How’s It Hanging

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

How’s it hanging? lol, wonder when the last time you heard that?  I’m thinking it may lay the same length as those worthless balls.  There’s no need for it to be any longer is there?  If it were any longer it wouldn’t tuck so well in that lacy underwear would it? Being one of my first “Darlings” you’ve been updating and keeping up with current fashion and style.  You were the first to use a mask that was already covered with makeup.  Using the mask was a way to go out into the early morning or later after dark at night.  I wish more of my “Darlings” were as adventurous.  The only downfall with the mask is heading to the glory hole; can’t suck many cocks through that little pouty red mouth.  Being able to put that lacy panty-covered rump up in the air to have some fun. 

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Expert Cock Sucker

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

Expert Cock Sucker is what I taught my newest sissy to be.  She kept stalling even though she was begging to be passed out of sissy school.  How can you call yourself an all-around sissy without mastering the art of sucking cock?  Anyone can dress up and do girlie things as being able to choose the correct clothing. Studs expect to fuck the mouth of sissies, sometimes more than fucking them.  Fucking a sissy’s mouth makes it all ok like it doesn’t mean they are cheating.  Sissy sluts are counted as low life anyway; just a mouth to fuck.  You can go down to the glory hole and pick up one or more any time you want.  Sissies are dime-a-dozen so you need to have something to make you stand out.  A quick lesson if learned can make you popular.

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Club Catfight

~~~Olivia ~~~ 844~332~2639~x~226~~~

Club Catfight broke out as we were celebrating the newest “Darling” at the club and having a big time.  We actually celebrate her birthday. I like to welcome the new member by getting as many “Darlings” as possible together to meet.  There are always small sandwiches and salty snacks with wine overflowing.  “Darling”s share information, and get to know each other.  Everyone dresses in their best; you may think it’s a group of beauty consultants.    I am so proud of them as I look around. One “Darling” is dressed in a skin-tight cocktail dress yet there is no tail tell signs of anything amuck.  *if you know what I mean*  Everything was going along beautifully.  As some started drifting away I heard a crash followed by shouting and screaming. 

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Dressed Like a Slut, Fucked Like a Slut Phonesex

Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

I enjoy seeing the twinkle in your eyes when I let you into my closet and let you pick out any outfit you want, especially when I let you rummage through my lingerie.  When it comes to your hair, I enjoy putting on a beautiful wig on you, adjusting it to look perfect, then followed by doing your makeup just like any other girl would.

Taking pictures of you as you prance in your heels with your full body fully shaven.  Your feminine and painted nails compliment you your tight and scandalous lingerie.  This is when you will have to realize that when you dress like a slut you will get treated like a slut.  Perhaps I should rephrase myself.  If you dress like a slut..

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Sissy Glam Phonesex

Mistress Collette 1-844-332-2639 ext 383

You want a true sissy mindfuck, don’t you?  Let’s start with getting you all dressed up and dolled up.  You will become a fuck doll.  You will be trained to act the bimbo sissy that you are destined to be.

After getting you dressed, I will make sure that you LOOK, ACT and even SMELL like a sissy.  Just out of curiosity… do you know what you breath smells like??? 😉

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Cock Cock COCK Phonesex

XXX  Miss Collette  XXX  1-844-332-2639  ext 383

You love everything there is about cock.  Not about your cock you silly sissy boi.  You love everything about ALL COCKS.  You dream about cock, you think about cock.  You cannot even get it up for your wife or girlfriend if you don’t visualize a nice big throbbing cock.

Congrats!  You are now officially what we call a “sissy”.  There is no going back.  Once you have entered the fantasy land of being obsessed with cock, you will always crave it.  It is extremely addictive.

So the next step is to get you accustomed with the real thing.  That’s right, let’s talk about you sucking cock. Let’s talk about getting you ready to take cock up your man pussy

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Holy Commandments of a Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639  ext 288

Hello sissy or sissy-in-training.  I have compiled the Sissy Commandments and these are the holy laws you shall live by.  You will live and breathe these commandments.  Shall you stray, there will be consequences.  You will obey every order…let’s start…

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You are GAY Phonesex

Sex Kitten Lyric 844-332-2639  x247

Let’s be honest and realistic here, you are not interested in me.  I am fuck-a-liscious and you are not interested in me at all.  You do appreciate me and of course you appreciate my hot bod.  You are not interested in seeing what’s underneath my clothing and my sexy lingerie.  I can bounce my tits for you and you won’t even blink or twitch.  You’re not even interested in what’s underneath my skirt.

But I know what you are interested in.  COCKBig thick juicy throbbing cock and I know your secret.  You’re not interested in me because deep down inside YOU’RE GAY!  What would everyone say if the found out?  What would your friends and family say if they knew you were attracted to men?? 

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Small metal barbs phonesex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

You tell me that you feel like you are walking around on pins and small metal barbs all the time. You complain about how you have to hide yourself. How no one can know you are a sissy. All you do for the most part is bitch. You seem to use the phrase pins and small metal barbs a lot. Since you find hiding yourself is as painful as this, I thought I should show you what really that pain would be like.

I dress you in a sissy outfit. One of your best. A dress that is short and very puffy. You like a puffy dress. I tell you to go barefoot. That you aren’t sure about but I make you listen to me as I remind you that I am the one in charge. A blindfold is added. As you stand barefoot and blindfolded I walk around you. Pouring onto the ground small barbs all around you.

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Scared and Wimpy Sissy Phonesex

hot indian girl with nice ass in leather skirt and black high heels

844-332-2639 xxx 345

Nothing disappoints me more than a sissy that is too scared and wimpy to follow through. Unfortunately, most of you fall into this category. It’s pathetic. Do not even dare to act like you are above the other sissies when you can’t even hold yourself accountable. At least the other sissies will admit they are useless cum rags.

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