Brother’s Best Friend Sucks Dick Phonesex

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My brother’s best friend is like always over here! He’s kinda weird because he like never flirts with me. Every guy flirts with me! I guess I wasn’t like totally surprised when I caught my brother’s best friend sucking dick! He begged me not to say anything but I told him I don’t keep secrets for free!

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Discovering The Secrets You Are Hiding Phonesex

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You can’t hide your secret any longer. Your wife said I could drop by your house to pick up the punch bowl I needed to borrow. Whenever I used her key to open the door I certainly got an eye full! There you are sitting on the couch leaned back with a dildo down your throat. But that’s not all, is it? You also happened to be wearing the slutty lingerie that I got her for her birthday as a gag gift. I guess I just didn’t realize you would be the one gagging in it!

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