Panty Slut Phonesex

blonde teen standing in kitchen facing forward playful and alluring expression wearing an unbottoned flannel she is holding open showing off her pink lace bra and white panties with pink hearts denim shorts are around her feet which have clear high heels

Spencer 844-332-2639 x 401

Are you a panty slut? If so, you should be giving me a call! I too am a panty slut and want more sluts to play with. Does that sound silly? LOL I sure hope not! Sure, I could get some of my girlfriends to play dress up with me. But this is my secret life, and I don’t quite feel like letting them in on my secrets.

Here’s another secret. Sissy panty sluts turn me on! That’s right, I love to see those big sissy clits straining against the fabric, willing to break free, no matter how small. Straining under silky black fabric made to seduce!

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Playing Dress-up with Spencer Phonesex

teen blonde Spencer standing in a kitchen looking over her left shoulder pink bra pulled down to expose her perky breast with a light pink and light blue plaid shirt hanging down over her backside she is wearing white booty shorts with pink hearts trimmed in pink lace that show her firm ass and backs of toned thighs

Sinfully Spencer 844-332-2639 x 401

Playing Dress-up was seriously one of my favorite things when I was younger. Well, and I guess now too, but it had a different feel when I got to go through my mom’s closet or my aunt’s dresser. Everything smelled different and gave off that vibe of not belonging to you. Do you like Playing Dress-up like I do? If you answered yes, you should most definitely come play dress-up with me!

You see, I might be a country farm girl, but I love, love, love fashion! I love to wear nice clothes, and sexy shoes. But do you really know what I like? What my go-to item is when I’m Playing Dress-up? Well, I guess if you are curious, you will keep reading!

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Dress-Up Sissy Fuck Phonesex

Madison (bratty Maddi) 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

I could tell he was super duper eager about the outfit he was going to wear for our call.  He picked out skanky pink panties with a matching bra and of course he was going to stuff with tissues and socks.  He wanted to be a school girl so he had picked out a super duper short plaid skirt and white button up blouse.  Him getting dressed up made me both excited and super horny

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Fucking Daddy’s Pussy Phonesex

Madison (a.k.a. bratty Maddi) 1-844-332-2639 ext 359

I love digging through my toy box and finding all sorts of goodies that daddy loves me playing with.  In this case, daddy loves it when I pull out my pink strappy.  Daddy’s totally drooling once I’m adjusting the strappy around my waist, cuz he knows this babygirl wants to fuck him. 

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Willow’s Your Sissy Slut or Mine Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

A really good friend of mine suggested that we swap sissy sluts for a week. She just wanted a change, I guess. I didn’t really want to give up my sissy slut for a whole week. For one thing, I knew it would cause him a lot of anxiety. He is quite used to his routine with me. This would definitely turn his world upside down.

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