Beg For Cock Cum Phonesex With Feisty Wifey Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Cock cum is like coffee to Sissies. Think about the similarities. They wake up wishing for a hot load while most of us wake up ready to sip from a hot cup.

It’s addicting! Much like the rest of us, after that first sip when caffeine takes over your soul, cum has done the same to what used to be average men! After that first hit of cum, all those sissies think about is their next taste! They’ll beg and plead for cock cum.

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Sissy Cum Walk Phonesex

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

My little slut just loves to be exposed. “Show me off, embarrass me,” she cries. Again and again! I decided on such a great way to get everyone what they wanted! My sissy exposed, for me to be entertained and my husband to be pleased. I instructed her to dress up, full sissy get-up, and meet us at the airport.

We would go on a little threesome vacation, but the embarrassment would start as soon as we walked through the doors of the airport with a sissy cum walk. My sissy listened, as always. She showed up to the airport in white thigh-high stockings and a sweet, pink press. A big blog wig sat on her bald head, and a face mask covered her cocksucking red lips.

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My sissy girl phonesex

Blonde with legs in the air and smiling

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To the spa we go. Yes, you and I; my sissy girl. It is the day of pampering that we will be doing today. We both need such a day after the year that we have all had. Come now let us get ready to go. No plans for the day other than you dressed in your sissy best to accompany me to the spa. I have a whole day planned out for us.

We are going to get facials and nice massages. Full manicure and pedicures as well. Hair treatments the whole 9 yards as they say here in America. What I am most excited about getting to the sauna tub. Have you never been? Oh! It is a dream; you are going to love this. A few hours later after getting a full body massage our bodies need a cool-down period before the next part of our spa day. 3

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Sweet KayKay Needs A Sissy Cleanup Cuck Phonesex

Sleeping redhead shows off perky nude breasts.

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Oh, cleanup cuckold?! My sweet pussy just got pounded. I mean, WRECKED by a huge alpha dick. He was ruthless while taking my cunt. He fucked me as if I was nothing but a toy to bring his cock pleasure and I loved it. Alpha’s are so much better at fucking than little sissy boys are.

Y’all have your place though. My leaking pussy, for example. I need you to be a good little cleanup sissy and suck this alpha cum from my tight, teen hole before it takes root and knocks me up.

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Cum Loving Sissy Slut and I Phonesex with Feisty Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Cum Loving Sissy sluts are so much fun! They are so cum hungry and willing to do just about anything to feel a cock open up their throats. However, more often than not, they are too afraid to go after dick on their own! They need a wing woman and that’s why I’m here.

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Sticky Sissy Phone Sex!

Sticky Sissy

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

I’ll turn you into the hottest and most obedient sissy. My sissies are always dressed to the nines and receive compliments from all types of handsome men. Their hair, make-up, clothes, and accessories are always on point. Guys will be clamoring to get a piece of you after I finish training you. I hope you like being sticky since the guys will barely be able to keep their dicks in their pants once they see you.

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Soggy Biscuit Phone Sex!

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Have you heard of the soggy biscuit game? It’s when a few guys get together and jerk off with a biscuit in the middle of them. The first one to cum on the biscuit is the winner. The last guy that cums on the biscuit is declared the loser. As punishment, the loser has to EAT the biscuit! Sounds yucky, right? I bet some of you cum slut sissies love the idea of this game. Don’t be ashamed, I love it too! Now, who wants to play?

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I have quite the phone sex surprise for you.

Its late, there’s no one around for miles, and you have to stop to stretch your legs. You notice that there are some vending machines inside the building, but there’s something that gives you and eerie feeling about it, maybe it’s the flickering light. Or the feeling that you’re not alone.
Against your better judgment you decide to go inside, not noticing that you have been followed…

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He Lost But Wins A Ton of Cum Phone Sex

sissy slut bimbo deep throat


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His NCAA basketball bracket was finished. He had lost and by quite a bit. The structure of the bet left him in the public humiliation zone of the penalty for losing. I was given the task of turning this very athletic, man into a sissy bimbo slut for his friends amusement. I was going to have so much fun with this!

First we spent hours shaving and plucking to get him as smooth and hairless as could he could become. Then he was dressed in an adorable little candy pink thong which he complained endlessly about, since it kept giving him a wedgie. Then came the giant breasts his friends had requested. The bra was a size G and it got packed and stuffed until his big boobs stuck out nice and firm yet soft and squeezable. Then over his shaved legs came the slutty fishnet stockings in a naughty red color. A little body hugging black dress went over that and his feet were wedged into the biggest red pumps I could find. He whined and complained all through getting his make up done knowing how much fun his friends were going to have laughing at him and dreading what came next. Finally a little sassy red wig went on his head and the sissy bimbo slut transformation was complete. He still had to work on walking in the heels but he looked like a tramp.

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Homewrecking Princess Phone Sex Mind Fuck

Do you look at that pretty wife of yours sitting there on the couch being lazy, or maybe she’s running around crazy cleaning your house? Is there something missing?
What If I told you I know what’s missing? What will put the pep back in your step?

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