Sexy Sissy Bra Shopping Phone Sex!

young busty topless girl wearing red lingerie and stockings

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I know how badly you want to have big luscious breasts like mine. Having a nice rack is one of the many perks of womanhood. My tits make me feel confident and they get me out of many tricky situations because everyone loves a woman with nice breasts. This is why I’m forcing you to get your own pair and go shopping for sexy bras!

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Kristin Pimps Out Her Phonesex Sluts

If I’m going to dress you up and pimp you out, you better have a closet full of slutty outfits! Here’s what a good slut always has available to wear:

*thigh-hi fishnet stockings
*short micro-mini skirt
*lacey thong/g-string panties
*tank tops/tube tops
*garter belt
*crimson red lipstick
*4″ stilhetto fuck-me pumps
*false lashes
*push-up bra and push-up cookies
*hoop earrings

These are the things I will require for when you’re on your knees, doing everything I tell you to do 😉


Sissy Boy Learns How To Find A Bra Phone Sex


My little sissy and I went shopping last night, we had to find that silly sissy some bras. Once we got to the store though my little sissy told me she didn’t know how to pick out her size. 🙁 Oh dear that is no good I told her, time to find the sales lady! *giggles*

Once we had the sales lady I asked her to please measure my little sissy here for a bra size. After looking my sissy over with a disgusted look she finally began. Wow little sissy wears a 38C. What will we fill that bra cup with once we get home? Hmm…tissues, paper towels, silicon inserts, socks, panties…The possibilities are endless. I suppose the first step would be to purchase our bras first.

We bougth two from that store and proceeded to the next store. I felt my little sissy needed some more humiliation so at the next store I again asked the sales lady to help us find the right size for my little sissy! *giggles* We went to 4 different stores that day! What a great shopping trip!

Sissy Shopping Guide Laylene


Why be you? When you can be Me Phone Sex

Ms. Elaine
Ms. Elaine

Do I intimidate you?  Do you think that you will never be as pretty or sexy as I am?  I don’t mean to be scary to you.  I am a Woman with long blonde hair and big tits but I can show you how to become like Me.

My hairdresser knows how to do extensions.  I can have My long locks added to your hair, so you will get more like Me.  Imagine, those extensions curling down your back, tickling it.  Flinging your head to the side and giving Me a sexy look.

Now off to My favorite Lingerie store.  There I can get the insertables for your bra.  I will get you the largest insertable I can find for your bra.  Now don’t you feel and look more like Me?

Ms. Elaine


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Sissy Slut Strap On Training Phone Sex With My New Toy


Hello, little sissy sluts out in the cyber world tonight, just thought ya’ll would like to know about my newest investment…

Curious now, aren’t we. lol. Don’t worry silly sissy slut I won’t make you wait any longer!

My recent investment is about 9 inches in length and about 4 or 5 inches in thickness, It is black and has a sort of belt to it for easier hand free plugging. lol. It also look spectacular with a black lace bra and sexy nylons. Can you guess yet?

That’s right sissy slut it’s a brand spanking new strap on. I bought just for you and I and our special times together. I also bought you some pretty lipstick, I believe the color is called “cock sucking red.” lol.

So, what do you say sissy slut are you coming to try out our new toy or what?

Mistress Rayne


Sissy Training Classes Now In Session Phone Sex


Hello again sissy boys and girls. Time for round two of your training. Today, we are going to focus on dressing. You will learn the basics, such as…

* Learning how to shave that unwanted hair, no matter how many times you cut yourself, you must learn this.

* How to tuck that tiny clitty back in your panties.

* How to put on a bra

* How to do make up

* Finding the perfect wig for your outfit

* Finding the perfect outfit

* Painting nails and doing hair

There are so many things to learn sissy boys and girls, you better come over right away so we can begin our lessons. Oh, I want you all to wear a little school girl outfit when you show up for class. 🙂 See you soon sissies.

Teacher Rayne


Cock Worshipping Phone Sex For All You Sissy Girls


Tonight, my little sissy Miss Laylene is going to teach you all about cock worship…My friend has agreed to help us. *giggles*

First, we need to get you all dressed and looking sexy…how about this tight black mini skirt, a very low v cut shirt, that way this red lace bra will peek out of it. Don’t forget your stockings and stilettos little sissy girl. Now, when he comes I want you to have him come in and sit in the living room.

Get on your knees sissy girl, and watch patiently as I unbutton his pants letting that huge cock spring out. Shocked aren’t you, it is a big fat cock! *giggles* Now, the most important part of cock worshipping is your pretty red lips, so come here and let me help you put some lipstick on.

Now, you are all set, start by caressing his cock and balls gently. Tease that cock a bit before you bring it pleasure. Now sissy girl take your tongue and run it slowly up the shaft of that cock and when you get to the head gently wrap your pretty red lips around it. That is great!

Good girl sissy now take your hand and place it around the base of the cock like so and begin to slide the cock into your mouth. Those red lips wrapped around that cock look amazing!

Now if you would like to worship this big cock some more, give me a call and let me teach you how.

Naughty Mistress Laylene


Aerobic Workout For Sissy’s Phone Sex


8 6 6 – 5 3 8 – 2 4 2 0

Every girl has to stay in shape and keep her feminine figure. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you get to slack off. I want you to go find your sexiest cutest workout outfit, put your hair up, slip on your girly sneakers with the pink laces and put on your aerobics video.

You’re going to have to make sure you wear a sports bra too, don’t want those big beautiful titties of yours bouncing all over the place, now do we? Then you’re going to begin your workout, making sure to really stretch so you don’t pull a muscle!

I want you to burn those calories and break a little sweat, don’t worry it’s ok for girls to sweat when we’re working out. Otherwise it’s just gross ~giggles~ Lift your legs up high, tighten those abs, and a one and a two and a three….

You look so hot working out like my good sissy girl, that’s it. You want to make sure you stay looking your absolute best and fittest right? After all, a tight body fits much better into sexy clothes than a jiggly one. The only things I want jiggling on your are your tits and ass.

I might have to hop in the shower with you after we’re done. We can wash each other all over, especially our naughty pussies!

More About Lily

Sample Lily

Are you ready phonesex sissy?

Mistress Danni loves to tease sissy boys

All Phonesex sissy’s must have the basics ready for playtime with Mistress Danni!

Panties…Oh the choices!  What style will it be…bikini, thong or maybe sexy little boy shorts, silky or lacy or cute little girlie cotton panties.  The color choices are endless however Mistress Danni prefers her sissy’s in pink!

Bra’s…Do you prefer little sexy lacy push up or a silky strapless or maybe a training bra is more your style.  Oh lets not forget pink is your Mistresses choice for the best dressed sissy!

Pantyhose or thigh highs…No pantyhose for Mistress Danni’s sissyboys.  I want you in thigh highs,  nude for day time play and black fishnets for the nights I pimp you out.

Shoes…Every sissy slut must have a pair of 5 inch fuck me pumps!  It sends out a message that you are always ready to bend over and be fucked by your Mistress or whoever I choose.

Lipstick…Of course a sissy must have cocksucker red lipstick perfect for sucking the biggest cock.

So sissy’s are you dressed and ready to call?

Mistress Danni

Phone Sex Sissy Katie’s Date Night In

My sweet little sissy Katie and I made a nice little play date for her and one of my male friends. My friend was to arrive around 6:00pm so we had to get sissy Katie ready for her night in. We began with a hot bubble bath, to smell more feminine and shave those nasty legs of his. Of course I had to help since this was the first time sissy Katie had attempted it.

I must say for a little sissy he did well. Once the legs were all smooth I gave sissy Katie some lotion to rub on them. Wrapped in a towel sissy Katie sat on the edge of the bed and applied the lotion. Now, it was time to get dressed. I picked out  a pair of nude nylons, black panties, and a black lace bra, 3 inch heels, a pretty grey pencil skirt, and pink blouse.

Sissy Katie looked wonderful, next, was time for the hair and make up. We had a little time left but not too much. I could tell as the time drew near sissy Katie grew nervous. It was fun to watch her squirm about. Then it came 6:00pm and the knock at the door…

Give me a call and I will show you what sissy Katie did that night for my male friend.

Mistress Laylene