From Ratchet Hood Rat To Classic Beauty

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From Ratchet Hood Rat To Classic Beauty – Look, bitch, I know you want to be me but you will never reach this echelon. What I can do for you is turn you from that ratchet ass hood rat status to a sexy sissy bitch. The first thing is to get rid of that cheap ass wig. Girl, you need to have that good hair if you want the men to fall at your feet. Just from looking at you, I can tell you will need the full treatment.

When I get through with you everything will be pristine and perfect from your head to your twinkle toes. I leave nothing untouched or unimproved upon.

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Miss Honey’s Sissy Diva Academy Phone Sex


HONEY 1-844-332-2639, extension 300

Have you always felt like that inner diva was just trying to get out? Like a glamorous goddess trapped in a man’s body? Are you frustrated that you can’t just let loose and be everything you’ve dreamed of? Well, here is your chance. I can help you transform into a sissy goddess.

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Showing My Phone Sex Sissy The Correct Stage Moves


My sweet sissy sarah wanted to take another step in feminizing herself, by going to a local bar where sassy sissies put on a gorgeous and sparkly show. I showed her how to carry herself in the most girlie ways and how a woman should be coy, and demurely dazzling. At the same time, I showed her how to be femininely flamboyant. 

Want to know how I dressed her for her first appearance? Call me and hear about the sequins and rhinestones, ribbons and bows, a vision of beauty from her head to her toes!



Phone Sex Sissy Training, Still The Way To Go

New to your sissy lifestyle? I have the perfect training sessions with which you’ll see yourself blossom over time into the precious little sweetheart you are inside. We’ll take it slow, and you’ll be amazed at how you progress, becoming that darling damsel you so long to be. Call me tonight, and let’s get started on your training🙂



Let’s Talk Shop: Frilly Jewel O’ Rama PhoneSex!

Don't You Wish You Had These?

So, I want to know all about your wardrobe, Sissy. I’d love to know what styles, colors, and combinations you put together:) Let’s talk jewelry! I make custom jewelry, and love to talk about what really makes an outfit accessorized correctly:) I want to know how stimulated you get when you talk about delicate bracelets and anklelets. Who knows…maybe we’ll even come up with a customized piece all your own:) Yesterday, I designed an anklelet for one of my sweet Sissy’s…it was the most beautiful shade of Pink Swarovski Crystal on a heart-link chain. It also had the letters “Sissy Sarah” hanging on the links. It’s going to be Adorable!  *Thank you, Sissy Sarah, for the purchase:)*



Phone Sex What Shall You Wear To The Ball?

What Shall You Wear To The Ball?

Hurry CINDERELLA! The coach is almost here to whisk you away to the Ball, and the waiting Prince! What gown shall you wear? Oh no, my dear…did the ugly step-sisters ruin your dress? Fear not! I’m your Fairy Godmother Diane, and I’ll whip up a gown for you that will make you the BELL of the BALL! Think how jealous those ugly step-sisters will be!

We’ll sprinkle you with fairy dust,

And with a wave, my wand will make

The perfect dress (bustles a must),

And matching handbag you will take!

No one see’s the pain you’ve hidden,

But I see right inside of you,

All those things that seem forbidden

I’ll make sure that they’ll all CUM true!


Prissy Sissy Pantified Phone Sex


Hello to all the sissy panty-boys out there. My name is Diane. Gather all your things, pretty and frilly, and call me so that we might explore just how much of a girly-girl you are. Think you’re the cream of the crop? Think you put a Diva to shame? I bet when you’re all alone in your room, you dress up in your finery, turn on Sister Sledge and pretend you’re on stage, strutting-your-fluff for all to see. I know you, and I know what you do…PEEK-A-BOO!

Friday Night Diva Phone Sex

Hi there beautiful sissy sluts! It’s Friday night and time for a hot night out in the city! I would love to know what gorgeous outfit you’re putting on tonight. Is it something tight, shiny, low cut, slutty, ultra feminine? Give me a call and tell me how you’re going to do your hair. It’s time to let our inner divas come out as we party it up.

Maybe you’ll even pick a nice hot stud up with a big fat cock for sucking later on *giggles*

Don’t forget that from now until Halloween you can enter a photo of yourself and if you’re the winner of the best Halloween Sissy Photo, you could win up to an hour of free phone sex time! There are 3 prizes!

You must send your photo along with permission to use it on our site



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