Bukakke And Buttfucking For Betas Phonesex

Bukakke and buttfucking for beta bottoms begins with a call. He dialed me tonight with his sissy snivel at the other end of my phone. He wanted to serve me and have me be his Mistress forever. “Well, sissy Sasha, you will have to do a lot of sissy tasks to impress Me.” I answered. He started by getting naked and collared. All bitch betas do not require leashing, but this one definitely did. I leashed Sasha up, and took her to my basement to show me what she could do to entertain me and show her worth.

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Dildo Fluffing Phone Sex Sissy

Mistress Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

Dear dildo fluffing phone sex sissy. The way you drop to your knees and suck my strap-on makes you a fucking whore. It’s good practice to serve Mistress in every way. The taste of my silicone cock pushing down your throat makes your sissy clit tingle. You feel so sexy with my dildo stretching your mouth. Come get your lip gloss on and show me how far down you can go!

Your cocksucking lessons start with dildo fluffing. Some of you will graduate to real cocks, while some of you prefer to only serve silicone pegging poles. Mistress will harness up and let you practice after you suck all of my toys. My pussy juice leftovers covering each vibrator, dildo, and other sex toys will be your reward for being a good fucking slut.


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Sissy Slut Cam Girl Phonesex

MISTRESS JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext. 262

Do you have what it takes to be Mistress Jasmine’s sissy slut cam girl?

I do so adore to watch my sissy sluts do cam shows for me. Because seeing how utterly and shamelessly slutty they can be with my encouragement gives me such a thrill!

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