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You have now made it to the next step of your sissification process. I will admit you have done well thus far. When you first came to me a married man with a family this was not odd as others have come to me the same.

Though I was skeptical that you would be able to reach the levels of sissy that I strive for as you seemed very closed off and only wanting to dabble in certain things you thought of as taboo coming from a straight lace background.

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Sissy Journey Cums Full Circle Phonesex

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The journey began all the way back here. And I still owe you the last piece of it. After Kylie’s wildly successful first time out I was determined to make my husband’s shemale fantasy come true. Kylie/Gary, his friend, that he has no idea has been feminized by his wife, would do nicely. Tonight was the night I would bring them together.

I had been texting Paul telling him that I had a surprise waiting for him. And Kylie, well we had spent the last few hours making sure everything was perfect. Her lingerie, her little boobs were enhanced to give her a bigger bust that Paul likes so much, and stockings and high heels. She was stunning in the long red wig I had put her in and her make up was flawless if I do say so myself.

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