Honey’s Sissy Boy Phone Sex

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HONEY 1-844-332-2639, extension 300

I confronted that bitch. I’ve never been one to shy away from confrontation. She seemed to think that she owned my little sissy boy, Craig. I was about to school this cunt on what ownership really means. Just because he had done a few femme domme sessions with her slack ass did not mean that he belonged to her.

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Honey’s Bitch Better Give Me Back My Birkin Phone Sex


HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext. 300

This little sissy bitch thinks she can just “borrow” one of my handbags and not bother to return it to me? I don’t think so. If I have to slap a ho down, I will. It’s all about how she wants this to play out. See, she came to me with this sob story about how she just needed a birkin to set off her outfit for a date.

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