An Open Letter to Your Wife Phonesex

GODDESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 263

Dear Samantha,

Would you like me to share with you some of the things your husband tells me and my girlfriends? Well, I do not care if you do not want to hear. Because I intend to tell you anyway.

His ultimate dream is to feel the weight of breasts upon his chest, to put on a skirt, blouse, heels, PANTYHOSE, nails bra and makeup every morning. He wants to be a woman. He shows photos of pretty transgender women with me and tells me how desperately he yearns to look as they do.

Yes, that’s right! Aaron, your soon to be ex-husband is living a lie. He begs me to out him to you. He wants to be so humiliated that the only way to ease his shame would be to leave you and live as a woman 24/7. And I shall make his dream a reality. To read more about the “man” you think is your husband, click to read more.

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Girlie Cum Slut Phonesex with Feisty Wifey Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270


The night had been long and my girlie little sissy was aching to cum. She’d been dressed up for hours, serving cock’s for me like the slut she’d always longed to be but I’d been denying her pleasure. Sissy sluts are meant to serve after all, not be serviced.

Her dicklet was straining the delicate fabric of her panties when she arrived back home. The taste of a dozen or so cocks still lingered in her mouth and I knew she wanted one last, very special flavor to act as a nightcap. The taste of her own salty jizz.

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Bimbo Sissy Slut Phonesex

Eastern European Goddess JasmineMISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

The bimbo sissy slut Katie was on her knees before Mistress Jasmine. She was professing her undying devotion and servitude to the Eastern European Goddess and Mistress Jasmine intended to make certain that this little sissy truly meant the words coming from her slutty mouth.

Mistress Jasmine was possessed of not only a dark, exotic beauty but, more importantly, an almost preternatural charisma and feminine power.

It had been this way for almost as long as she could remember and while it served her purposes, it also set her apart in a way that she did not always like. She was isolated by her own exceptionalism. Nevertheless, she was far from averse to using her charm and feminine wiles to get exactly what she wanted from everybody she ever encountered. Every man wanted her to take him to her bed and every woman and sissy wanted to be her. 

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Forced Feminization Is The Only Way Phonesex

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Sadie      1-844-332-2639 ext 222

“You can’t force me to dress like a woman!” You say in protest as I fasten the bra behind your back.

“The Hell I can’t! Whose fault is it that we even have to have this meeting with Mr. Johnson?” I pull the sleeves up your arms and forced the zipper up squeezing your rib cage tightly.

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You Want to be treated like a Big Girl Sissy, Phonesex with Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity

Boys are fine and babies are fun but SISSY bitches hold a special place in my heart. I’m a happy girl and I love to laugh. There isn’t anything funnier than a silly little sissy prancing around in heels too high and makeup that just doesn’t suit his harsh, masculine face.

Though I don’t want to waste my time training you. I want you as you are. The slut that’s inside of you is who I want to dress up and play with. I bet that makes your sissy clit throb. Have you very been used and loved for exactly who you are.

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Forced To Suck Cock Phonesex With Miss Mona

forced to suck cockMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2636 EXT 316

Open up slut!

So, the day has come. And, you will be forced to suck cock and you will like it. Just like the good little slut that you are. Seems like this is what you were destined for my little sissy slut. And nothing shows Miss Mona how dedicated you are to your sissy lifestyle than proving what a good little cocksucker you are.

Perhaps you’ve been fighting it for a long time. Maybe you just thought to yourself, I just like to dress up like a girl. I’m not a cocksucker. Oh, but you are. And I’m going to force you to take in a giant, hard, throbbing erection whether you like it or not!

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Ivana Danger Forced Femme Mind Fuck Phonesex

Mistress Jasmine 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

Just like with many a good forced femme mind fuck, this one begins with a panty girdle. Two muscular prison guards held Ivan down and forced his bottom and bits into a maximum support, skin tight panty girdle.

The head guard, Pioter, a tower of muscle, menace and mockery, looked down at Ivan with a cruel smile and stroking him between his legs said, “Is coming along just fine, huh? Feels almost like real pussy. You will be real woman soon!” The other guards joined in a hearty laugh as they bound Ivan firmly to a board and chained him vertically to the concrete wall. Naked, save for the panty girdle, Ivan shook with fear and shame as they glued heavy breast forms to his freshly waxed chest. Then, after strapping a frilly pink bra onto his shoulders, Ivan’s eyes widened once more as the guards began to drop their pants.

“This is real man cock,” said Pioter shaking his massive member in Ivan’s direction, “uncircumcised and hard like granite. You like it, bitch?”

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Sissy Bitch Forced Feminization Phonesex

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262

I do so adore seeing my Sissy Bitch doing exactly as I demand! I love dressing you up in so much more than just a pair of panties. Your sad little cocklette NEEDS the ultimate in forced feminization phone sex.

Let us get that lacy push up bra and these satin panties and oh darling–just slip on this garter belt for me! Ha, the more dolled up you get, the more swollen those little balls become. Oh you did not think this was about you looking hot like me, did you? No, not at all. This is about me humiliating the fuck out of your fat clitty. It is about me pulling on your nipples and pimping out all your sissy holes for huge cocks of my choosing! Let us see what that hot mouth of yours can do to a big delicious alpha cock! Let me see if you are worthy of even a minute of my time. Apply for Mistress Jasmine’s Sissy Bitch Classes today and let’s see if you are–WORTHY.

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Ass Play Phone Sex: Fisting Style.


I want to see just how much you can take!! There are sooooo many naughty things I want to do and to make you do to that nasty little fuck hole of yours!! I want to see how big we can make that little asshole, I want to stretch it as wide as we can get it!!

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Morgan’s Sissy Blue Balls Phone Sex


MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, extension 236

Oh, you silly sissy slut. You really want to go out and get fucked, don’t you? But, you know that this little teen bitch calls the shots, not you. I will determine when you get off or even if you get off. Until then, you just need to learn patience and obedience. Be a good little slut and wait for my direction.

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