Small Dicks Are For Humiliating

small dicks

XXOO Laylene 1-844-332-2639 ext 419

Small Dicks Are Worthless

Let me tell you a story about a sissy boy that came to me so proud of what he had between his pathetic legs. I asked him to prove it. The hesitation in his voice was delightful. I had only asked if he was packing an anaconda or a little button. Speak up you faggot sissy boy. Let me hear you. Still, he stuttered his words, unable to vocalize exactly what we had going on.

Irritated and frustrated with his inability to answer I decided to take things into my own hands. I grabbed his dainty sissy wrists and stood him in front of me. I sighed as I started unbuckling his pants. As I slid his pants down, I had to laugh. Not only was he wearing a pair of pink cotton panties, but they were wet and apparently filled with cummies droplets.

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Fun at the Glory Hole Phoneses

Sex Kitten Lyric 1-844-332-2639 x247

Hey hey you cum guzzling sissy boy.  I bet I know what you are in the mood for and craving.  I know you want to down on your knees like a good little cock sucking whore.  How about I take you to a glory hole, get you down on your knees with your mouth wide open.  I need to get you ready for your first cock which you will devour as it slips through that hole.

That meaty and veiny dick needs to be drained dry.  That mushroom swollen head needs your tongue licking it and sucking it.  How about you suck it a little harder.  Hearing moans on both sides of the wall gets my panties soaked.  I need you to take the entire dick in your cunt mouth.  Keep slurping that swollen dick.  Drain those balls. 

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Self-Sucking Sissy Slut Phone Sex

self sucking sissy slut

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

I got to help my sissy discover a special skill.  Turns out I have a self-sucking sissy slut on my hands, and do I have plans for her!  So I know you’re just itching for the details, so here’s how it happened.  It was my sissy’s weekly pussy stretching appointment.  It was the day that we work various sizes of butt plugs into her to get her ready for real cock.  Well as opposed to being on all fours today, I had her on her back, with her cute little naughty ass angled into the air.

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Sissy Party Slut Phone Sex

sissy party slut

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

I don’t know about you, but my New Year’s eve was entertaining.  For those who didn’t know, I had a nice well deserved vacation and the hotel had one hell of a New Year’s Eve party.  Well some genius decided to ask the DJ to play that Barbie song (you know the one I’m talking about…) and all I could think of was how it was probably requested by some sissy girl.  Well guess who was shaking her ass off in the middle of the dance floor.

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Sissy Cam Show Slut Phone Sex

sissy cam show

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

So here I was – I had in my employ a sissy that eagerly and vigorously could suck her own clitty.  Naturally, she loved being watched and gawked at, and was more than eager to help me earn a little bit of money.  So what better way to make some money than start a sissy cam show, right?  I had her register on one of those cam sites where the boys watch and tip.  Then I got her setup with a nice camera and mic.  After that, it was lights, camera, action!

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