I Want a Real Sissy for Once Phone Sex

Mistress Anita 1-844-332-2639 EXT 288

So you claim to be a real sissy.  There is nothing in between.  Either you are a sissy or you’re not a sissy.  In the meantime it’s words.  I don’t want to face just, TALK TALK TALK.  Instead, I need to see some action.  Convince me that you are a real sissy and that it’s your destiny — to become a sissy bimbo.  If we are going to do this, we will do this properly.

When I am done with you, you will thing like a sissy bimbo.  You will talk like a sissy bimbo.  You will get fucked like a sissy bimbo.  This can only be truly accomplished if I have some sort of proof that you are following through.  I suggest that you have your skype ready, so that I can see you during our session.  Or simply be prepared to send me pictures of proof with you following through.

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Self-Sucking Sissy Slut Phone Sex

self sucking sissy slut

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

I got to help my sissy discover a special skill.  Turns out I have a self-sucking sissy slut on my hands, and do I have plans for her!  So I know you’re just itching for the details, so here’s how it happened.  It was my sissy’s weekly pussy stretching appointment.  It was the day that we work various sizes of butt plugs into her to get her ready for real cock.  Well as opposed to being on all fours today, I had her on her back, with her cute little naughty ass angled into the air.

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JOI and Sissy Phonesex

Collette 1-844-332-2639 ext 383

You want to stroke to cock.  Why don’t you let go and take a deep breath.  I want you to picture in your mind a big fat cock.  A cock much bigger than yours, all for you.

You would reach out and touch it and feel it’s girth.  You would feel how heavy it is in your hand as you take it and stroke it.  You lick your lips and your mouth is watering

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Man Whore For Sale Phonesex

Man Whore

844-332-2639 xxx 345

I know a bunch of you sissy losers are lonely. You’re so desperate for love and attention. It’s really sad honestly. Don’t fret! I’ll let you have a piece of my man whore. He will let any loser fuck him. What’s that? You’re not “gay?” Lol! Just close your eyes and pretend his asshole is a pussy. Let’s be honest, this is the closest to a pussy that you’ll probably get any time soon!

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Oral Cream Pie for Sissy Phone Sex

oral cream pie

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

Welcome back my wonderful school-girl sissy!  We’re on to lesson 2 for being a good sissy slut, and that lesson is how to take a hot, thick load of cum right down your throat – a proper oral cream pie.  It’s important to train your throat to take long, thick cocks straight down the back, pumping your mouth and throat full of cum like the good little slut that you are.  If you can’t do that right, then we are going to have to train you properly.

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Sissygasm Training Phone Sex

sissygasm training

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

That’s right my wonderful sissy girls – it’s sissygasm training time!  I don’t think I have to explain this, it’s that dream that you work towards with such dedication.  It’s the art of cumming while being fucked in that boi pussy without touching or teasing your clitty.  Now I’ll warn you – it’s going to take work.  It’s going to take patience as well as some toys.  Either your favorite cock shaped toy, or for starters, maybe a stimulator.  Either way, you are enrolled in sissygasm training school.  Let’s get to work!

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Sissy Milk Maid Phone Sex

sissy milk maid

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

My dear sissy, you look like you are bored.  Idle hands are the something or other’s playthings, I think my mother told me one time.  No matter, I’m going to put your hands to work!  Well, your hands and your mouth.  See, I have inherited a farm… more like a dairy.  Unfortunately, the milking machines are on the fritz.  Now, I have plans for these in the very near future, but for right now I have to test these out and get some quality control.  This is where you come in.

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Cum Addicted Sissy Phone Sex

cum addicted sissy

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

That’s right, you are a cum addicted sissy, aren’t you?  I’ve seen and caught you plenty of times.  Stroking and teasing that clitty and scooping up that cum to eat.  I’ve seen your eyes close as you savor every drop and it’s got you craving more, doesn’t it?  It’s ok, my little sissy slut – you can be honest with me.

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Sissy Punishment Phonesex with Mistress Collette

Mistress Collette  —  1-844-332-2639  ext 383

You might as well bow down before your Mistress you insignificant faggot whore,  I don’t think you even deserve to look me in the face.

First of all, I am going to dress you up and whore you out to any fucking horny guy that wants to pay me for your stretched out, used man pussy.

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Willow’s Glory Hole Road Trip Chronicles Phone Sex Pt. 3


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

Now, where was I? That’s right, we had just had a collective glory hole orgasm with cum exploding all over my sissy friend “Jolie” and I. We just giggled as we started to undress. We were ready to get our pussies fucked. I mean, the blow jobs were awesome but we need our holes filled.

We unlocked the door and peeked out. There was already a line out the door with several guys waiting with their hard cocks in their hands. We were about to get fucked, more than fucked. We were about to get gang banged. We both grinned as we let the first two in. The immediately bent both of us over and began fucking us with their big cocks.

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