Serinda’s Slutty Sissy Halloween Party Phone Sex


Secret Sissy

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

Halloween is just around the corner, and know what that means? Halloween parties of course! And I’ve gotten word of a secret sissy party that will be perfect for you. And the secret isn’t the party itself, but your secret sissy identity.

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To be a woman phonesex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

You have been avoiding this for too long. The cock wants what the cock wants. What your cock wants is to be a woman. You love the feeling the clothing gives you. The way you move so differently when you are dressed as one of us. The hardness of your cock when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time.

How you can do nothing but stroke the front of your dress where that cock is sticking out. How you need to touch yourself and feel the fabric on your cock. The turn-on is just too much for you. You always cum right there dressed up as a woman. You have been hiding it from everyone. Today is the day.

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Twisted Tea Party Phone Sex!

Twisted Tea Party Phone Sex!

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

You secretly dress up as a woman behind your wife’s back, don’t you? Waiting for any opportunity for her to leave so you can break out your secret suitcase. It’s full of clothes, hosiery, make-up, wigs, and jewelry just for you. You sometimes become addicted to dressing up. Looking and feeling like a woman feels too good, doesn’t it?

Your neighbors that spy on you have discovered your little cross-dressing addiction. They’re boring old ladies with nothing else better to do so they decided to throw you a tea party where you can dress up and be as feminine as possible!

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Kissing the Girlie Body of Yours Phonesex with Sex Kitten Lyric

Sex Kitten Lyric ===> 1-844-332-2639   EXT 247

You fantasize and crave about being a girl sometimes, you have even dabbled in wearing sexy lingerie.  You have a favorite little pair of bright pink panties that make you feel so sensual and sweet, submissive and super girly. 

A trip to the mall is the first thing I have planned for you and I.  I’d love to buy you a dress, something that flatters your figure.  Beautiful silky, lacy, lingerie for underneath with some sexy black stockings.  The sales lady helps us with every detail.  Of course, she thinks you are sweet and adorable.  She and I have fun teasing how sweet and stylish you have become.

You are a real girl!

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Cross-Dressing Behind Closed Doors Phonesex

cross-dressing, sissy, transvestite, dress up, wearing womens clothes, straight crossdressing,

Sadie 1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

No one else knows. Not that my lover is a cross-dressing sissy, nor that I love it. From the outside looking in one would think that we were the classic American Barbie and Ken type of couple. Truthfully they are not that far off, but I suspect that they assume I am the Barbie and he the Ken. Once the doors close for the evening it is exactly the reverse. Well, he becomes more Barbie anyway.

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To Be The Sissy Queen Phonesex Part 1

womanless pageant sissy phone sex


1-866-239-2972                      1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

As part of the local Fall Festival there was an all male beauty pageant. Local celebrities and politicians along with some of the more well-known business leaders would be participating. Some of these men take it as a joke and will go for the more cartoonish, outlandish, comical side of the pageant. However there has also developed a real competition between a smaller inner circle of competitors. These competitors assemble teams of women to help them prepare. A good friend of mine just happens to be one of these. He asked me to help him kick the competition’s ass.

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Violating That Boy Pussy Phone Sex

My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted to do was be my little sissy slut and I could have my way with him. The time to violate his cunt hole was way over due.

He whimpered a little when he saw the size of my strap on.

“Suck my cock.” I commanded. He sucked it and took it all in as his eyes got wide. He was so turned on, but scared at the same time. He knew what I was going to want next.

I had him get on all fours.

“Spread those pretty little ass cheeks apart, Bitch.” I said.  He took his manicured hand and pulled his panties to the side, shaking in anticipation. “Time for you to really become my little bitch.”


Lesbian Surprise Phone Sex

She was breathtakingly beautiful. Soft luminous skin, her curves shown to perfection in the tight dress she was wearing that I couldn’t stop watching her. We talked for a bit as the sexual chemistry between us sizzled. I was as eager to be alone with her as she was with me.

From the moment she kissed me I was wet. The feel of her slim body our breasts pressed together and her fingers on my pussy was enchanting. She laid me back on her couch and began licking my pussy. Her tongue sending waves of pleasure pulsing through my body, she ravished my dripping folds until I was screaming in orgasm.  I couldn’t wait to taste her in return. I took my turn pushing her back into the corner of the couch. I pushed up her skirt and saw a bulge of rock hard dick snaking out the top of her panties.  I looked up at her and she said “surprise, I come with a little extra.”  It was more than a little extra but I eagerly licked her ass in her panties, licking up over her balls to the mushroom head of her clit.

I was expecting a night of incredible lesbian sex but instead had a mind bending night of transsexual sex. Feeling her fucking me while I looked into her feminine face, her cock better than any strap on I have ever experienced. It was the best surprise I have ever received.



You Know You Want to Worship My Stockings, My Socks, My Feet Phonesex

I’ve seen you stare at me when I’m getting ready for my burlesque performances. Watching as my thigh highs get slowly slid up my legs to be hooked to my garters. I’ve seen you while I’m shopping at the store on 5th. You know the one, where I can get the sexiest pairs of thigh highs andpantyhose but your to afraid to buy them for yourself. I saw you yearningfor that pair of black vintage seam stockings. Sounds like you need tostop lurking in the shadows, hopelessly longing and help me try on a fewpairs. Let me show you just how to find the perfect pair for you to start with. I’ll have you worshipping my feet, legs and all the fun that goes with them in just one session with me!



Corset Waist Training Phone Sex

Jordynn Jade 866-486-7224

In a dream state you feel the silkiness of nylons being run over your naked body. Teasing, making your skin tickle and tingle. You breath deep when you feel them start to slide over your feet, your ankles and up your calves. You sigh as I take your hands in mine and have you stand up making you put your shoulders back as I fasten the corset busk down your chest and stomach, walking my hands around your waist as I circle you, coming to a stop, you try not to hold your breath knowing whats next… Those laces tightening around your ribs, your stomach and hips, feeling that silk corset putting your hips and chest into that womanly shape that you so crave…

Let me show you what corset training with me can bring to the table…