. I let him make a fool of himself before I told him no and went back to my drink. He didn’t stop though.

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A sexual encounter phonesex

Blonde with finger to her mouth in a pink cami and pink heart panties

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Block party a nice party here in America. Something that I did not expect to turn into a sexual encounter by no means. I have not had many experiences that I have been to that I walked into blind. Not expecting to have an experience. These are the times that I enjoy. A time where I get to use my imagination. 150 people or more here dancing and eating. As I was at first myself. Until I noticed that everyone seemed to be having more “fun” than I would have thought.

Seems as if someone made a mistake and used mushrooms, they should not have in some of the food. Now everyone who ate them are in a very good place. This block party turned into a hot party very fast. The dance turned to stripping. Everyone getting naked. Running around without a care in the world. Until the cocks started to harden, and the pussies started to drip.

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Forced Into A Sissy With Jade Phone sex

Richard was one of those guys that has a little dick and is a total loser. He was unaware of what I was going to do to him tonight. For so many hours I had dug thou my closet looking for many panties and things I could force on him. Forced Into A Sissy With Jade gets fun.

I have so many panties that they have their own dresser and I was going to force this loser to become a sissy slut for me and try on all my panties. Digging thou many of my panties I  picked out three of my favs and laid them out on my bed.

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Sissy Homework Phonesex


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

Sometimes pushing a sissy out of his comfort zone is tricky. I’ve decided to give you sissy bitches homework and I expect to get the photo proof in my email when you follow through. The assignment comes in several parts.

First, you will go to Ulta or whatever beauty supply store is close to you. Go to Sally’s for all I care. You are going to pick out the reddest lipstick available. Candy apple, fire engine, whatever. I want it bright and bold and very, very RED.

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~ My sissy bate phonesex~

Brown hair girl with legs spread in a green bra and panties

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

Yea so you’re going to be my sissy bate! It’s the night before Christmas and I have to make all the last-ditch efforts I can to make sure I end up where I want to be. And that is right on the top of that big red man’s naughty list. You know what I have on you. I won’t say because I gave you my witchy word that your dark secret would not pass my lips.

As long as you do what you’re supposed to that is. So, you are going to lure in me some men to play with. I want you to dress yourself in your most sissy best. Don’t do light on me now because I will know it. You will then go to the part of town where naughty things happy. You will hand out flyers to men. Any man that you see you need to give them a flyer. Even if you have to run them down in your heels.

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Passing sissy woman phonesex

Blonde smiling with breast out undressing a see through outfit

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

You have asked me to make you a passing sissy woman. I have done so. Many who would look at you would think nothing of you being a woman. A bit on the femme side but a woman none the less. You have disappointed me, however. You will not go out in public as your new self. This will change today. You will come out with me. We will be doing all the things a woman out with another would do.

You are scared and I know this. Though you have no idea what I actually have coming for you. Into the restroom of the mall we go. You and I only. Having you go into the stall as a woman for the first time to sit down. Your belly begins to rumble. That food court food starting to show itself just as I knew it would. You struggle as you sit on the toilet to be ladylike.

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Sweet Lovin’ Cock Cage, Phonesex

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-332-2639 ext 357

I’m a fan of COCK, as you all know but I’ve only just begun to collect my very own SLAVE COCKS. It’s an exciting thing really, however, I never would have thought that one day, little ole’ me would be taking control of a man’s most precious possession. Locking it up and throwing away the key, but here I am. Slipping a pretty metal cage over a slaves cock and delighting in not only how it looks but how it makes both of us feel.

For him, he feels trapped. OWNED and cared for. Denied and made to serve. For me, I feel powerful and in control as well as feeling the weight of being his caregiver and lover.

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~ In the dark phonesex~

Brown hair laying down in leapord print outfit and heels

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

Left in the dark for days. Tied up to a table. Blindfolded with only sound to guide him as to what was going on. I gave him the choice. I would let him go if he let me play dress-up with him. He fell silent and had nothing to say. I’ve let him sit tied up for days. Having my harem of men tend to him. Not speaking a word to him.

When I walk back into the room he goes nuts. “HEY… HEY, I know it’s you. You walk lighter than those men you’ve had in here.” I’m a little surprised he’s paid such close attention. Not only to know there has been more than one man in here with him but to notice my footsteps compared to theirs. I say nothing and walk to him running my fingers over his tied-up arm. He flinches. “I’m…. I’m ready to play dress-up with you.”

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A sissy type phonesex

Blonde in pink cami with pink heart panties looking over her shoulder

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

I have gotten you a present. A sissy type present that is going to add to our elegant play. I have brought you a smoking stick. I know you smoke. Though you have not done so around me. I not only smell it on you I overheard you talking and of course, but I also read your sissy diary. Talking about how you only really started smoking so you could go out to a smoke deck and watch the ladies smoke.

How they held their cigarettes. How it was so much more ladylike than a man does. That you did not expect for the site to be such a sensual turn on for you. That is why I have gotten you this present. We are going to learn how to turn on your sissy self all on your own with a cigarette on your sissy lips. Place that smoke stick between your fingers and input the cigarette.

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