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Your sissy lifestyle is a dirty little secret to you. Unlike some and a lot like many, you hide your sissy side behind closed doors. Unlike most, however, you hide yourself; not because of the fear of your friends and your family finding out who you truly are. This means very little to you actually. You hide out of your own shame.

Dressing like a sissy is an urge that you can not stop. You have to act on it. It is a driving force like a sneeze you can not stop. Every time though when you sneak off to dress in your frilly sissy clothing you feel shame. You feel disgusting and you feel dirty and defiled by doing this to yourself.

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Panty Boy Discovers The Love Of Panties Phone Sex


So my sweet little panty boy you just realized how good your wife’s silk panties feel rubbing against your little man sausage all day. You sneak them on under your work pants and head out the door before she can catch you. You know she would have to punish you if she caught you. Men wearing panties just isn’t a popular thing…oh so little you know panty lover.

I personally find those men who wear silk panties to be a turn on. Watching as they model my dirty panties for me. Mmmm just something about that cute little ass in my panties that makes naughty thoughts fill my head. 🙂 So, my darling little panty boy what shall we do today? Talk about all the different styles and colors of panties or just go out and go shopping for some. I mean you can not expect to wear everyone else’s panties, you need your own. lol.

So what shall it be today panty boy?

Miss Rayne


Sissy Phone Sex Advice Line


That’s right all you sweet sissy girls and sissy sluts out there. I am going to start my own little advice line. Here you will be able to call in and ask your  most important questions, questions that you can’t ask just anyone.

Is red the right color of lipstick for me?

Is it normal for a man to wear his wife’s dirty panties?

I have an uncontrollable urge to get ass fucked?

I want to suck a cock…help me!

These are just a few examples of what callers needed answered. If you have a question or concern and need a real woman’s advice please don’t hesitate. Give me a call now. The same charges apply for this service as a normal phone sex call. 🙂

Miss Rayne


Lesson One Phone Sex How To Be The Perfect Sissy Slut


  So, you want to be a good slut for your Mistress? Well, little sissy bitch you have come to the right place. Miss Laylene will teach you all you need to know about being a good little whore! I will show you how to dress, do your make-up, talk and act. I will also make you a master in the art of sucking cock and getting your little boy pussy fucked!

  You dream of being a hot woman everyday of your life and just know you will never be a woman, but you can be a great little whore if you so choose. So I ask you little sissy bitch…Are you ready? This journey will be long and difficult, but with time and perseverence you will succeed!

  I know you have it in you, sometimes you just do not want to admit it. Afraid of what people will think. Afraid of what people will say. Well, why the fuck do you care. The only person’s opinions you should worry about are mine. I am the one that matters not everyone else. You want to be a good little whore then come to Mistess Laylene’s lessons.

  As the Army says….Be all that you can be…dirty sissy slut! Why waste any more time give me a call tonight and let’s start this process now!




Toy For A Phone Sex Sissy

It’s time to bend over sissy bitch. You’re all dolled up and I just know that your tight twat is aching to be filled up by my large shiny toy. I’m going to push it into you, deeper and deeper while I spread your legs as far apart as I can. You’re going to practice your girly voice. Your girly-getting-fuckedvoice. I want to hear it as I pound you and stretch your rosebud sissy cunt. Let me hear your dirty girl talk, maybe I’ll let your clitty cum if you make me proud of you.

Otherwise I’m just going to insert a butt plug, pull your panties up over you ass and make you sit there like that until I decide otherwise.



Milf Denise

PhoneSex Candy Denise

Phone Sex Rules For Slutty Sissy’s

Is hora de un cambio. Tu siempres has querido estar bien, una sexy chica, no es asi? Bueno tomare tu mente y tu cuerpo para transformarte en la putona mujer que siempre has querido ser. Siente mi suave voz que te cubre por completo y siente como sale dentro de ti la puta que siempre has querido ser .

Te ensenare como las creaturas pateticas como tu tinen que obedecer mis ordenes y ser uina mascota ovediente. Ven con la Senorita Tessa ella sabe como tratar a las perritas como la que tu eras.

Te ensenare unas regals que mariquitas a rrastaradas como tu deve de asumir y no me llores y me pides que sea buena… Que demasiado buena ya soy para perder mi tiempo intentado moldearte a mi gusto .

 Miss. Tessa


Its time to make a change. You have always wanted to be well…a sexy girl, haven’t you?  Well I will take your mind and body and mold it into the slutty woman I desire for You. Feel My soothing voice cover you completely, making you feel that whore inside you.

I will teach you how a pathetic creature like you has to obey  My every command and make you the most submissive sissy.  Come to Miss Tessa, She know how to play with dirty bitches like you.

And I will teach you the rules that a sissy whore like you has to submit to. Don’t cry and beg…I am nice enough to waste my time already with a pathetic sissy like you .

Call Miss Tessa tonight and be ready for a change!


1 – 866 672 5536 



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A dose of Humiliation Phonesex sissy boys!

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

Mistress Danni loves to humiliate pathetic sissy boys!

It’s time for a dose of humiliation from the sweetest Mistress in town!

Look at you sissy you’re dressed so pretty for Mistress today!

Ooops…you have mud all over your knees!  It’s a shame you didn’t move faster!  If you had gotten on your knees I wouldn’t have pushed you pathetic sissy.

Oh dear you got mud on that pretty blouse…let me get that for you!  Oh no my hand slipped…ah it’s just a few buttons.  Don’t bitch and whine you can sew they back on!

Now look you got mud on your fuck me pumps!  You better bend over and wipe it off right now.  Darn it all I lost my balance!  Ooops…did I knock you face down into the mud.

Dam you’re dirty!  You look like a nasty pathetic sissy cum slut whore who has been out all night sucking cock in the gutter.

Mistress Danni

Saturday Night Out With My Sissy Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0


Well it’s Saturday night and that means it’s time to get dressed up all girly and sexy to go out on the town. I have a tight little spandex dress for you to put on, but first you have to slip into those panties. Then slide into that skin tight dress and slip your feet with painted toes into those gorgeous high heel pumps.

Then we’re going to outline your lips before we paint them so they are nice and full, then we put on some shiny gloss. The perfect cock sucking lips. Can’t forget the rest of the makeup, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara. Oh yes… you’re going to look like the hottest sissy whore anyone has ever seen. A long soft wig, some perfume and we’re ready to roll.

Be careful when we go out, those men can be dirty. They like to grab and touch and stare at our beautiful girlish bodies. You look so hot, I just might have to find a sexy stud to bring home with us. Think you could handle a big fat dick in your slutty pussy while I watch?

More About Lily

Sample Lily

Wanna Play Dirty Mind Phone Sex sissy

Y para ti que te gusta los juegos con mucha lujiria ….

Hey! Mariquita!!! … Quieres ganar 5 minutos extra en tu siquienta llamada pagada?

bueno ven y jugar …Mmmm , Si a jugar con todas las bellas Chicas Candy cada Martes por la noche, es muy divertido y lujuriosa y te estimulara la hormona !! *me sonrojo*.

Es muy facil solo sigue las intrucciones de nuentra caliente y bella anfitriona y veras que caliente y deivertido y despues de un buen juego bueno llama a tu chica favorita que se escontrara caliente y con una mente muy sucia lista papti.

Ven a jugar Mentes Sucias … Y despues Ven a Jugar conmigo !


This is for YOU!!!… If you like to play with your dirty mind!!

Hey sissy boy!!  Would you like to win 5 minutes free added to your next paid phonesex call?

Come and play with all us Phonesex Candy girls every Tuesday at 7:00pm.  It’s a lot of fun when you play the dirty mind game with all the girls and find that phonesex girl for your next call.  All  you have to do is come to our naughty sissy chat room and look for one of the Phonesex Candy Girl’s and get the instructions needed to play.

Come and play with us sissy boy, and after come and call me and let me play with you.


866 672 5536