Cuckold Phone Sex

It’s not rocket science. For whatever reason, the thought of me being with other men humiliates you and arouses you. So you need to deal with these feelings, am I right? Of course I am. *smiles* We can start by just talking. I can tell you all about my date last night. All about his huge rock hard cock.

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What Phone Sex Shall It Be Tonight

Are you craving it sissy?  The need of a perfectly manicured hand guiding you down the path that you only dare to dream about, the feel of my soft lush lips against your ear as I place your lingerie upon your body, or the gleam in my eye as I stand back to appraise you.  It is as if I can hear your heart thundering when I put you on your nylon covered knees, your thoughts racing, what will it be tonight my darling?

Tonight shall I teach you the lesson of what it means to be a cuckolded sissy, force you to suck the cock I intend to fuck while I force you to watch my pleasure and then have you clean up the creamy remains of the hot sex you just witnessed? Did you fantasize that you were the one fucking me or the one being fucked?  Perhaps tonight that will be your fate and I will pull out my strap on and teach you how a sissy slut is to perform the act of pleasing her Mistress or one of her male friends. Maybe tonight you will be my sissy lesbian lover, using your tongue and fingers alone to please me, while I torment your clitty with my soft warm hand. These are but a few of the possibilities that are waiting for you to reach out and ask for the help you need to become all the sissy you dreamed of being.



Not Quite the Phone Sex Date He Had Planned

He was persistent, like a buzzing fly in my ear every time I would see him. “Please Sadie, just go out with me one time, please Sadie, I will treat you like a queen, please Sadie I will do ANYthing  please just one time let me take you out.”  I refused him a thousand times but I finally realized that it was going to take a more direct approach. I told him I would go out with him but he had to do everything I said. He would dress, speak, act and do everything as I said when I said or it was off. I told him at the first sign of rebellion I would never speak to him again. He more than eagerly agreed.

I sent him a beautiful red satin and lace cami and panties and told him to wear it beneath his suit. When he picked me up I told him to drive me to my real date’s home where I introduced him as my clean up cuck boy and he started to object but when I raised my eyebrow he just bowed his head and mumbled his agreement. While Cliff and I had dinner the cuck changed out of his suit and ate on his knees off the floor. Then while Cliff shared his lovely 8” cock with me the cuck boy sat in the corner listening until it was time for him to suck Cliff’s cum from my pussy.  On the way home cuckboy was already asking me for a 2nd date.



Seeing You Soon Sissy Phone Sex

My precious sissy, do you know how many times I have smiled this week thinking of you going shopping for those panties to wear just for me? So many times, I have giggled thinking about how nervous you must have been as you approached the lingerie section. I wondered what was going through your mind as you began to make your selections. I can’t wait to see how everything looks together. I have had a hard time catching you this week but I have no doubt that I will have you at my feet soon.

You are special, and yes I know you are a little cuckold sissy.  I still look forward to the fun we will have with those new items you have gotten. I know you will look spectacular in them.  I will have a wonderful surprise ready for you when you are all dressed and looking beautiful in your lingerie.  I hope you have smiled as much thinking about our little secret as I have. I will be seeing you very soon my silky slut.




Punishing My Sissy Phone Sex

My little sissy forgot her assignment and I was very displeased with her. I had been cutting her a little slack and let her keep some of her male clothes for occasions when lace and frills just wouldn’t work. Not anymore. It was time for that little sissy slut to learn that my orders are NOT to be forgotten.

She whimpered and cried as I made her bring out the last few pair of her men’s underwear . Setting them in a pile on her bed she begged me to please leave her one pair as she had to visit her parents very soon. But she had to be punished for disobeying her Mistress . Soon they were in shreds and now my little sissy will be forced to wear her pretty panties every day!

Do you need a strict Phone Sex Mistress to make you behave?

Mistress Taryn


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BBC For My Phone Sex Sissy Slut

I lined it all up, two well hung men showed up at the motel with my pretty little sissy on her knees. They knew to treat her like a little whore. Teasing her, calling her names and pulling out those big black cocks to slap across her perfectly made up face. They made her beg for those huge dicks while I listened.

Then enjoyed using both of her hot little holes and I loved hearing her moan with pleasure as they filled her up over and over again. They even slapped down a few bucks to pay my new little whore on the way out!

Call your Phone Sex Pimptress Taryn and lets see how much cock you can take!


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Make you my Twin Phone Sex

Poor little sissy slut, so manish and ugly.  Let a hot phone sex call with me transform you into my twin sister and lets go out and find some real fun together.

My fingers will run through your hair making it long and silky.  Your face will become feminine and sensual. Your breasts will bud and grow hard nipples.  Your body will gain curves and all of that man hair will fall out. Your legs will become long and shapely. And finally your sweet little wet pussy will take shape.

We will have so much fun out teasing the boys tonight, perhaps we’ll take one or two home and enjoy them together!



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Little Cuck Slut Needs His Princess Phone Sex

That’s right after a week of being sick and not available for my little cuckold slut, geno he found me today. We set up a date for this weekend while his wifey is away. I am going to go visit him with one of my boytoys.

I think I will begin by making geno wear a pair of my dirty panties, rub himself while sitting on the couch in those panties, thinking about me, about my boytoy‘s cock, about pleasing me in every way possible for a cuck. I want him nice and hard when he goes down on my boytoy.

I want my little geno slut to take that massive cock in his mouth and make it real hard for me, while I get a hot bubble bath to prepare my perfect body for the passionate love making that is to occur shortly.

When I come out of the bathroom, my little cock whore will have that cock so deep in his pretty mouth that my boytoy‘s balls will be smacking off his chin as he is being face fucked.

My dear sweet geno you will have to wait until this weekend to learn how the night will go. *winks*

*Divine Laylene*


Sissy Cucks Welcome

femme husband Phonesex humiliation

You possess such feminine qualities and one rather pathetic little dick!

Your Wife suffers from a serious lack of satisfaction…go figure a woman actually married you a femme boy with a tiny little dick. 

No matter how hard you try there is no way to satisfy Her sexual needs with your shortcomings. So She pays you back with public humiliation! 

It’s time to face the facts…yeah I believe your Wife refers to you as Her sissy bitch, fag boy, Her girlie man…the Wife is probably at this very moment checking out a real man with a large hard cock!

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Goddess Eve

Watch Your Wife Get Fucked, Phonesex Sissy

So, my little sissy slut. What are we going to do with you? You don’t please your wife anymore, because you confine yourself to your basement and call phonesex Mistresses in the wee hours of the night. Tsk tsk, now who is going to take care of your wife’s needs?

I think she deserves to be pleasured and made to cum, don’t you? I want you to watch as your wife gets pleasured, as you know you can’t. But it’s not that simple. I, your Mistress, am going to oversee the situation, and make sure you are treating her with the proper respect.

I want you to be her fluffer. You will suck those big cocks and make sure they’re nice and hard, and dripping with precum for your wife. You will grab hold of those thick meaty shafts and place them at your wife’s beautiful pussy and make sure they go in nice and deep. You will watch as she is pleased and play with her nipples as she cums.

At last, sissy. You wife is satisfied, as she should be. And we will make sure she gets her regular fucking, as we know you are not capable of such feats.

Mistress Cory