Pounding Boy Pussy With My Boyfriend Phone Sex

WILLOW 1-844–332-2639, ext. 230

Yes, I have a sissy side chick. Whenever my boyfriend is away, that’s when “he” comes over to play. Now, I don’t actually fuck her. (well, i do peg her, but does that even count?) So, I may have failed to mention my side chick to the boyfriend. Oops, LOL.

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Your Dick Is Pathetic Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639 ext 288 

Mistress Indigo 1-844-332-2639  ext 345

So you are looking to spice things up, why not do it in a 3some.  Two girl calls extra naughty and add an extra dimension to your kinky fantasy.  Our favorite type of session is helping each other humiliate you, especially that pathetic thing you refer to as your dick.

Having two dominant women humiliating and belittling your already little dick is mind blowing and your dick will explode (not that it deserves to).  All we ask is that you fully submit to us.  It will all depend on our mood and how generous we are whether you will even be allowed to touch that useless clitty of yours.  Knowing our devious ways, we may tie you up and leave, while….

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So You Want Serinda to Fuck Your Ass Phone Sex

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

You are one sadistic little ass-slut, aren’t you? Big tough man on the outside, but you just long to have an innocent-looking lady such as myself to get a big black strap-on, get you on your hands and knees, and fuck that ass until I’ve had my way with it, don’t you? Well, I’m more than happy to comply with your sadistic fantasy.

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My Cucky Boyfriend Phonesex

Sex Kitten Lyric 1-844-332-2639 x247

I enjoy making my boyfriend a cuck right as you fuck me in front of him.  I don’t really even respect my boyfriend.  Yeah, he has money, and he knows that the money keeps me interested in him.  I love how he gets super turned on while you look right into his eyes as you pound your hard dick into my cunt.  The fact that my boyfriend can only look, makes my cunt even wetter.

When you cum, you fill up my hole so good with you jizz. My boyfriend could never fill me up like you do.  When you fuck me tonite, I want you to be a real man who loves fucking me like there is no tomorrow, and my boyfriend, well is just there for the money which I need.  It makes me think that he likes your dick too.  He loves cleaning me up after you cum.

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Sissy Phonesex With Cuckold Goddess Mona

cuckold goddessMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

Mistress Mona is Your Cuckold Goddess

It must feel like a relief to have realized that your true place in life is serving a cuckold goddess. Perhaps it was a struggle for many years. Maybe you just woke up one morning and it clicked into place. However, you are home now. And I am ready to show you the path.

Because let’s be honest. You’re not a real man. You are a pathetic sissy cuckold. Nobody needs a tiny-dicked loser when there are true alpha studs. Your cock should be caged. And you will serve your Mistress through eager and enthusiastic cuckoldry. 

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Vanessa’s Sissy Cuck Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, ext. 232

Every strong, confident woman needs a sissy cuck in her life. He can serve several purposes. Think about it, he can be be a shopping companion, a confidante and even a best friend. He will never be jealous or competitive with you because he really wants to be you.

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Sissy Slutty Cuck Maid Phonesex, Part 3

Your boss pulls his still hard cock out of my tight pussy, his swollen length still twitching from his orgasm. You gawk at it, still reeling from the situation you’ve found yourself in–you’re in a maid outfit, complete with heels and a barbed butt plug, fondling yourself as you marvel at your boss’ big cock and my cream-filled cunt–when I roll onto my back and snap, “Get over here and clean up this mess! Don’t you dare let this cum go to waste!”

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Vanessa and the Super Cuck Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I met Dave, aka Super Cuck at a Sex Convention in Las Vegas. He was traveling for business and had stumbled across the convention. I was there promoting my latest book on Financial Domination. He brought a copy of the book for me to sign and shyly asked if I knew anything on the subject of cuckolding. Well, of course I did.

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Cuckold Phone Sex

It’s not rocket science. For whatever reason, the thought of me being with other men humiliates you and arouses you. So you need to deal with these feelings, am I right? Of course I am. *smiles* We can start by just talking. I can tell you all about my date last night. All about his huge rock hard cock.

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What Phone Sex Shall It Be Tonight

Are you craving it sissy?  The need of a perfectly manicured hand guiding you down the path that you only dare to dream about, the feel of my soft lush lips against your ear as I place your lingerie upon your body, or the gleam in my eye as I stand back to appraise you.  It is as if I can hear your heart thundering when I put you on your nylon covered knees, your thoughts racing, what will it be tonight my darling?

Tonight shall I teach you the lesson of what it means to be a cuckolded sissy, force you to suck the cock I intend to fuck while I force you to watch my pleasure and then have you clean up the creamy remains of the hot sex you just witnessed? Did you fantasize that you were the one fucking me or the one being fucked?  Perhaps tonight that will be your fate and I will pull out my strap on and teach you how a sissy slut is to perform the act of pleasing her Mistress or one of her male friends. Maybe tonight you will be my sissy lesbian lover, using your tongue and fingers alone to please me, while I torment your clitty with my soft warm hand. These are but a few of the possibilities that are waiting for you to reach out and ask for the help you need to become all the sissy you dreamed of being.